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    Model No.                     7104L

    Description                   Chain Mortiser

   Based on the current model 7104L, its specifications have been upgraded
   to meet the European standards. The front cover has been added                                                                  H
   to enclose the cutter chain. Some electrical parts have been changed to
   comply with the electromagnetic compatibility-requirement.

   This tool is ideal for making mortises and notches quickly. Pivoting chain
   bar enables an opearator to make a 130mm long rectangular hole in
   three cutting processes without reclamping a workpiece.                                              W

   Except for Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the current specifications
                                                                                                                Dimensions: mm
   have been continued.
                                                                                                            Length (L) 512 (20-1/8)
                                                                                                            Width (W)   298 (11-3/4)
                                                                                                            Height (H) 513 (20-1/4)

                                                                                Continuous Rating (W)
       Voltage (V)               Current (A)               Cycle (Hz)                                             Max. Output(W)
                                                                               Input           Output
             240                        5                    50/60             1,140             780                   1,500
             110                       10                    50/60             1,050             680                   1,300
             230                       5.2                   50/60             1,140             780                   1,500

    No load speed: min-1=rpm                                                       3,200
                                                                            France: 30 (1-3/16)
    Chain blade: mm (")
                                                                         Other countries: 16.5 (5/8)
                                                      longitudinal              130 (5-1/8)
                        Max mortise width                                    France: 45 (1-3/4)
    Capacity:                                                           Other countries: 31.5 (1-1/4)
      mm (")            Max mortise depth                                       155 (6-1/8)
                        Max clamp capacity                                      308 (12-1/8)
    Protection against electric shock                                            Grounding
    Power supply cord: m (ft)                                                    5.0 (16.4)
    Net weight: kg (")                                                           17 (37.5)

  Standard equipment
   Chain blade 16.5mm (5/8")* ...... 1 pc
   Wrench 13-17 ............................. 1 pc
   Oil vessel ..................................... 1 pc
   *France: 30mm (1-3/16")
   Note: The standard equipment for the tool shown above may differ from country to country.

  Optional         accessories
   Sharpening holder ass'y
   Cutter chain: 15mm (9/16"), 16.5mm (5/8"), 18mm (11/16"), 21mm (13/16") and 24mm (15/16").
                 **30mm (1-3/16")
   **Sprocket 4 for 30mm cutter chain
   **Chain bar ass'y for 30mm cutter chain
   (**marks: These accessories should be used at the same time. See next page for the detail.)
Features       and benefits
  Equipped with Front Cover                                                        Max Mortise Depth: 155mm (6-1/8")
  for Compliance with
  the European Standards
  (for Europe, Australia and
  New Zealand only)

  Easy-to-Operate Large Clamp                                                                Unique Pivoting Chain Bar
  Allows operator to set up the machine                                                      Pivots to three plunge positions,
  quickly and firmly to workpiece up to                                                      enabling to make a square hole up to
  308mm (12-1/8") thick.                                                                     130mm (5-1/8") transverse width
                                                                                             without remounting the machine.

  How to use 30mm cutter chain (except France)
                                                                          Pay attention to the direction.
                                          Cutter chain 16.5                                                     Cutter chain 30.0
                                             (A-16570)                                                             (A-16617)

               Sprocket 4 (221501-7)                                         Sprocket 4 (221502-5)

  Ring 15 (257017-6)                                                 Remove Ring 15
                                                                     from the machine.

                Put 0.12g of adhesive (Three bond 1342)                            Put 0.10g of adhesive (Three bond 1342)
                on the threads.                                                    on the threads.
               Chain bar ass'y F/15-24mm (133571-3)                                    Chain bar ass'y (122235-4)

Comparison         of products
                                                                           Makita                              Competitor A
   Specifications                                            7104L                       KC100                    Model A
   Continuous rating input: W                                1,140                        2,000                     1,350
   No load speed: min-1=rpm                                 3,200                         4,500                   3,400
                                   longitudinal           130 (5-1/8)                     50 (2)                125 (4-7/8)

              Max mortise width
   mm (")

