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        Models No.             9200D
                                                                                                              New Tool

        Description            Cordless polisher kit

Combination of #9200D(Polisher) and #DC7000( Quick charger).
We developed Cordless polisher kit, in keeping with serialization of charging system products, to make wide-range light works
such as cleaning and polishing possible only by changing the attachments.


                                                                              Rubber pad
                                         Bevel wire
                                                       Cup wire

                                                            Abrasive disk           Wool bonnet

     9200D (Polisher body)
       Motor                                    Direct current magnet motor
       Voltage                                  Battery 7000
       Current                                  Direct current 7.2 V
       Speed                                    550rpm
       Body size                                225 mm
       Weight                                   1kg
     DC 7000 ( Quick charger)
       Input voltage                            Single phase alternating current, 100 V
       Input frequency                          50/60 Hz
       Input capacity                           27 V. A
       Output voltage                           Direct current, 7.2 V
       Output current                           Direct current, 1.5 A
       Charging time                            1 hr.
       Body size                                L145x H61x W80 mm
       Weight                                   0.8 kgs
       Cord length                              2m
Standard    equipment
Bevel wire brush 100 ...for Bath room, Kitchen.
Bevel wire brush 50...for Bath room, Kitchen corners
Rubber pad aid of Abrasive disk and Wool bonnet
Abrasive disk 100-60,100-100,100-150 (abrasives WA)
             ...for various wood/metal polishing, paint removing
Wool bonnet 100...for polishing paint surface of cars, furniture
Buff 100...for waxing cars, cleaning of bath tub
Plastic case...for storing and carrying the above all items

Optional    accesories
Battery 7000
12V Quick charger (#DC7012)
Items in above standard equipment ( except Plastic case)

Features    and benefits

 Features of 9200DW

  1) Usable anywhere owing to charging system.
  2) You can improve efficiency double just with spare battery .
  3) Charging time is only one hour.

  4) Working becomes easy because of such a compact and light body (1 kg).
  5) So easy to attach/remove every attachment.
  6) Lots of works available; polishing tiling, car polishing /paint removing,
    etc. ( Standard equipment: Six items, mentioned in the above)

  7) Handy plastic case for easy carry/storage

Re: Working capacity and Battery life in actual load
  Attachments                     Woking object                       Working capacity         Battery life Load current
                        Cleaning concrete floor in kitchen              16m2 available            8min.        8.3A
  Bevel wire brush 100
                        Cleaning tiling floor in kitchen                 2m2 available           10.5min.      6.3A
  Bevel wire brush 50   Cleaning corners in the above place               Unconfirmed              25           2.6
                       Wood Surface finish of lauan                 Abrasive capacity 20g
  Abrasive disk 100    work Paint removal of wood surface               0.42m2 available            5           13.2
  (in case of #60)     Metal Rust removal of sheet metal                  Unconfirmed
                       work Paint removal of sheet metal                0.78m2 available            7           9.4
  Wool bonnet 100       Car wax wiping away                         Enough for a compact car      14.5          4.6
                        Cleaning poly-bath tub                           Unconfirmed               16           4.1
  Cleaning window glass Cleaning window glass                           12m2 available             14           4.7
                        Waxing on cars                              Enough for a compact car       12           5.5
1)9200D ( Polisher body)
   1 Assembly notes: Fill up around the circle with grease in lower part of Ball bearing (Albania grease No. 2)
   2 Tool: + Driver
   3 Others: None
2) DC7000 ( Quick charger)
   In case of disorder or repairing, refer to Technical Information BL-0425.

                                                                           Fill up with Grease

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