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T      ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                 New Tool

Models No.               906                                                                 Hanger
Description              The 6 mm Die grinder

   This machine is the powerful type grinder for the
   grinding stone equipped with 6 mm shaft, developed                Cap
   as the sister version of the model 903 for use in      Spindle
   grinding various dies, removing burr in casting
   and grinding at narrow space.
                                                     Colette nut
                                            grind stone 19-60                                            Switch

    Specifications                                                    [Appearance layout of model 906]

       Voltage                    Current                  Frequency              Consumed power
  Single-phase 100V                2.5 A                    50-60 Hz                  240 W

No load speed                  25,000 R.P.M./min
Size                           283 mm x 65 mm(Overall length x Outer diameter)
Functional size                Colette dia. 6 mm
Weight                         0.9 kg
Cord length                    2.5 m

    Standard equipment
                                     Wheel point 19-60(plane type)

                                     Wheel point 19-60(corn type)

                                     Spanner 10

                                     Spanner 17


    Optional accessories
     *No special accessories(Since the grind stone and rotary cutter are commercially available)

    Features and benefits
    (1) The light weight like 0.9 kg and the shape for easy-to-grip provide the high working efficiency.
    (2) The steel cover mounted on the edge for protecting from damage and the fine edge construction enable the
        application in the narrow space.
    (3) The double insulation structure allows the safe working against an electrical shock.
    (4) The hanger is attached for easy storing.

    The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
     Normal load current : When the plane and corn type shaft-mounted grind stones 19-60(19:Outer dia., 60:particle
     size) are used, 2-2.2 A of the load current in grinding the baked steel is within the rated value. The rotary cutter
     13(mainly used for finishing the aluminum, copper and casting products using the tool of edge cutter with outer
     dia.13 mm) can also generate the same capacity.

     [Reference] The shaft-mounted grind stone(normally attached) - The grinding test of baked products of SK4 shows
     little grinding abrasion and good grinding effect. The clogging has been made in the grind stone in grinding the
     normal steel material.--- The grind stone should be replaced for grinding the normal steel material.(See the article
                                                                                Stop against falling

    Repair                                                               Loosen
    Disassemble in the following orders.                                                         Motor case
    (i) If disassembled in order of Hanger =>Colette nut =>Pan
        head screw(4 pieces)=>Cap(Since parts for protecting
        dropping is attached, unless the pan head screw is loosened, it             Cap
                                                                                              Direction of seal      Direction of seal
        cannot be disconnected.), the motor case is
        separated into two sections, each structure parts
       (armature, spindle, carbon brush) can be disconnected.
    (ii) Spindle(armature)
         Disassemble in the order shown on the figure. Insert the 2.bearing into
                                                                                       Spring pin
         up to the position of the step difference of spindle and strike the spring
         pin in a way that the both ends protruded will be even.                                608LB                        627LB

    (iii) For assembling , proceed in the reverse orders against disassembling.
        (Use care that the lead wire is not locked together.)                                            Direction of seal
                                                                                Direction of seal      Evenly

                                                                           Step difference                          Greasing
                                                                                             1 2           3 4
    Selection of shaft-mounted grind stone                                           Spring pin 608LB Circle clip

    (i) Use wheel point capable of enduring against the circumference speed of 25,000 R.P.M/min. for this machine.
       The normal commercially available wheel point is 19 mm or less in the outer diameter.
    (ii) Never use the shaft-mounted wheel point for the drill since it does not have enough strength.
    (iii) Select the best particle size and shape for the wheel point depending on the applications.

Particle size        Color of              Property of particle                                  Applicable
of grindstone                              size of wheel point       Applications
                    grindstone                                                                   wheel point
                                                                    Rough grinding of
                 Ultramarine        blue   High in toughness and Soft steel and According to JIS
                 or brown                  a little low in hardness Carbon steel etc. A46PV
                                           Slightly low in
                White or orange            toughness and a little Grinding of baked     WA60NVor
    WA                                     high in hardness         steel and special
                color                                               steel               WA60PV
                                            (a little hard)
                                           Harder and lower in casting products,
      C                 Black              toughness than A, WA non-metal and               -
                                           grind stone               stone material
Shapes(examples of representatives)

          1         2           3          4        5         6        7         8           9          10      11

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