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    Model No.                  6390D
    Description                Cordless Driver Drill 13mm

    Model 6390D has been launched with the following features.
    *High torque delivered by powerful Type 775 motor                                                                  H
    *Compact design with an overall length of only 220mm (8-5/8")

    This new product is available in the following variations.
                                      Battery              Battery cover
       Model No.                                                               Flash light
                                   type         quantity    (quantity) Charger                       W
     6390DZ                    without            ---          ---       without
                                                                                                     Dimensions: mm (")
     6390DWAE            1822 (Ni-Cd 2.0Ah)        2            2                  without                      220 (8-5/8)
                                                                                                  Length (L)
     6390DWAE3           1822 (Ni-Cd 2.0Ah)        3            3
                                                                                                  Width (W)      95 (3-3/4)
     6390DWALE           1822 (Ni-Cd 2.0Ah)        2            2                  ML180
                                                                        DC1804                    Height (H)    252 (9-7/8)
     6390DWPE            PA18 (Ni-Cd 1.3Ah)        2            2
     6390DWPE3           PA18 (Ni-Cd 1.3Ah)        3            3
     6390DWPLE           PA18 (Ni-Cd 1.3Ah)        2            2                  ML180
     Note: All of the above models come with the items listed below
     in the "Standard equipment" in addition to the items listed above.

                   Voltage: V                                         18
      Battery      Cell                                              Ni-Cd
                   Capacity                 1.3 Ah (Battery PA18)         2.0 Ah (Battery 1822)
      No load speed: (min -1= rpm)                    Low: 0 - 350, High: 0 - 1,200
      Chuck capacity: mm (")                                1.5 (1/16) - 13 (1/2)
      Drilling capacity: Steel                                    13 (1/2)
      mm (")              Wood                                   36 (1-7/16)
      Max fastening       Soft joint                                 27
      torque: N.m         Hard joint                                 42
      Electric brake                                                 Yes
      Variable speed control                                         Yes
      Reverse switch                                                 Yes
      Net weight*: kg (lbs)                                       2.2 (4.9)
      *includes battery 1822.

  Standard equipment
     Philips bit 2-65 ............... 1
     Plastic carrying case ....... 1
     Note: The standard equipment for the tool shown may differ by country.

  Optional       accessories
     Battery 1822           Charger DC1804         Assorted drill bits for wood
     Battery 1834           Charger DC1822         Assorted drill bits for steel
     Battery 1835                                  Assorted driver bits
     Battery 1835F
     Battery PA18
Features      and benefits

     Compact Design                                  220mm                     Powerful Type-775 Motor
  with an Overall Length                             (8-5/8")                  Delivers High Torque.
  of Only 220mm (8-5/8")
Provides outstanding
maneuverability.                                                                                                    *
(About 20mm shorter than 6347D)                                                     Rubberized Soft Grip
                                                                                   Provides comfortable operation
  13mm (1/2") Chuck                                                                with better control.

                                               *                                                                    *
   All Metal Gear Construction                                                     Hand strap is attachable.
 Ensures extra-high transmission durability.
 (Uses the same gear assembly as
  6260D/8270D series models.)                                                      PA Type battery
                                                                                   is also available.
*Same advantage as Model 6260D

Comparison        of products
 Specification Comparison

                                 Model No.                Makita                      A
 Specifications                                             6390D                     B
                       Voltage: V                             18                     18
 Battery               Capacity: (Ah)              1.3 (PA-18)/ 2.0 (1822)          **1.4
                       Cell                                 Ni-Cd                   Ni-Cd
 Charging time: min.                                 30/ 45 (w/ DC1804)              60
                                    Low                    0 - 350                 0 - 350
 No load speed: min-1=rpm
                                    High                  0 - 1,200               0 - 1,300
 Lock torque: N.m (in.lbs)                                38 (340)                45 (398)
                                    Hard joint                  42
 Max. fastening torque: N.m                                                          N/A
                                    Soft joint                  27
                                    Wood                36 (1-7/16)
 Capacity: mm (")                                                                    N/A
                                    Steel                 13 (1/2)
                                                         Mabuchi                  Mabuchi
                                                        RS775-VC                 RS775-WC
                       Sleeve type                        Dual                     Dual
 Keyless chuck
                       Chuck capacity: mm (")            13 (1/2)                 13 (1/2)
                                                        16 stages +              24 stages +
 Torque adjustment
                                                        drill mode               drill mode
 Metal gear                                                 Yes                      No
 Bit holder                                                 No                       Yes
 Soft grip                                                  Yes                      No
                       Length: mm (")                   220 (8-5/8)              260 (10-1/4)
 Dimensions            Width: mm (")                     95 (3-3/4)              78 (3-1/16)
                      Height: mm (")                    252 (9-7/8)              255 (9-7/8)
 Net weight: kg (lbs) [includes battery]                 2.2 (4.9)                2.1 (4.6)

