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    Models No.              9227CB
                                                                                                    New Tool

    Description            180mm Sander Polisher

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                        470
Model 9227CB is the improved version of the existing Model
9217SPC and its brief benefits are;
   *Easy for polishing
      Variable speed control by trigger : 0-3000rpm
      Variable speed control by dial : 600-3000rpm(wide area)
   *Loop handle can be gripped easily at various operating
   *Face of pad is velcro type to make replacing buff (wool
     pad, etc.) easy.
   *Sanding operation can be performed using rubber pad and
     abrasive disc (optional accessories).

   *Electronic speed control feature
    Less reaction at starting by soft start feature
    Clean surface by steady speed feature

                                                        Continuous Rating(W)
     Voltage (V)    Current (A)        Cycle (Hz)                              Max. Output(W)
                                                           Input      Output
         110            10.0             50/60             1100         580            1600       For U.K.
         220             5.7             50/60             1200         710            1800
         230             5.5             50/60             1200         710            1800
         240             5.3             50/60             1200         710            1800
         240             4.8             50/60             1100         580            1800       for U.K.

     No Load Speed                               0-3000rpm
     Diameter of wool pad                        180mm (7")
     Net Weight                                  3.0kg (6.6 lbs)
     Cord Length                                 2.5m (8.2 ft)

     Standard equipment
     Hex. Wrench 6--------1 pc.
     Wool Pad 180---------1 pc.
     Sleeve 18---------------1 pc.
      The standard equipment may differ from country to country.

    Optional accessories
     Abrasive Disc 180-16,20,24,30,50,80,100,120
     Rubber Pad
     Sanding Lock Nut 16-48
     Lock Nut Wrench 28
     Grip 36 Complete
     Wool Pad 180 Set
     Wool Bonnet 180

    Features and benefits
      1.Double insulated
      2.See the sheets attached for more information.

     The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country.
                                                                 Variable speed control by dial
                                                                 600~3000rpm(wide area)
                                                                 600rpm is fit to wax urethane bumper.

 Loop handle

Easy to grip at
various operating position
*Grip 36 Complete                                                                                    Dial can be actuated
(optional accessory)                                                                                 during operation
can be attached.

                                                                                        Cord guard is angled upward

                                                                                        Power supply cord is easy to
                                                                                        be hung on the shoulder and
                                                                                        is not trailed on the work.

Button for
locking spindle

                                                                        Variable speed control by trigger

                                                                         Speed can be controlled up to the
                         Face of pad is velcro type                      speed set by dial.
                                                                         Convenient for operation requiring
                         Eassy to replace buff (wool pad,etc.)
                                                                         very low speed.
                         Pad can be replaced without tool
                         because pad and lock nut are
                         molded in one piece.
                         Rubber pad (optional accessory)
                         can be attached with lock nut
                         (optional accessory)
          (1) Replacing of armature
             1) Remove the magic pad.
             2) Remove the carbon brush.
             3) Remove the tapping screw PT4x18 for
                holding the handle.                            Carbon brush

                                                                    Brush holder                       Tapping screw
                                                                                                       PY 4x18(4 pieces)

      4) Disconnect the E ring from the armature shaft and then remove the magnet sleeve.
      5) Disconnect one body of gear housing and armature from the motor housing.
      6) Remove the tapping screw CT 4x16 for holding the bearing box.
      7) Remove the pan head screws M5 x 12 and M5 x 16 for holding the bearing retainer and then pull out the
     8) To assemble the armature on the gear housing, make fit the guide of bearing retainer of gear housing on the
         protrusion of the bearing retainer before assembling.
Pan head screw M5x16(one piece)
                                                                       Protrusion of bearing retainer

Pan head screw
M5x12(one piece)
                                                                                                        Magnet sleeve
                                                                                                            E ring

                                                        Tapping screw CT4 x 16(4 pieces)
           (2) Replacing methods of spiral bevel gear 52
              1) Disconnect the magic pad.
              2) Disconnect the tapping screw CT 4 x 16 for holding the bearing box.
              3) The spiral bevel gear 52 is inserted into the spindle through pressing.
                 Disassemble it as shown on the below figure.
                                           Disassembling                      Assembling

                                            Use the arbor press to press the spindle edge.


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