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     Models No.              6093D
                                                                                                      New Tool

     Description             MAKITA Cordless driver drill

  This machine is the cordless driver drill,
    wherein the fastening force switching
    clutch is additionally built in the 6092D.
    Unlike the conventional machine,
    this highly upgraded machine has the five
    features such as''Clutch mounted'',

    ``Gear 2-step changing''``Non-step variablespeed
     switch'', ``Brake mounted'' and``Overload protector''.
    There is no similarproduct with all the above features
     in other company.
    Since the fastening force switching can be adjusted
    at the edge of the machine, it can be easily adjusted                              m
    under visible condition.
    The 6093D is the model without battery and charger.
    The 6093DW is the model with battery and charger.

   Motor                                               DC 9.6 V Magnet motor
                                                       0-1100/min. in high speed
   No load speed
                                                       0-400/min. in low speed
   Chuck capacity                                      1.5-10
   Boring capacity                                     10 mm for steel, 18 mm for wood
                             Wooden screw              5.5 x 55mm
   Screwing capacity
                             Small screw and nut       6 mm
   Weight                                              1.7kg (Including battery)

  Standard equipment
    Chuck key S10 --- One piece
    + Bit 2-65 --- One piece
    Only for 6093DW specification

  Optional accessories
    Socket bit 5.5-55, 7-55, 8-55, 10-55
    For other than shown above, same as 6092D.

    The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
Features and benefits
 (1) The fastening force switching can be adjusted in 6-step for both high/low speeds(5-step for clutch and 1-step for
     motor connection), respectively.
 (2) Since the switching of the fastening force can be adjusted at the edge of the machine, switching adjustment can
     be easily done under visible condition.
     = (3)-(8) shown below are the same as 6092D. =
 (3) The 2-speed switching by the gear provides the excellent working efficiency for screw fastening and boring for
     wide range.
 (4) The non-step variable speed switch enables to position the wooden screw or the drill easily and the best rotation
     for the application can be selected.
 (5) The brake for instantaneously stopping the rotation allows to stop the operation at the desired position, thereby
     enabling easy screwing
 (6) The overload protector(auto return type) is mounted for protecting the motor and switch from overload.
 (7) The powerful maximum torque of about 120 kg-cm in low speed enables to bore easily the wood with 18 mm in
 (8) The relief corner just above the switch, for hanging the fingers, and the constricted root of the handle allows to
     hold the machine in well balance and to control the switch in well manner.
 (9) The 6093DW is housed in the steel case.

 1) Reference values of the adjusting position for the fastening torque switching ring and the fastening torque(clutch
    operating torque)[shown on the figure]

              [ kg - cm ]
                                  120                                                  6093D

                                                                     }   Low
        Fastening torque[]


                                  80                                                   (Note 1)The values of the fastening
                                                                                               torque are the ones when the
                                                                                               new clutch cam is used.

                                                                     } High


                                                                                 Adjusting position for t
                                                                                 he switching knob
                                        1   2   3   4   5            Drill                                6093D
                                            1   2   3   4          5 Drill                                6012HD
                                                                                 Adjusting position for
                                                                                 the switching ring
2) Adjusting position for the fastening torque switching ring and the work capacity
   The below table shows the work capacity for each adjusting position expressing in the nominal diameter of screw
   and the drill diameter. Since the values may vary depending on the material, they are only for reference.

 Applications                 Speed               Adjusting position for fastening force switching ring
                              switching               1         2         3         4      5      Drill
             Small      screw High speed            M4                   M5
                                                                                                 (Note 2)
 Screw       (nominal dia.)   Low speed             M5                   M6
 fastening   Wooden screw High speed                         

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