 Standard equipment                                Plastic carrying case     Plastic carrying case
                                                            Bit                       Bit

 **the capacity actually measured
Comparison       of product
Performance Comparison
Note: 1. With 2.0Ah Ni-Cd battery, Makita models were tested.
      2. The test results depend to a great extent on the hardness of materials, etc.
      3. The numbers in the bar graphs are relative values when the capacity of Model A of the competitor A
         is indexed at 100. (For Model A, refer to the New Product Tecnical Information of Model 8390D.)

1. Test Conditions: Drriled holes through 60mm (2-3/8") lauan with dia. 15mm (9/16") auger bit at high speed.

                              [Work speed]                                      [Work Volume]
                (the time required to drill a through hole)             (on a single full battery charge)
                           Slow           Fast                         Few                          Many

Makita 6390D                               138                                                      235

Competitor A                                  2.5 sec                                                   203 holes
     Model A                        100                                      100

                  0          50         100         150       0       50           100      150         200        250

2. Test Conditions: Drriled holes through 60mm (2-3/8") lauan with dia. 24mm (15/16") auger bit at low speed.

                              [Work speed]                                      [Work Volume]
                (the time required to drill a through hole)             (on a single full battery charge)
                           Slow           Fast                         Few                          Many

Makita 6390D                               128                                                      206
                                              9.5 sec                                                   72 holes
Competitor A
                                    100                                      100
     Model A

                  0          50         100         150       0       50           100      150         200        250

Test Conditions: Drove 3.8 x 51mm (5/32 x 2") screws in wood at high speed.

                              [Work speed]                                      [Work Volume]
                  (the time required to drive a lag bolt)               (on a single full battery charge)
                           Slow           Fast                         Few                          Many

Makita 6390D                               141                                                      211
                                              1.0 sec                                                  598 screws
Competitor A
                                    100                                      100
     Model A

                  0          50         100         150       0       50           100      150         200        250
The Graduation on Torque Adjusting Ring and Corresponding Fastening Torque
(The Torque When Clutch Is Disengaged)
                    [ft.lbs] ( N.m
                    [5.1] (70)                  7

                    [4.4] (60)                  6

                    [3.6] (50)                  5
Fastening Torque

                    [3.0] (40)                  4

                    [2.2] (30)                  3

                    [1.5] (20)                  2

                    [0.7] (10)                  1

                       [0]          (0)         0

   Graduation on the
   torque adjusting ring                            1   2        4   6    8          10          12            14     16

                     Machine screw                          M4                M5                               M6
 Applicable screw

                                 Soft wood                               dia. 3.5x22mm
                    Wood screw

                                 (pine, etc.)                                                dia. 4.1 x 38mm
                                 Hard wood                                     dia. 3.5 x 22mm
                                 (lauan, etc.)                                                    dia. 4.1 x 38mm

16 Stage torque settings allow for;
1) Appropriate torque setting in tightening M4 to M6 machine screws
2) Precision matching of surfaces with wood screws regardless of the screw size or the hardness of wood
[1] Removal/Installation of Drill Chuck
 When replacing Gear assembly, remove drill chuck beforehand as described below.
 (It is not necessary to remove Drill chuck when disassembling Housing only.)
 1) After fully opening Chuck jaws, remove the chuck screw (M6x22 (-) Flat head screw) by turning it clockwise.
    If it is difficult to remove, use a Makita Impact wrench.
 2) Slide Speed change lever to the position of "Low", and turn Change ring to "Drill mode".
    And then secure one end of a hex wrench with Chuck jaws. Hold the machine firmly, and then remove Drill chuck
    by hitting the other end of the hex wrench using plastic hammer to turn Drill chuck counterclockwise. (Fig. 1)
 1) Secure one end of a hex wrench with Chuck jaws, and the other with vise.
    Shift Speed change lever to "Low", and set the machine in the mode of drilling in forward rotation. Hold the grip
    of the machine firmly so that your hand cannot be pulled away by reaction torque. And then fasten Spindle to Drill
    chuck by pulling the trigger of Switch until Spindle is locked. (Fig. 2)
    Note: Release the trigger of Switch just after Spindle is locked. Do not keep on pulling the trigger for longer than
           one second.
 2) Fasten Drill chuck to Spindle with the chuck screw (M6x22 (-) Flat head screw) by turning it counterclockwise.
 Fig. 1                                                        Fig. 2

    Slide Speed change lever          Turn Change ring
    to the position of "Low".         to "Drill mode".              Shift Speed change               Turn Change ring
                                                                    lever to "Low".                  to "Drill mode".

