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     Models No.               8015D
                                                                                                    New Tool

     Description              MAKITA Cordless hammer drill

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                       311
  This is the battery hammer drill using the battery 1000 as the
  power source and the first one equipped with the non-step variable

  switch developed throughout the world, thereby the drilling can be
  easily positioned and the built-in large capacity battery enables
  many holes to be drilled per charging. Also the reversing change
  switch allows this machine to be used as the screw driver once the
  drill chuck adapter has been mounted.                                           64
  The 8015DW is the model without the battery and the charger.
  The 8015DW consists of the 8015D, the battery and the
  charger(model DC1000).

     Motor                                                     DC 10.8V
     No load speed(/min.)                                      0-900
     No. of striking under no load(/min.)                      0-3100
     Tool size(mm)                                             Shank bit with groove         10
     Capacity(mm) The adapter(common for HR2000) is            For stone                     15mm
     used for steel and wood.
                                                               For steel                     13mm
     If the adapter is built, it also can be used for
     fastening the wooden screws.                              For wood                      15mm
     Weight(including a battery)                               3.5kg

  Standard equipment
   Stopper pole
   Grease for bit, Dust cup

  Optional accessories
   Carbide drill(6.5-14.5)
   Drill chuck adapter
   Chuck key
   Dust cup
   Anchoring rod
   Holder driver
   Taper shank adapter
   (The above shown are common for HR2000.)

 The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country.
Features and benefits
1.The built in battery power provides the comfort operation without interfered with the power cord.
2.The battery 1000 enables to operate for longer time and many holes to be drilled per charging.
3.Due to the first non-step variable switch introduced in the world, drilling can be positioned smoothly in low speed
  operation and even the tile can be drilled.
4.The most light weighing model 3.5 kg in the series of battery hammer.
5.Since the handle and the switch are positioned on the center line of the bit, the machine body cannot be tilted
  during operation to allow the comfort operation.
6.The battery can be charged for just an hour.
7.This can be used not only for steel and wood by the aid of special accessory or the drill chuck, but also used as the
  screw driver once the reversing change switch has been attached.
1.Tool required
   (1)+ Screw driver
   (2)- Screw driver(small one with the edge width of 4 mm around)
    (3) Circle clip plyer(for shaft)
   (4) Resin hammer
   (5) Metal wire with dia. of about 2 mm and length of about 200 mm(see the figure 11 of 3-(3)-1.)
   (6) Rod or pipe with dia. of 20 mm and length of 100 mm or more(If available, you can work easily.)

2.Lubricating points
  To avoid wearing or heating damage in an earlier stage, grease the MAKITA GREASE R NO. 00 on the points
  shown below.

(1) O-ring and groove on the impact bolt
(2)O-ring and groove on the striker and piston
(3)Inner portion on the cylinder liner
(4)Lip face on the oil seal 28
(5)Teeth face on each gear 3.Disassembling/assembling (1)Chuck(Remove it before disconnecting the housing.) Pull the change ring at full as shown on the figure 5 and remove the cap 34 in a way peeling it in the arrow direction. If the cap 34 has been removed, remove the
change ring, the key 4 and conical compression spring 21-29. Cap 34 Conical compression Key 4 Change ring spring 21-29 When assembling(for easy assembling), slightly grease the MAKITA GREASE N NO.2 on the groove for
housing the key of the cylinder liner to protect the key 4 from falling. MAKITA GREASE N NO.2 (2)Protecting the grease on the housing from leaking Super three bond No. 50 The adhesive is applied on the overlapped portion around the housing function for preventing the grease from leaking. To assemble the housing after disassembling, securely clean away the grease on the fit
face(portions marked by on the right figure) between both the housing R/L before applying the super three bond No.50 without breaks. Note that the MAKITA grease R NO.00 of 20 g has been already contained in mass production, use it as the reference amount when repairing.(Do not overfill.) (3)-1. How to remove the impact bolt and idler Ring 13.5 a) Place the minus screw driver with the edge width of about 4 mm in the clearance between the hole of Rubber ring Hole cylinder liner and the ring spring 18 as shown on the Idler Cylinder liner figure 8 and then use the resin hammer to slightly Impact bolt hammer the driver to remove the ring spring 18 from the groove on cylinder liner.
If hard to remove, take the above same procedures for both holes. Ring spring 18 b)Use the driver to move the ring spring 18 to make clearance between the ring spring 18 and the cylinder liner.
Clearance c)Bend the metal wire as shown on the figure 11, suspend the hook of the edge on the ring spring 18 and then remove it.(Figure 10)
d)If the ring spring 18 has been removed, use the driver edge to press the impact bolt and then disconnect the idler and ring 13.5. (Figure 10) Ring for hanging the finger 2~3 Same as the original size
100 or more (3)2. Assembling of the impact bolt and the idler Grease Flat washer 13.5 a)Use care in assembling since the impact bolt and the flat washer 13.5 have each directionality.
Impact bolt Idler C-face Protruded with overlong Cylinder liner (Note) Be sure to grease on the O ring of the impact bolt. Ring spring Cylinder liner Brass rod
b)Once the ring spring has been detached, it can be easily damaged and broken. In such a case renew it. Apply the brass rod or the minus screw driver and slightly hit it to press as shown on the figure 13. If it has been inserted in the deepest, use the minus screw driver as shown on the figure 14 to securely place in the groove.
Groove (Note) Use the minus screw driver with especial care not Ring spring to damage the ring spring. Cylinder liner *If the rod or pipe with 20 mm in dia. and 100 mm inlength or more available, When doing the work for (3)-2-a, place the parts on the rod as Ring spring Rod shown on the figure 15 and cover the cylinder liner from above so that the parts cannot turn upside down on the way. When doing the work for(3)-2-b, use the rod to press into the groove after inserting the ring spring on the halfway. (4)Caution in replacing the DC motor Rod a)For the DC motor, the terminal with the red mark is for the M(+) terminal.
DC motor Red mark b)Insert the lead wire through inside as shown on the figure 17, bend it and then solder it.
(+) (-) DC motor c)After soldering, cover the cap and then bend the terminal in a degree that the terminal is not protruded above the cap face. (M+) (M-)
Cap (5)Mount the spring terminal with the (+)side set at the handle side of the housing. (-) (+)
Circuit diagram Switch(for variable speed) Switch DC motor (for reversing change) Red mark Lead wire(red) 4 3 5 2 1 (M+) (M-) Lead wire(black) (-) (+)
Spring terminal

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