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Subject                 Modification of Change Lever

For Models              6216D, 6236D, 6316D, 6336D, 6343D
Country                 All countries

Description             1) As illustrated below, two projections have been added on the Change Lever
                           so that the Speed Change Lever Assembly can catch the Change Lever firmly
                           for smoother action of the Change Lever.
                           Owing to this modification, the Change Lever can slide on the Gear Assembly
                           even if dusts comes in to settle around the Change Lever.
                        2) And the Gear Assembly has also been changed because it includes the Change Lever
                           as its component.
                        Current                                                            New
                            Speed Change Lever Assembly

                            Change Lever [white]                                           Change Lever [black]
                            (Part No.416629-6)                                             (Part No.416629-6)


                             Gear Assembly

                            (Cross Section)                                                            projections of
                                              Speed Change                                             Change Lever
                                              Lever Assembly
          slant                                                             flat

 The Change Lever                                 Change Lever
 becomes slightly                                                 The Change Lever
 slant as the Speed                                               slides smoothly
 change Lever slides.                             Gear assembly   on the Gear Assembly.

    Item No.  Current part                Q'ty I/C          New part               Q'ty                Note
6216DW: 014 Change Lever                      1           Change Lever              1
6236DW: 013 416629-6                                      417381-9
6316DW: 014
6336DW: 013
6343DW: 013
6216DW: 014 *Gear Assembly                               Gear Assembly                     *Replace the current Change
                                              1                                     1
6236DW: 013 125088-0                                     125105-6                           Lever on the current Gear
6316DW: 014                                                                                 Assembly by the new one.
6336DW: 013
6343DW: 013

Interchangeability mark ;        means that the new part is substituted for the current.
Machines manufactured in Japan                                    Machines manufactured in U.S.A.
 6216D : From serial No.21186E (Feb.,2000)                         6216D, 6236D, 6336D, 6343D :
 6236D : From your order received by us in/after Apr.,2000                 From initial productions
 6316D : From serial No.26949E (Mar.,2000)
 6336D : From serial No.26450E (Mar.,2000)
 6343D : From serial No.205763E (Feb.,2000)

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