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Subject               Changes of Flat Washer 49, Guide Ring , etc.
                                                                                                            (Page 1 of 13)

For Models            HM1202, HM1202C, HM1242C
Country               All countries
Description           For improvement in durability, the following modifications have been implemented;
                      1. Cylinder and Parts Around Cylinder
                        1) Each thickness of Flat washer 49 and Guide ring has been changed.
                        2) Two O ring 38's have been added on Cylinder liner 44.
                           Accordingly, two grooves for the rings have been additionally engraved on Cylinder liner 44.
                      2. The Ball bearing on the armature's fan side has been changed for improved anti-dust construction.
                      3. The material of Urethane ring 43 has been changed for improved durability.
                      4. Tool Holder and Parts around Tool Holder
                          [ 2) to 5) are applicable only to HM1202 and HM1202C.]
                        1) Steel ball guide has been modified.
                        2) Impact bolt has been modified.
                        3) Ring spring 34 and Flat washer 37 has been replaced by new parts,
                           and Tool holder have been modified.
                        4) Chuck ring and Tool holder cover has been modified.
                           Compression spring 51 has been eliminated.
                           Sleeve 39 has been added.

1. Cylinder and Parts Around Cylinder Liner
    (HM1202, HM1202C, HM1242C)
1-1) Change of Flat Washer 49 and Guide Ring
                  Guide ring
                                                                                    Current                  New
                      Flat washer 49
                                                      Flat Washer 49
                         Slide sleeve 49                                        Part No.344790-8       Part No.344998-4
                              Cylinder liner 44       t                           thickness (t):          thickness (t):
                                                                                     1.0mm                   2.0mm
                                                          [cross section]

                                                      Guide Ring
                                                                                Part No.416927-8       Part No.417600-3
Compression spring 50                                 t                           thickness (t):          thickness (t):
                                                                                     8.0mm                   7.0mm
       Crank housing                                      [cross section]

1-2) Addition of O Ring 38 (2pcs.) and Modification of Cylinder Liner 44

                                         Current                                             New

                            Cylinder Liner 44      O Ring 38 (1pc.)         Cylinder Liner 44         O Ring 38 (3pcs.)

                           one groove for O Ring 38                         three grooves for O Ring 38

 O Ring 38
                                           1 pc.                                             3 pcs.
 (Part No.213508-7)

 Cylinder Liner 44                    Part No.331554-9                                Part No.331608-2
                                                                                                             (Page 2 of 13)

2. Change of Ball Bearing on the Armature's Fan Side
  (HM1202, HM1202C, HM1242C)
             Ball Bearing 6202DDW

                                                  Current                             New
                                            Ball Bearing 6202DDW             Ball Bearing 6202LLU
                                              (Part No.211228-7)              (Part No.211238-4)

                                        It is impossible to distinguish the new part from the current one
                                        by appearances.
                                        Therefore, always control these items with their part numbers.

3. Change of the material of Urethane Ring 43
  (HM1202, HM1202C, HM1242C)
  Urethane ring 43 has been replaced by Urethane ring 41.
                                                                           Current                          New
                                   Urethane ring 43                    Urethane ring 43           Urethane ring 41
                                   Tool holder                       (Part No. 262083-0)         (Part No. 262095-3)

                                                           Color           brown                     milky-white
                                                           Note: Its shape remains unchanged.

4. Tool Holder and Parts Around Tool Holder
4-1) Modification of Steel Ball Guide
     (HM1202, HM1202C, HM1242C)
           Chuck ring

                         Steel ball guide                      Current                               New
                                                                              12mm                                18.5mm

                                            Part No.            323876-1                            324131-4
         Change ring

4-2) Modification of Impact Bolt
     (HM1202, HM1202C)

                                                               Current                               New
           Tool holder

                          Impact bolt

                                                                96.0mm                            100.0mm

                                            Part No.            323908-4                           324132-2
                                                                                                        (Page 3 of 13)

4-3) Modifications of Ring Spring 34, Flat Washer 37 and Tool Holder
     (HM1202, HM1202C)

    Tool holder       Flat washer 37                       Barrel

                         Ring spring 34

     Change of Ring Spring 34
     Ring spring 34 has been replaced by Rring spring 33.

             Current                             New


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