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                                                                                                           New Tool

          For Models          6400D
          Description         Cordless Driver Drill

Cordless driver drill with D-shape handle , using Battery 9100.
Owing to Switch on the center of Drill chuck and well-balanc ed
holding of Machine, minimum machine shaking (inclining) and good
operativity have been achieved. More compact and lighter comparing
to 6095D and 6200D.
 6400D:W/ Battery, W/out Charger                                                         0-5/8")
 6400DW:Combination model of 6400D with Quick charger DC9700.
 6400DQ:Combination model of 6400D with Quick charger DC9015.

      Motor                                   Direct current magnet motor RS550SH-7523
      Battery (Battery 9100)                  NiCad battery (9.6V, 1.2Ah)
      Current                                 Direct current 9.6 V
                           High               0~1200 R/min
                           Low                0~450 R/min
      Chunk capacity                          1.5~10mm
                           Iron works         10mm
      Drilling capacity
                           Wood works         18mm
      Screwing capacity                       5.5 x 55mm
      Machine screw and Nut                   6mm
      Max. tighten torque High speed          approx.
                           Low speed          approx. 100

    Standard     equipment
     + Bit 2-65 ...1 pc

    Optional    accesories
     Battery9100, Drill 1.5,2,3,4,5,6    Auger 9,12,15
       Bit 5-45,5-82,6-70,,635-45,8-45,8-70
       Bit 1-65,2-45,2-65,2-82,2-110,2-150,3-45,3-65,3-110,
     Buff 125,    Abrasive disk 100-50,
     Rubber pad assembly,     Wool bonnet 100
     Quick charger DC9700, 15-minute quick charger DC9015,
     12-V quick charger for cars DC9012
Feature     and benefits
1. As Switch is on the center of Drill chuck and Machine body is compact enough to hold in good balance, the
   shaking(tilt) of the Body can be minimum and operativity is improved.
2. With a thin handle, a little lighter than 6095D/6200D.
3. Since Clutch mechanism is put in the front step of Output axis, you can adjust tightening strength at high/low speeds in
   6 levels (total 12 levels).
4. Owing to Keyless chuck, you can remove/attach Bit without Chuck key and no trouble of loosing it.
5. You can decide the positions of Wood screw or gimlet easily and select rotation suitable for operation because of
   stepless shift switch. Also, high power is performed even if low speed rotation, because Feedback circuit is installed
6. With a Break, you can stop operation at a certain position for sure ,which is useful for screwing work too.
7. Motor protection mechanism is equipped for keeping Motor and Switch from overload.
8. Stored in a plastic case ( Also used for 6400DW/6400DQ)

1. Adjusting position of Torque change ring and Reference values of Tightening torque (Clutch activated torque)

                           140                                                                    6200D


                           100                                                                    6400D
                                                                                                             Tightening torque of 6400D is
                            80                                                                               a little lower than that of 6095D.
       Tightening Torque                                                                                     On the contrary, Rotation at
                                                                       low speed

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