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Subject              Change of Link Plate, Center Washer and Center Plate
                                                                                                            (Page 1 of 2)

For Models           BLS712, BLS820, LS0711B, LS711D, LS0711Z, LS0811, LS800D, DK2000, DK2401, DK2403
Country              All countries
Description          See below.

                          Link Plate

                                                                               Center Plate

                                                                       Center Washer

1. Shape of Link Plate has been modified as illustrated below.
   Note: This modification applies to the models BLS712, LS0711B, LS711D and LS0711Z only. Link Plate for
         LS0811, BLS820 and LS800D have round end as they are now.

                       Current                                                          New
Side view of top of Link Plate                                Side view of top of Link Plate

                                              Straight                                                      Round

2. Finish of surface of Link Plate, Center Washer and Center Plate have been changed. The new parts can be distinguished
   from the current ones by color. See the table below.

               Current                        New
 Color    Silver and lustrous          Gray and dull

 Item No.     Current part               Q'ty I/C          New part              Q'ty             For Model
See note 1 Link Plate                                  Link Plate
                                          1                                       1     See note 5 below.
below.     344645-7                                    344999-2
           Link Plate                                  Link Plate
    026                                   1    Yes                                1     For LS0811
           344786-9                                    344786-9
See note 2 Link Plate                                  Link Plate                       For BLS820,
                                          1    Yes                                1
below.     344776-2                                    344776-2                         LS800D         The parts numbers
See note 3 Center Washer                               Center Washer                                   remain unchanged.
                                          1    Yes                                1
below.     344639-2                                    344639-2                         For all models
See note 4 Center Plate                                Center Plate                     in the subject
                                          1    Yes                                1
below.     344640-7                                    344640-7
Interchangeability mark ;
The arrow      means that the new part is substituted for the current.
                                                                                        (Page 2 of 2)

1. Item No. of Link Plate (Pt. No. 344645-7 or 344999-2)
  For Model BLS712 LS0711B LS711D LS0711Z
  Item No.   044     026     044    026
2. Item No. of Link Plate (Pt. No. 344776-2)
  For Model BLS820 LS800D
  Item No.   043     043
3. Item No. of Center Washer (Pt. No. 344639-2)
  For Model BLS712 BLS820 LS0711B LS711D LS0711Z LS0811 LS800D
  Item No.   063    062     017    063     017    051    062
4. Item No. of Center Plate (Pt. No. 344640-7)
  For Model BLS712 BLS820 LS0711B LS711D LS0711Z LS0811 LS800D
  Item No.   059    058     020    059     020    054    058
5. For BLS712, LS0711B, LS711D, LS0711Z, DK2000, DK2401, DK2403

Machines manufactured in MJ (Makita Japan)
Modification of Link Plate in shape
BLS712: From serial No. 1065E (Oct., 2000)
LS0711B: From serial No. 3315E (Dec., 2000)
LS711D: From serial No. 1135E (Oct., 2000)
Change of Color and Luster in the subject
BLS712: From serial No. 1070E (Dec., 2000)
BLS820: From serial No. 1587E (Nov., 2000)
LS0711B: From serial No. 3315E (Dec., 2000)
LS711D: From your next order
LS800D: From serial No. 2492E (Nov., 2000)
LS0811: From serial No. 1096E (Dec., 2000)
Machines manufactured in MCA (Makita Corporation of America)
BLS712, BLS820, LS711D, LS0711Z, LS800D, DK2000, DK2401, DK2403: To be informed later

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