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    Models No.              6835D

    Description             Cordless Auto Feed Screwdriver                    364mm (14-3/8")

                                                                                                                      177mm (7")
    This model is equipped with
    * Push button type battery which can be attached and detached easily,
    * Mod.6833's head part which can be changed without any tools easily.
    The variations are as follows.
      Model No.        Battery     Charger      Plastic carrying case
     6835DA         1222     1pc.     No             No
     6835DWA 1222             1pc. DC1411            Yes                                         95m
                                                                                                (3-3 m
      6835DWAE 1222            2 pcs. DC1411              Yes                                       /4"
      6835DWB        1233      1 pc. DC1411               Yes

     Motor                           Magnet DC motor RS-775V-909
     Rated Voltage                   DC 12 V
     Battery                         NiCd 12 V / 2.0 Ah, NiMH 12 V / 2.2 Ah
     No load speed (rpm)             2,000
     Driver bit                      Hex 6.35mm (1/4") Length 132mm (5-3/16")
     Capacity                        Screw strip 4mm(5/32") x 25mm(1") - 41mm(1-5/8")
     Net weight (inc. battery)       2.0 Kg. (4.4 lbs)

 Standard equipment
   Philips bit 3-132 .................. 3 pcs.
   Hook .................................... 1 pc.
   Battery cover ....................... 1 pc. ( 2 pcs. for Mod.6835DWAE)
   Set plate ............................... 1 pc.

    The standard equipment for this model shown may be different from country to country.

 Optional      accessories
   Philips bit 3-132 ( 5 pcs. per pack.)
   Battery 1222, 1233
   Charger DC1411
   Fast charger DC1439

                     Feeder box is common to the same of the existing Mod.6833.

Rubber cap at the top                       Driving depth can be adjusted
of stopper base assures                     only by sliding a stopper base
a steady contact to wall

Guide line for driving

     Flat design prevents
     damage to wall surface.

                                     Tool-less system for taking off casing

                                                                       Push button type battery
         With a reverse-button pressed, a screw-strip
                                                                     Easy to attach and detach batteries.
         can be pull in the reverse direction of arrow.
                                                                     Of course, batteries without push button,
                                                                     such as battery 1200, 1202 and 1202A
                                                                     can be used with set plate (standard

                                              This machine can be used at a position 15mm away
                                              from the wall as shown in the following illustration.

Comparison        of products
  Manufacturer                      MAKITA                            MAKITA
  Model No.                           6835D                              6831D
  Rated voltage                       DC 12V                             DC 12V
  No load speed (rpm)                 2,000                               2,000
                                4.0(5/32") x 25(1")                4.0(5/32") x 25(1")
              Size              4.0(5/32") x 28(1")                4.0(5/32") x 28(1")
 Screw                          4.0(5/32") x 32(1")                4.0(5/32") x 32(1")
                                4.0(5/32") x 40(1")                4.0(5/32") x 40(1")
         Q'ty on one strip      50 pcs.                            50 pcs.
 Adjustment of driving depth Tool-less                         Tool-less
                             (Stopper base adjustment)         (Stopper base adjustment)
 Silent clutch                          Yes                               Yes
  Hook                         Attachable on left & right side Attachable on left & right side
  Dimension (L x W x H)        364mm x 95mm x 177mm 340mm x 79mm x 177mm
                               (14-3/8") (3-3/4") (7") (13-3/8") (3-1/8") (7")
 Net weight (inc. battery)       2.0 Kg. (4.4 lbs)                2.1 Kg. (4.5 lbs)

 Capacity        with one full charged battery
  Screw size                 Thickness of drywall    Underlying material       6835D            6831D
  4.0(5/32") x 40(1-9/16")    18mm(11/16")            Plywood                Approx.380 pcs. Approx.380 pcs.
  4.0(5/32") x 25(1")          12.5mm(1/2")            Steel                 Approx.700 pcs. Approx.700 pcs.
                                                       t = 0.5mm(4/16")

 Working         speed
  Screw size                 Thickness of drywall    Underlying material        6835D               6831D
  4.0(5/32") x 40(1-9/16")    18mm(11/16")            Plywood                0.77 sec./ pc.      0.77 sec./ pc.
  4.0(5/32") x 25(1")          12.5mm(1/2")            Steel                 0.47 sec./ pc.      0.47 sec./ pc.
                                                       t = 0.5mm(4/16")

 < 1 > Assembling clutch section
       (1) Assemble spindle to pin on which compression spring 5
           is installed. Press the pin into spindle and make sure
           that compression spring 5 has been inserted in sppindle.
           (see Fig.1.)
                                                Clutch part
                                                of spindle                                                        Helical
                                                                                  Compression                     gear 55
                                                                                  spring 5
                                 Plane bearing 14

     (2) After proceeding to assemble as per Fig.2,               Plane bearing 14                   Helical gear 55
         assemble them into housing.                                       Compression spring 5                              Chamfered
         Note : Pay attention to the setting direction      Sleeve 5                                                         section
                of plane bearing 8.
                Chamfered part of plane bearing 8
                has to be faced to back side.

                                                                                                                     Plane bearing 8
                                                         Steel ball 3.5
                                                                                                                         Thrust needle
                                                                                           Pin                           bearing 821
                                                                                                         Pin 4
    < 2 > Note for assembling feeder
    (1) Do not apply any grease, lubrication oil or
        anticorrosive oil to rotating and sliding parts.
        Otherwise the intruding dust can stick to                                                       Spur gear 16
        such oil, and it may be cause of the trouble                                     Wheel
        on the feeder.

    (2) When attaching wheel and spur gear 16,
        engage wheel nail with arc part of spur gear 16,
        and then, install them into feeder box. (see Fig.3)
        After installation, check whether they rotate, by
        pressing the center of wheel with a finger.

Lubrication                                                                                       Matching of position

    Apply MAKITA grease No.1 to the following parts.                                                                     Fig.3

     1 Outer surface of spindle
     2 Inner surface of spindle
     3 Clutch section of spur gear 16 (approx. 8.0 g)
     4 Hole for setting pin 4                                                              3
     5 Gear tooth of spur gear 16
     6 Gear tooth of pinion gear (approx. 1.0 g)                                     2                               4


Circuit   diagram

                                                       DC motor
                           Lead wire (Orange)                 (-)

               Lead wire (Red)                                                       Fig.5

                                   Lead wire (Black)

                          Battery holder
                                                                    Lead wires (Black and Red) have to
                                                                    be guided through this part.

      Switch lever
      Lead wire (Black)
                                                                     Lead wire (Orange)
             Lead wire (Red)

                                                                       Battery holder


                      Inflect (-) terminal.

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