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Subject             Change of Switch
                                                                                                         Page 1 of 2

For Models          See below.

Country             All countries

Description         Some constituent parts of switch have been modified in order to improve the switch in durability.
                    The color of Trigger Shaft has been changed from black to white to distinguish the new switch
                    from the current switch as illustrated below. However the part number and the wiring remain

                                 Trigger Shaft (Color: Black       White)
This information applies to the following Models:
6203D, 6204D, 6213D, 6214D, 6216D, 6226D, 6227D, 6228D, 6233D, 6236D, 6313D, 6314D, 6316D, 6327D, 6328D,
6333D, 6336D, 6343D,6503D, 6908D, 6909D, 6914D, 6916D, 6918D, 6960D, 6970D, 6990D, 6991D, 6992D, 8413D,
8433D, 8443D, BDF460, BHP460, DK1016, DK1020, DK1021, DK1022, DK1032, DK1034, DK1035, JR140D,
JR180D, UB120D, UB140D, SC190D
    Item No.        Current part               Q'ty I/C           New part                    Q'ty     For Models
               Switch                                      Switch                                    See note 2 on
                                                1                                              1
               651939-6                                    651939-6                                  the next page.
               Switch                                      Switch                                    See note 3 on
                                                1                                              1
               651968-9                                    651968-9                                  the next page.
               Switch                           1          Switch                                    See note 4 on
               651979-4                                    651979-4                                  the next page.
               Switch                                      Switch                                    For DK1035,
                                                1                                              1
See note 1 on 651980-9                                     651980-9                                  JR140D
the next page. Switch                                      Switch                                    For UB120D,
                                                1                                              1
               651983-3                                    651983-3                                  UB140D
               Switch                                      Switch                                    See note 5 on
                                                1                                              1
               651989-1                                    651989-1                                  the next page.
               Switch                                      Switch                                    For BDF460,
                                                1                                              1
               651992-2                                    651992-2                                  BHP460
               Switch                                      Switch
                                                1                                              1     For 6503D
               651993-0                                    651993-0
                                                                                               Page 2 of 2

1. Item No. for Switches
   6203DW 6204DW 6213DW 6214DW 6216DW 6226DW 6227DW 6228DW 6233DW 6236DW 6313DW
     009    012    010    012    008   009     009    009    009    007   010

   6314DW 6316DW 6327DW 6328DW 6333DW 6336DW 6343DW 6503DW 6908DW 6909DW 6914DW
     012    008    009    009    009    007   008     008    009    009    009

   6916DW 6918DW 6960DW 6970DW 6990DW 6991DW 6992DW 8413DW 8433DW 8443DW BDF460S
     006    006    008    009    006    006    006    008    008    008    007

   BHP460S JR140DW JR180DW UB120DW UB140DW SC190DW
     007     075     075      016    016     035

2. For 6203D, 6204D, 6213D, 6214D, 6216D, 6233D, 6236D, 6313D, 6314D, 6316D, 6333D, 6336D, 6908D, 6909D,
   6914D, 6960D, 6970D, 8413D, 8433D, DK1022
3. For 6343D, 8443D, DK1016, DK1020, DK1021, SC190D
4. For DK1020, DK1021, DK1032, DK1034, JR180D
5. For 6226D, 6227D, 6228D, 6327D, 6328D, 6916D, 6918D, 6990D, 6991D, 6992D
6. Interchangeability mark ;
   The arrow      means that the new part can be substituted for the current.
Machines manufactured in MJ (Makita Japan)              Machines manufactured in MCA
6204D: From serial No.25699E (May, 2001)                (Makita Corporation of America)
6214D: From serial No.17895E                            To be informed later
       (Implementation month will be informed later.)
6216D: From your next order                             Machines manufactured in MME
6226D: From your next order                             (Makita Manufacturing Europe Ltd.)
6227D: From your next order                             To be informed later
6236D: From your next order
                                                        Machines manufactured in MCC
6314D: From serial No.74473E (May,2001)
                                                        (Makita (China) Co. Ltd.)
6316D: From serial NO.4616E
                                                        To be informed later
       (Implementation month will be informed later.)
6336D: From your next order
6343D: From serial No. 230250E (Dec.,2000)
6503D: To be informed later
6908D: From serial No. 518452E (Jan.,2001)
6909D: From your next order
6914D: From serial No. 582557E (Feb.,2001)
6916D: From serial No. 5610E (Jan.,2001)
6918D: From serial No. 6268E (Jan.,2001)
6960D: From serial No.2929E (Jun.,2001)
6962D: To be informed later
6970D: From your next order
6990D: From serial No. 2709E (Jan.,2001)
6991D: From serial No. 1157E (Jan.,2001)
6992D: From serial No. 1744E (Jan.,2001)
8413D: From serial No.22055E (Jun.,2001)
8433D: From serial No.25315E (Jul.,2001)
8443D: From serial No. 36054E (Jan.,2001)
BDF460D: From serial No. 5606E (Jan.,2001)
BHP460D: From serial No. 6303E (Jan.,2001)
SC190D: From your next order
UB120D: From serial No. 2786E (Mar.,2001)
UB140D: From serial No. 2620E (Mar.,2001)

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