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Subject             Change of Set Plate
                                                                                                       (Page 1 of 2)

For Models          4190D, 4307D, 4399D, 5090D, 6010D, 6012D, 6012HD, 6015D, 6071D, 6072D, 6073D, 6074D,
                    6075D, 6092D, 6093D, 6094D, 6095D, 6172D, 6710D, 6891D, 6900D, 8400D, 8400VD, 903D,
                    9200D, 9500D, DA3000D, DA301D, DA390D, DA391D, M002, M004, M013, M014, M018,
                    ML700, ML900, UH3000D
Country             All countries except for the following:
                    4190D: Canada, U.S.A., Mexico
                    5090D: Canada, U.S.A.
                    6012HD: Canada, U.S.A.
                    6093D: Canada
                    6095D: Canada, Brazil
Description         Set Plate with cushion has been replaced by the one without cushion.
                    See the illustration below.

                    Current                                                         New

                   Set Plate                                                    Set Plate
                  (163157-9)                                                   (342833-0)

 Item No.       Current part                     Q'ty I/C           New part                  Q'ty           Note
          Set Plate                                        Set Plate
See below                                         1    Yes                                     1
          163157-9                                         342833-0

Item No. of Set Plate
  Model 4190D 4307D            4399D    5090D         6010D   6012D 6012HD     6015D       6071D     6072D     6073D
 Item No. 003         025       001      003           017     028    045       028         012       028       047

 Model 6074D       6075D       6092D      6093D       6094D   6095D    6172D    6710D      6891D     6900D     8400D
Item No. 049        047         028        047         049     047      028      028        019       031       031

 Model 8400VD       903D       9200D    9500D DA3000D         DA301D DA390D DA391D M002              M004      M013
Item No. 029         013        012      010    015             015    018    018   017              025        002

 Model M014        M018     ML700      ML900 UH3000D
Item No. 012       028       017        015    002
                                             (Page 2 of 2)

4190D: From serial No.517147E (Dec.,2000)
4307D: Discontinued since Oct.,1993
4399D: Discontinued since Apr.,1994
5090D: From serial No.749222E (Mar.,2001)
6010D: From serial No.685253E (Oct.,2000)
6012D: From serial No.567329E (Nov.,2000)
6012HD: From serial No.607704E (Dec.,2000)
6015D: To be informed later
6071D: Discontinued since Oct.,2000
6072D: Discontinued since Oct.,1999
6073D: Discontinued since Oct.,1999
6074D: Discontinued since Aug.,1991
6075D: Discontinued since Oct.,2000
6092D: Discontinued since Jul.,1999
6093D: From serial No.511501E (May,2001)
6094D: Discontinued since Aug.,1991
6095D: From serial No.502881E (Jan.,2001)
6172D: Discontinued since Oct.,1993
6710D: Discontinued since Apr.,1993
6891D: From serial No.525582E (Nov.,2000)
6900D: Discontinued since Oct.,1993
8400D: Discontinued since Apr.,1994
8400VD: Discontinued since Apr.,1994
903D: Discontinued since May,1995
9200D: Discontinued since Jun.,1991
9500D: From serial No.547988E (Nov.,2000)
DA3000D: Discontinued since Oct.,1993
DA301D: From serial No.523089E (Oct.,2000)
DA390D: Discontinued since Oct.,1993
DA391D: From serial No.868869E (Oct.,2000)
M002: Discontinued since May,1991
M004: Discontinued since Aug.,1992
M013: Discontinued since Aug.,1992
M014: Discontinued since May,1991
M018: Discontinued since Apr.,1993
ML700: Discontinued since Oct.,1995
ML900: Discontinued since Oct.,1995
UH3000D: Discontinued since Jul.,1997

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