                                   transverse             31.5 (1-1/4)*                  25 (1)                 30 (1-3/16)
              Max mortise depth                            155 (6-1/8)               100 (3-15/16)              155 (6-1/8)
              Max clamp capacity                          308 (12-1/8)                    ----                  185 (7-1/4)
   Type of base                                              Clamp                 Flat base + Fence              Clamp
   Protection against electric shock                       Grounding               Double insulation             Grounding
   Power supply cord: m                                    5.0 (16.4)                  8.0 (26.3)                 2.5 (8.2)
                                   Length                 512 (20-1/8)                300 (11-3/4)              540 (21-1/4)
   Dimensions: mm (")              Width                  298 (11-3/4)                340 (13-3/8)              360 (14-1/8)
                                   Height                 513 (20-1/4)                440 (17-1/4)              390 (15-3/8)
   Net weight: kg (lbs)                                    17 (37.5)                     14 (30.9)                16 (35.3)
                                                   Chain blade 16.5mm**          Chain blade 30mm           Chain blade 16.5mm
   Standard equipment                              Wrench                        Chain guide                Wrench
                                                   Oil vessel                    Wrench
    *Transverse width = blade width plus 15mm; therefore, 45mm (1-3/4") for France
   **France: 30mm (1-3/4")
 CAUTION: For safety before repair/maintenance;
          1)Unplug machine. 2)Remove cutter chain, chain bar, Hex. bolt M10 and Washers.
  Code No.                  Description                                                     Use for
   1R275       Type 94 field insert jig                           Removing Sprocket 4
   1R045       Gear extractor, large                              Holding Sprocket 4 to unscrew Hex nut M10
   1R308       Spring pin extractor 4.0                           Removing 4.0mm diameter Spring pins
   1R309       Spring pin extractor 5.0                           Removing 5.0mm diameter Spring pins
   1R310       Spring pin extractor 6.0                           Removing 6.0mm diameter Spring pins

 See Fig. 1.
 1. Apply 10g of Makita grease N No.1 for the teeth of Helical gear 47 and put some amount of Makita grease N No.1 on
    the rubbing surfaces of Motor housing complete and Rotor holder for their smooth pivot action. Refer to marks.
 2. Put a little amount of machine oil on Spring pin 5-40, two slide poles of Base complete, the threads of M14 Screw,
    inside of Ring 9 and both sides of Sleeve 9 near Clamp lever, the inside of Sleeve 9 near Lever B complete, Slide bar
    and Guide pole. Refer to marks.
 3. Put a little amount of adhesive on the threads of M6x12 + Countersunk head screw for setting Ball bearing 1008LL to
 Chain bar. Refer to     marks.
 Fig. 1
       Makita grease N No.1 (Part No. 042017-7A, 2.5kg/set)
       Machine oil
       Adhesive: 0.12g Three bond 1342
                 (Makita Neji lock super TB1342:
                  Part No. 045017-6A)

                                                                           Spring pin 5-40

                                                            Chain bar

                                   + Countersunk
                                   head screw M6x12
                                                                        Motor housing
                                Ball bearing

                                                                                                 Slide poles of Base complete

                                  Helical gear 47
                                                        Rotor holder

                                                                               Screw M14
                                               Ring 9: Inside
                                                                 Clamp lever

                         Sleeve 9: Inside and outside

                                                                                     Slide bar
                                  Lever B complete

                                  Sleeve 9: Inside
                                                                                                    Guide pole
 [3] Repairing Motor Section
 Armature and Field can be replaced without disassembling Gear housing section.
 [3]-1. Disassembling Motor Section
  Remove Carbon brushes from the machine.
  Motor housing complete can turn freely by separating four M5x80 pan head screws from the machine.
  However, the last one is difficult to be unscrewed because the tensile force of Tension spring 20 affects it through Chain
  bar holder and Rotor holder. Therefore, push Handle to counterclockwise direction as mentioned in Fig. 1 to remove the
  last M5x80 pan head screw.
  Next, Turning Motor housing complete clockwise as shown in Fig. 2 so that the tensile force of Tension spring 20 can be
   Fig. 1                                                            Fig. 2
           Handle (switch installation side)     Rotor holder
               Four Pan head screws M5x80

                                                                                                          Turn the Motor
                                                                                                          housing complete
                                                                                                          in the direction of

   Push the Handle                                  Spring 20
   in the direction of
                         Chain bar holder
                                                                    Fig. 3
 Strike one end of Spring pin 5-12 using Spring pin extractor 5.0    Hook of Rotor holder       One end of Spring pin 5-12
 (Makita part No. 1R309) and plastic hammer as shown in Fig. 3       for Tension spring 20
 until the other end comes out of the hook of Rotor holder.
 And then, pull out the Spring pin 5-12 from the opposite side         Spring pin
 using pliers. Pull out Motor housing complete backward while          extractor 5.0
 turning it. Move on to the step for Motor replacement.

