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Subject                  Replacement of Fast Charger DC1411, LG-124 (Dolmar)
                                                                                                          (page 1 of 2)

For Models               See below.
Country                  All countries
Description              Fast Charger DC1411 has been replaced by DC1413 to shorten the charging time.
                         Fast Charger LG-124 (Dolmar brand) has been replaced by LG-125.
                         Regarding the repair of Fast Charger DC1411 (LG-124), use the parts for DC1413 (LG-125)
                         immediately after the parts for DC1411 (LG-124) have run out of your stock.
                         Only for the U.K. market, DC1411 for 110V is kept available for the time being because DC1413
                         (110 V) is not available.

Item No.           Current part                    Q'ty I/C            New part                  Q'ty         Note
           Charger Case Set                                   Charger Case Set
                                                    1                                              1
           183075-5                                           183420-4
                                                                                                        For all countries
           Battery Box                                        Battery Box
                                                    1                                              1
           416467-6                                           417882-7
           Circuit Board                                      Circuit Board                               See Note 1
                                                    1                                              1
           631256-0                                           631445-7                                   of next page.
           Circuit Board                                      Circuit Board
                                                    1                                              1      For Canada
           631256-0                                           631446-5
           Circuit Board                                      Circuit Board                               See Note 2,
                                                    1                                              1
           631257-8                                           631443-1                                      Note 4.
           Circuit Board                                      Circuit Board                               Australia,
                                                    1                                              1
           631258-6                                           631444-9                                   New Zealand
           Circuit Board                                      Circuit Board
                                                    1                                              1     U.K. (110V)
           631289-5                                           631445-7
           DC1411 Fast Charger 120V                           DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1      See Note 3.
           192708-1                                           193409-4
           DC1411 Fast Charger 120V                           DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1        Canada
           192701-5                                           193410-9
           DC1411 Fast Charger 220-240V                       DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1      See Note 4.
           192703-1                                           193411-7
           DC1411 Fast Charger 110-120V                       DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1     Brazil (110V)
           192705-7                                           193412-5
           DC1411 Fast Charger 220-240V                       DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1      See Note 2.
           192702-3                                           193413-3
           DC1411 Fast Charger 120V                           DC1411 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1         U.S.A.
           192700-7                                           193408-6
           DC1411 Fast Charger 220V                           DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1     South Korea
           192706-5                                           193414-1
           DC1411 Fast Charger 220V                 1         DC1413 Battery Charger Set           1         China
           192707-3                                           193415-9
           DC1411 Fast Charger 230-240V                       DC1413 Battery Charger Set                  Australia,
                                                    1                                              1     New Zealand
           192756-0                                           193417-5
           DC1411 Fast Charger 220-240V                       DC1413 Battery Charger Set
                                                    1                                              1       Argentina
           192924-5                                           193418-3

Interchangeability mark ;
 The arrow      means that the new part can be substituted for the current.
                                                                                                      (page 2 of 2)
Models: AS1212, DK1022, DK1025, DK1036, DK1044, HR160D, JR140D, UB120D, UB140D, UC120D, UC170D,
        UM104D, VR250D, VR251D, 1050D, 1051D, 4191D, 4300D, 4330D, 4331D, 4332D, 4333D, 5093D, 5094D,
        5630D, 6095D, 6096D, 6203D, 6204D, 6213D, 6214D, 6216D, 6223D, 6227D, 6228D, 6233D, 6236D, 6313D,
        6314D, 6316D, 6327D, 6328D, 6333D, 6336D, 6503D, 6705D, 6706D, 6835D, 6903VD, 6908D, 6909D,
        6911HD, 6914D, 6915D, 6916D, 6918D, 6960D, 6990D, 6991D, 6992D, 8413D, 8433D

Note 1: U.S.A., Mexico, Panama, Brazil (110V), Saudi Arabia (127V), Taiwan, Guam,

Note 2: Brazil (220V), Chile, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia,
        Canary Islands, Bhutan, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Guiana, Gabon, Congo, Morocco, Reunion,
        Saudi Arabia (220V), South Africa, Syria, Indonesia, North Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam,
        New Caledonia, Tahiti,

Note 3: Panama, Saudi Arabia (127V), Taiwan, Guam

Note 4: Commonwealth of Dominica, U.K. (240V), Kuwait, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore

Around January, 2002

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