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      Models No.              6911D/DW
                                                                                                     NEW TOOL

      Description             Cordless Impact Driver                                      57 mm (2-1/4")
  This is a 12V powerful Cordless Impact river with higher
      torque for increasing the fastening efficiency.

                                                                                                           230 mm (9")
      It is equipped with durable aluminum die-cast hammer case,
      however compact and light weight (1.8 Kg. ; 4.0 lbs).
      The variations of this model are as follows.(1.8 Kg. ; 4.0 lbs)

        Model No.     Battery          Charger
        6911D         NiCd.1200        Without
        6911DW        NiCd.1200        with DC1200

                                                           79 mm (3-1/8")
                                                                                  221 mm (8-3/4")
       Motor                             DC Magnet motor 12 V
       No load speed                     0 - 1,800 rpm.
       Blows per min.                    0 - 2,500bpm.
       Max. fastening torque             1,000 (72.3 ft.lbs)
       Machine screw                     4mm - 8mm (5/32" - 5/16")
       Standard bolt                     5mm - 12mm (3/16" - 1/2")
       High tensile bolt                 5mm - 10mm (3/16" - 3/8")
       Net weight                        1.8 Kg. ( 4.0 lbs)

   Standard equipment
     NiCd Battery cartridge 1200,
     Philips bits 2-65, 3-65,
     Bit piece
     Fast charger DC1200 (only for Model 6911DW)
     Plastic carrying case (only for Model 6911DW)

     The standard equipment for the machine shown may doffer from country to country.

   Optional     accessories
     NiCd Battery cartridge 1200,
     Various size of Philips bits
     Various size of socket bits
     Bit piece,
     Fast charger DC1201

   Feature     and benefits
     1. Very strong fastening power from compact and light weight body equipped with 12V DC motor.
     2. Durable aluminum die-cast hammer case.
     3. Variable speed for getting exact starting point you want.
     4. Bit holder with slide sleeve for easy and quick change of driver bits.
     5. Reversible switch for removing screws or bolts.
     6. Electric brake for fastening convenience.
     7. With hand hand strap.
    Repair                                                                          Hammer case
< 1 > Dismounting of Housing
      Take off hammer case and O ring from housing.
      Then, the housing can be removed.                                                       O ring


< 2 > Removing bit holder on anvil
      The structure of bit holder is as Figure 2 illustrated below.
      Take off ring spring from the groove of anvil.
      Then, sleeve, compression spring and flat washer
      can be removed from anvil.
      Anvil can be dismounted from hammer case after                                                   Fig. 1
      removing bit holder.

                                                                            Sleeve            Anvil
                                         Ring spring     Flat washer
                                                                  Compression      Steel ball

                          Bit holder section

                                                                            Groove of anvil for ring spring

                                                                                                       Fig. 2
< 3 > Assembling flat washer between hammer case and
      sliding part of anvil
      Pay attention to the face of flat washer, when installing it
      between hammer case and anvil.
      The shaved side of flat washer has to face to the rotating part of anvil
      as illustrated in Fig. 3.                                                                Hammer case

                                                              Flat washer

                                                       Shaved part
                                                       of flat washer                          Anvil

                                                                                                       Fig. 3
< 4 > Removing hammer
      Press down hammer with arbor press.
      Adjust the 4 concaves of hammer to cam groove top
                                                                                                          Cam groove top
      of spindle by turning gear, and
      take off steel ball from spindle.                                Concave
      * Steel ball can not be taken off without adjusting
        4 concaves of hammer to top of cam groove                                                            Hammer
        of spindle.

< 5 > Assembling spindle complete to housing
      Flat washer and rubber washer which
      are to be assembled between ball bearing                                                   Housing
      and spur gear , have to be assembled                                             Flat washer
                                                                              Rubber washer                   Ball bearing
      to housing as a set.


                                                                               Spur gear
< 6 > Tightening tapping screws                                                Flat washer
      Tapping screws have to be tightened after assembling
      hammer case to housing with the following torque.                           Rubber washer

                              Adjusted torque on
       Part's name            torque wrench (tightening tool)
       Housing set            12 - 16 Kgcm (0.9 - 1.2 ft.lbs)
       Hammer case            18 - 22 Kgcm (1.3 - 1.6 ft.lbs)

    Circuit    diagram

                                                               ( )
                                                                       DC motor
                          Lead wire (Red)
                                                              ( )

                                                              Lead wire (Black)


                                    Lead wire (Black)

                                                                        Lead wire (Red)

                                                                        ( )
                                                        ( )
                                                                               Battery holder

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