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     Models No.               6820V
                                                                                                         New Tool

     Description              Dry wall Screw Driver

  Compared with Model 6801DBV, this machine                                            268
  has a more powerful motor, which results in
  improvement of work efficiency. This machine is
  easy to grip and has shorter total length for better operation.
  New type of clutch eliminates annoying sounds

  produced when tightening of screws has been
  completed, and the noise of motor cooling wind
  has been reduced for your comfortable use.

  Used for attachment of boards (plaster, asbestos, plastic), etc.                Width 70

                                                            Consumed    Rated                Max.
    Voltage(V)        Current(A)      Frequency(Hz)         power(W)    output(W)            output(W)
        100                 6               50-60              570          280                460
        115                5.2              50-60              570          280                460
        200                3.0              50-60              570          280                460
        220                2.7              50-60              570          280                460
        230                2.6              50-60              570          280                460
        240                2.5              50-60              570          280                460

  No load speed                                           0-4000/min
  Dry wall screw                                          5 mm
  Tex screw                                               6 mm
  Net Weight(kg)                                          1.3 kg
  Cord length(m)                                          2.5 m

 Standard equipment
  Bit 2-25
  Magnetic connecting bit 6.35-60

 Optional accessories
  Bit 1-25
  Bit 2-25
  Bit 3-25
  Magnetic connecting bit 6.35-60
  Connecting bit 6.35-60

  The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
Features and benefits
1. Powerful motor of 570W (6801DBV : 350W) enables you to screw up thick iron plates (2.3mm 3.2mm).
2. New type of clutch eliminates annoying sounds caused by the conventional clutch when tightening of screws has
   been completed.
3. Noise level has been reduced.                                             6820V(76dB)              6801DBV(84dB)
   (Comparison with 6810DBV : Noise levels of                               1m
    the two machines shown in the right figure are the same.)     Ear

4. Shorter total length has improved operating abilitis. (6801DBV : -12mm)                             About 2.5m
5. Dust-proof ring prevents dust from going into the spindle bearing.
(1) To disassemble the spindle, pull the bit out, detach the dust-proof ring from the spindle, and pull the spindle out
    to the gear side. (See the figure blow.)
(2) Except the above-mentioned step,
    follow the procedures for 6801DBV.

                                                                                                      Helical gear 46

                                                                                                        Steel ball 4

                              Adjust sleeve        Bit
                                                           ring         Spindle     Clutch cam
Circuit    diagram

                                                                        Black or Yellow
                                  Terminal board

                  Change-over switch

                                Capasitor                                           How to install the change-over switch
                                                                            Normal rotation
Cabtire cord

               Terminal board    Main switch
                                                                        Reverse rotation

                                                                  (As the figure shows,
                                                                  set the groove on the
                                                                  switch screw downward.)

                                                                                                         Motor housing

Note 1) As terminal numbers are not indicated on the change-over switch, confirm the position
         with the groove on the screw. (See the figure above.)
Note 2) Specifications for the parts drawn in broken lines differ according to nations.
Note 3) Filed lines marked with * differ according to voltages as listed below.

         Voltage                             Color
          100V                               Black
        105-130V                   Sky blue or Gray or Black
          200V                              Brown
          220V                               Blue
        230-250V                              Red

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