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      Models No.             9541
                                                                                                                       New Tool

      Description              115mm Disc Grainder

 The 115mm Disk grinder, one-hand type, of which accent is on cutting

 off works,developed in pursuit of improving power, dust-proo f,
 vibration-proof, and cooling motor.

   Specifications                                                                          ( For general export, No wheel attached)

                                               Frequency           Consuming                   Nominal
       Voltage (V)         Current(A)             (Hz)             power(W)                    output(W)         Max. output(W)
            100                 9.0               50/60               850                        390                  1,070
            115                 8.2               50/60               900                        450                  1,330
            200                 4.7               50/60               900                        450                  1,330
            220                 4.3               50/60               900                        450                  1,330
            230                 4.1               50/60               900                        450                  1,330
            240                 3.9               50/60               900                        450                  1,330

                          Motor                                  Series commutator motor
                   Speed at no load                              10,000 P/min
                                                                  Grinding wheel
              Attaching tool size                                Outer dia. 115 x Inner dia. 22.23 x Thickness 6
                       mm ( inch)
                                                                              (4-1/2" x 7/8" x 1/4")

   Standard       equipment
    Lock nut wrench 35
    Grip 36 assembly

   Optional       accesories
    Depressed center wheel 115-36
    Inner flange 47 assembly ( Super flange)
    Diamond wheel 115 ( high quality)
    Rubber pad 100
    Lock nut 14-48 (for Abrasive disk)
    Abrasive disk 115-24, 30, 50, 80, 120
                                                                      Motor housing

            Safety lock and                                             Good design for gripping
            Switch w/lock-on mechanism
   Positioned in the upper part of the
   machine so that the left-handed may
   also use it easily .
                                                                                  New 55type motor
                                                                                 High output meeting professional use
                       Shaft lock
            Large and suitable
            shape for pressing

          Side grip
Newly designed for
easy grip and
attachable to three
points ---- right,
left and upper parts
in the machine.

                                                                                            Dust-proof device of Switch
                                                                                           Rubber cap is attached to prevent
                                                                                           dust particles from entering.

                                                                                   Carbon brush
                                                                                  Carbon brush Shut-off carbon brush isapplied
                                                                                  so that Armature may be protected by
                                                                                  breaking a currentautomatically at the end of
                                                                                  Brush life. It is easy toexchange Carbon

                                                           Labyrinth structure good for dust -proof
                                                           Labyrinth structure ( maze system to prevent
                                                           dust from entering) isapplied in Commutator
                                                           side, Fan side, and Bearing in Bearing box
                                                           of Spindle.


                                    Labyrinth structure
1. Various Tapping screws
   1) As Tapping screws are used in the Machine, do not fasten by Air diver orImpact driver.
2. Exchange of Armature
  1) Remove Wheel and Wheel cover each.
  2) Remove Carbon brush.
  3) Remove Tapping screw PT5x30 fixing Gear housing cover to Motor housing.
   4) Insert Driver into grooves for Driver between Gear housing cover and Motor housing, and pick out Armature.

        Gear housing(concave)                                 Grooves for Driver
                                Gear housing cover (convex)

                                                                                      Carbon brush

                                                                                          Holder cap
           PT5x30 (Tapping screw)

  5) Regarding removal of Spiral bevel gear, refer to the item of Gear.
  6) When installing Armature in Gear housing, put Concave of Gear housingtogether with Convex of Gear housing
     cover and insert them.
3. Exchange of Spiral bevel gear 10
  1) According to the exchange way of Armature in the abov e 2, take out Armature.
  2) Make Armature nipped by Vise lightly, wrap it by rag to prevent from damage,nip the wrapped by plier , and loose n
      Armature axis and Inside of Gear are fixed by Right -handed screw (normal screw), and Gear is screwed directly to
   3) In installing Gear, be sure to screw surely in the same way as 2)



                                                                      Wrap by rag

                      Wrap by rag and nip by Plier
                                                                  Insert lightly in Vise

4. Exchange of Spiral bevel gear 38
  1) Remove Wheel and Wheel cover respectively.
  2) Remove Screw M4x16 fixing Bearing box complete by Driver.
  3) Spiral bevel gear 38 is just press-fit in Spindle. D isassemble and assemble as shown in the illustration below.

                  Disassembly                                                                      Assembly

                        Press Spindle end face by Arbor press of 15" or more


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