                                                                                             Spring pin 5-12 for the stopper
                                                                     Plastic hammer          of Tension spring 20
 [3]-2. Reassembling Motor Section
  Perform the disassembling procedure in reverse of the assembling steps.
  The reassembling work can be successfully performed even if Tension spring 20 shrinks to the original size.
  Drive Spring pin 5-20 into the hole of Rotor holder's hook upward from the bottom so that the upper end protrudes by 4mm
  for the stopper of Tension spring 20. Install Armature from Chain bar holder side. It is useful as a guide when Motor
  housing complete is installed.
  Hook one end of Tension spring 20 in the hole of Grip holder L as shown in Fig. 4 after inserting Motor housing section in
  Rotor holder. Chain cover should be vertical against ground. And both Motor housing and Rotor holder should be paralleled
  to the ground while pulling Tension spring 20 using Handle as described in Fig. 5. At this time, while pressing Motor
  housing section with knee, tighten four M5x80 pan head screws. This is to prevent the Motor housing section from slipping
   Fig. 4                                                           Fig. 5
                                Grip holder L                       Press Motor housing with knee.          Check these flat
                                                                                                            areas is parallel
                                One end of Tension Spring 20                                                to the ground.
                                Motor housing

                                Hook of Rotor holder
                                for Tension spring 20
                                                                    Push Handle to                          Chain bar holder
                                Spring pin 5-12 for the stopper
                                                                    the direction of                        should be vertical
                                of Tension spring 20
                                                                    arrow.                                  against ground.
                 The other end of Tension Spring 20
                                                                                         Fig. 6
 [4] Disassembling Gear Section
                                                                                                  Type 94 Field insert jig
 Note: Gear section can be replaced without disassembling Motor section.
 Remove four M5x80 pan head screws in the front of the tool in the same manner        Sprocket 4         Wall of Chain
 described in Repairing Motor Section.                                                                   bar holder
 To release the tensile force of Tension spring 20, Turn the Motor housing clockwise.
 The tension spring 20 will return to the original size. Consequently, Motor housing
 complete can be easily removed.
 Pull out Chain bar holder to your side from the front of tool while turning it.
 Insert Type 94 Field insert jig (Makita part No. 1R275) between Sprocket 4 and the
 wall of Chain bar holder in order not to revolve Spindle fixed with the Sprocket 4
 as shown in Fig.6. Loosen M10 Hex. nut using Box wrench 17 or Wrench 13-17.
                                                                                        Loosen M10 Hex. nut using Box
 Remove Spring washer 10, Flat washer 10 and Ring 15 from Spindle by hand.              wrench 17.
 Remove Sprocket 4 from tool by hand. If it is stuck on the spindle firmly, use Gear extractor Large (Makita part No. 1R045).
 Strike the reverse side of Chain bar holder using plastic hammer, so Gear housing can be separated from Chain bar holder.
 The connecting parts of Chain bar holder and Gear housing are three Spring pins 6-24 only.
 Remove gear section from Gear housing, and then tap the gear section on the table to separate Helical gear 47 from the
 other components of the gear section.
 [5] Disassembling Vice Element
 Vice element can be pulled out only by loosening Lever 98 ass'y as illustrated in Fig. 7. If chips attach in the Compression
 spring 48 and Compression spring 36, the chips make the clamp operation worse. Therefore, disassemble and clean them.
 Loosen M6x35 Pan head screw to remove the Compression springs using cordless impact driver with phillips bit No.3 as
 mentioned in Fig. 8 while holding Vice shoe so as not to jump by the reaction force of the Compression springs.
 Fig. 7                                                      Fig. 8
                                                                Cordless impact drive with phillips
    Lever 98 assembly                                           bit No.3

                                                                                             Vice shoe

                                                                                              Compression spring 48 and
                                                                                              Compression spring 36 (inside)

                                      Vice element            Vice element
                                                                                         Fig. 9
 [6] Disassembling Front Vice
 Main body including Base complete on vice section can be removed backward from
 the Vice section in the following steps.                                                                  Lever B complete
 1) Disassemble Vice element in accordance with the above procedure.
 2) Forward the main body to the edge of Screw M4 by turning Knob 20 as shown in
                                                                                                                Screw M14
    Fig. 9 .