                                            Hex wrench
                          2 4

                                                                                                            Hex wrench
                          6 8


   In order not to break Spindle, be sure to put the three          Push in R/F change lever
   circled portions of the tool on work bench, and place            for forward rotation mode.
   Drill chuck outside the workbench.

[2] Removal/Installation of Motor from/on Gear Assembly
 1) Pull Motor out of Gear assembly while turning it in the counterclockwise direction when viewed from the terminal
    end of Motor. (Fig. 3)
 2) Remove Motor bracket from Motor by removing two Pan head screws. Now Motor can be replaced (Fig. 4)
 Fig. 3                                                              Fig. 4

                                  Motor                                       Motor bracket              Motor

                                                Pull Motor
                                                while turning

      Gear assembly             Terminals                               Pan head screw
[2] Removal/Installation of Motor from/on Gear Assembly
 1) Place Motor bracket as illustrated in Fig. 5,   Fig. 5
    and fasten it to Motor with two Pan head
    screws.                                           Place Motor bracket                    Speed change lever side
 2) Aligning the protrusions on Motor bracket         so that its protruding
    with the grooves in Gear assembly,                side is positioned on        Side without protrusion       Red marking
    assemble Motor to Gear assembly. (Fig. 6)         the opposite side to the
 3) Assemble Motor to Gear assembly while             red marking on Motor.
    turning it in the clockwise direction when
    viewed from the terminal end of Motor.
    (Fig. 7)

                                                     Pan head screw
                                                                   Motor bracket                  Protruding side

                                                                                                Trigger switch side

 Fig. 6                                                                   Fig. 7
                                          Grooves in Gear assembly

   Protrusions on
   Motor bracket
                                                    Gear assembly                Gear assembly        Motor
                                            Motor bracket

[3] Installing Speed change Lever
                                                                                             Fig. 8
 1) Make sure that two Compression springs are set in place on Speed change lever
    as illustrated in Fig. 8.                                                                 Compression springs
 2) Install Speed change lever onto the protrusion on Gear assembly as illustrated
    in Fig. 9.
   After installation, slide Speed change lever to either side. (Fig. 10)

                                                                                                            Speed change lever

 Fig. 9                                                                            Fig. 10

     Speed change lever

                                                                                                                 Speed change


                                    Gear assembly Motor
[5] Installing Leaf spring Onto Housing (L)
 Before installation of inner electrical parts,   Fig. 11
 remember to set Leaf spring in place on
 housing (L) as illustrated in Fig. 11.              Housing (L)
                                                                                     Leaf spring

[6] Installing Change Ring on Gear Assembly
 Install Change ring on Gear assembly as illustrated in Fig. 12.
 Fig. 12

                             ribless portion

                                                             the widest protrusion

               Change ring
                                  Gear assembly

      Aligning the ribless portion on Change ring
      with the widest protrusion on Gear assembly,
      install Change ring on Gear assembly.

[7] Installing F/R Change Lever
 Install F/R change lever onto Trigger switch Fig. 13
 by placing the boss on Trigger switch between
 the prongs on F/R change lever as illustrated         F / R Change lever
 in Fig. 13.                                                                                       prongs
                                                  prongs                                                    boss


                                                    Trigger switch
Circuit    diagram

  Color index of lead wires' sheath

                                                                                                   Red marking

     Battery holder                                        Switch                                  D/C motor

Wiring     diagram
 [1] Connecting Lead Wires with Motor                              Fig. 14
 Connect the lead wires with the terminals on Motor so that they                                   Red marking
 are placed on the side of Housing (L). (Fig. 14)

 [2] Wiring in Housing
 Route lead wires as illustrated in Fig. 15.

 [3] Connecting Lead Wires with Battery Holder
                                                                       Lead wire (red)
 Connect lead wires with the terminals on Battery holder as
 illustrated in Fig. 16.                                                      Lead wire (black)

 Fig. 15

                                                                     Do not put lead wires on
                                                                     this rib.

                     Gear assembly      D/C Motor

                                                              Hold the lead wires with
                                                              lead wire holder.

                                      Switch              Lead wire (black)

    Route the lead
    wire (red) through                                    Lead wire (red)
    the boss and the rib.
                                                          Battery holder

     Route the lead
     wire (black) through                                           Fig. 16
     the boss and the rib.
                                                                                                  Lead wire (black)
                                                                      Lead wire (red)

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