 Loosen two Levers in the direction of arrows as illustrated in Fig. 10.           Knob 20
 Push one end of Spring pin at the right side of Lever B complete using Spring pin                               Vice section
 extractor 4.0 (Makita part No. 1R308) and plastic hammer.
 Consequently, Pin 9 and some components can be separated as described in Fig. 11.

  Fig. 10                                                      Fig. 11
                                                                                                     Spring pin extractor 4.0
                                                                      Lever B complete
                                                                                                               Plastic hammer

                                                                 Flat washer 9     Pin 9

                                    Lever                                                                      Sleeve 9 (inside)
                                    (Lever B complete)
                                                                Spring pin 4-20                                   Flat washer 9
                                                                (left side)     Sleeve 9
     Lever (Clamp)
                                                                 Spring pin 4-20 (right side)
                                                                                Fig. 12
 When removing M14 Screw from the front vice section;
 1) Press the end of M4 Screw against table to compress                                                                   Spring pin extractor 4.0
    Compression spring 10.                                                                                                        Plastic hammer
 2) At the same time, push out 4-20 Spring pin in M14 Screw
    using Spring pin extractor 4.0 (Makita part No. 1R308).                        Spring pin 4x20
    See Fig. 12.
                                                                                          M14 Screw

 [7] Adjustment
 Note: The following information applies to the products including 16.5mm cutter chain as the standard accessory.
 1) Fix an yellow colored Indication plate to Base complete with M4x8 pan head screw as shown in Fig. 13 after aligning
    the front edge of the Indication plate with front end of 16.5mm cutter chain.
 2) When aligning the center of + Countersunk head screw M6x12 with the bottom of Base complete, drive Stopper pole
    into the Base complete by hand in order to adjust the height of Rotor holder at ZERO position on Stopper pole as
    shown in Fig. 14. After positioning it, tighten M8 Hex. nut onto the hole of Base complete firmly using Wrench.
    Note: Face the gauge of Stopper pole to outside before tihgtening M8 Hex. nut.
 3) Align the left end of Scale plate with the left end of the cutter chain by resetting the scale plate on the Base complete.
    See Fig. 15.
 Fig. 13
  Indication plate
                                                                                             Slide Indication plate
                                                                                             backward or forward.
                                                     Pan head screw M4x8

                     0           2       4   5   6

                                                        Bottom of Base

                                                                            Front edge of Indication         Front end of 16.5mm
                                                                            plate (yellow)                   cutter chain

 Fig. 14

   Center of + Countersunk
   head screw M6x12

                                                                         Rotor holder

               Hex. nut M8                                                  Threads of the                   "ZERO" mark
                                                                            Stopper pole           Gauge of the Stopper
                                                         Stopper pole                              pole

                                                                                        Fig. 15
                         5   6       8
                                                                                                                           Left end of 16.5mm
                                                                                                                           cutter chain
                                                                                                                                  Scale plate

                                                        Base complete
                                                                                                     0   2    4   5   6

                                                                                                                            Left end of Scale plate
 4) Refer to Fig. 16, Fig. 17, Fig. 18 and Fig. 19.
    Precisely adjust M8x44 Hex. bolts and Stopper to make a rectangular hole with the same size into the wooden workpiece
    as illustrated in Fig. 20. When the machine with 16.5mm cutter chain is used, Fig. 20 shows the cutting size preset in
    Makita plant. Meanwhile, if preferring to make a 30mm long rectangular hole, adjust M8x44 Hex. bolt for No. 2 set
    position to lean Chain bar assembly to the limit.
 Fig. 16                                   Fig. 17                                     Fig. 18
 Lever C is hooked on rib of Rotor holder        Tip of M8x44 Hex. bolt for No.1 set position       Tip of M8x44 Hex. bolt for No.2 set
 directly as below. It is original position      is hooked on rib of Rotor holder directly. It is   position is stuck with Lever C directly.
 of Chain bar.                                   No.1 set position of Chain bar.                    It is No.2 set position of Chain bar.
                        Lever C

                                                 Rib of Rotor

                                                                                                    Lever C

                                                 M8x44 Hex. bolt                                    M8x44 Hex. bolt for
                    Rib of Rotor holder
                                                 for No.1 set position                              No.2 set position

 Original position (vertical against ground)            No.1 set position of Chain bar                  No.2 set position of Chain bar

 Fig. 19

                Stopper                Lever B complete


                                          If the travel distance is set at 13.5mm by shifting Lever B complete forward,
                                          a 16.5mm wide rectangular hole can be cut in a single stroke.
                                          Total 30.0mm wide holes can be made after shifting Lever B complete backward
                                          and repeating a single stroke.
 Fig. 20
     1. Cutting by a single stroke
        at vertical position.
                                  2. Cutting by each stroke at:
                                     1)vertical position and No.1 set position when Lever B complete is shifted forward.
                                     2)vertical position and No.1 set position after Lever B complete is shifted backward.
                                     Total four strokes
                                       Approx. 52mm


               3. Cutting by each stroke at:
                  1)vertical position, No.1 set position and No. 2 set position when Lever B complete is shifted forward.
                  2)vertical position, No.1 set position and No. 2 set position after Lever B complete is shifted backward.
                  Total six strokes
                                                                                Fig. 21
 5) Adjust the tension of 16.5mm cutter chain. When there is a clearance of
    approx. 5 up to 6mm between the chain bar and the cutter chain, the tension Chain bar                                      Cutter chain
    on the cutter chain is adequate. See Fig. 21.
    Note: Do not touch the cutting edges of the cutter chain when pulling it.
 6) Adjust the clearance between Chain bar holder and Rotor holder so that                                    5 up to 6mm
    Chain bar ass'y can be tilted smoothly without stuck by moving the tips of
    three M5X16 Hex. bolts backward and forward.
Wiring  diagram
 [1] Connecting Lead Wire to Ring Terminal
 Route Field lead wire to inside of Polyolefin tube. And then shrink the Polyolefin tube on the end of Ring terminal retainer
 to cover the clamping position of the Ring terminal retainer to Field lead wire. See Fig. 22.
 Fig. 22
                     Ring terminal retainer
                                              Ring terminal

   Field lead wire         Polyolefin tube

 [2] Connecting Earth Terminals for Machine and Noise Suppressor
 Connect Earth terminals with Motor housing so that each direction is the same as illustrated in Fig. 23.
 Fig. 24

 Earth terminals
                                                Earth lead wire for machine
                                                (yellow and green)

                                                Earth lead wire of Noise suppressor
                                                Field Lead wires
                                                (110V: water blue, 220-240V: blue or red)

 [3] Wiring in Handle at Switch Installation Side
 See Fig. 24 below.
 Fig. 23

                                                                                Slacken earth lead wire between motor housing
                                                                                and terminal block as illustrated.

                                                        Terminal                  Do not route any lead wires onto the rib
  Earth lead wire between motor housing                 block                     for Terminal block.
  and terminal block should ride on the
  other lead wires and insert into lead wire

                           Lead wire holder

                           Noise suppressor                                         Connector

                                                              Line coil
                                                                                    Slacken earth lead wire of power supply
                                                                                    cord as illustrated.
                           Place line coil, noise suppressor and connector in
                           the dot circle. After placing Noise suppressor,
                           install Line coil.
Circuit    diagram


                                                    220-240V: black
                                                    110V: water blue

            Field              220-240V: blue or red                  220-240V: black
                               110V: water blue                       110V: white



          yellow and green            transparent            black               220-240V: blue
                                                                                 110V: white
                                                Noise                Line coil

                         Earth terminals
 Mount ring terminal
 at the penetration side of Field lead wire.

                                                                       220-240V: blue
                                                                       110V: water blue

                                                                                                  Power supply cord

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