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         Models No.                9741
                                                                                                                    New Tool

         Description               Makita wheel type sanding machine

The product is the multi-purpose sanding machine
which can efficiently conduct the wood grain
texture revealing, rust or paint removing, and

polishing processes by using various wheels.

The model 9740 is supplied with a nylon brush

wheel 120-100 and a wooden box. The model 9741
is supplied with a slitted paper wheel 120-40 and steel box.


       Voltage(V)        Current(A)       Frequency(Hz)     Continuous            Rated               Max.
                                                           rating input(W)      output(W)           output(W)
           100               11               50-60             1050               600                 830
           115               7.8              50-60              860               480                 830
           200               4.5              50-60              860               480                 830
           220               4.1              50-60              860               480                 830
           230               3.9              50-60              860               480                 830
           240               3.8              50-60              860               480                 830

     No load speed(/min.)                       3,500/min
     Wheel dimension                            100mm x 120mm
     Useable wheel dimension                    70 to 100 mm in diameter and 120 mm in thickness
                                                Rollers are installed in front and the rear of the roller and the
                                                front roller is adjustable in the vertical direction.
     Weight(kg)                                 4.2kg
     Cord length(m)                             5m

    Standard equipment
     Joint (to connect a dust collector)
     Hex. wrench 6 --- 2 pieces (to mount and dismount wheels.)

    Optional accessories
     Nylon brush wheel 120-100 (for grain texture revealing, rough finishing, and rust removing processes)
     Nylon brush wheel 120-240 (For grain texture revealing process)
     Wire brush wheel 120 (for removing rust)
     Slitted paper wheel 120-40 (For removing rust and paint)
     Cotton buff wheel 120 (for polishing)

     The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
Features and benefits
 1. The product can be used for variety of sanding jobs by changing the wheels, such as grain texture revealing, rust
    removing, paint removing, and polishing, etc.
 2. You can conduct the stable sanding works as works can be sanded with the constant force by properly adjusting
    the front roller.
 3. As the machine is well balanced laterally, you can conduct jobs more easily, and eliminate the one-sided wear of
 4. The sanding machine can be connected to a dust collector #401, #402, or #403 or a home use vacuum cleaner with
    the supplied joint for pleasant working condition.
 5. The nylon brush and slitted paper wheel can fit the convex or concave contour to allow sanding the curved

   Uses and performance
 1. Main uses of the wheels
                        Grain texture revealing           Rust            Paint         Polishing     Concrete mold
                      Rough finish      Finish          removing        removing                        cleaning
Nylon brush wheel
Nylon brush wheel
Slitted paper wheel
 Wire brush wheel
 Cotton buff wheel

 2. Performance
 a) Grain texture revealing process
     The process is to stand out the hard part (wood ring hard part representing growth in winters) of the wood grain
     texture by grinding off only the soft part. The grain texture is revealed in about 3 minutes for a ceiling board
     with 30 cm in width and 2m in length by sanding it with the nylon brush wheel 120-100 (abrasive grain size
     And the hard grain texture part becomes glossy by finishing the board with the nylon brush wheel 120-240
     (abrasive grit 240) (for about 3 minutes) after sanding with the nylon brush wheel 120-100.
 b) Rust and paint removing
     The slitted paper wheel 120-40 (abrasive grit AA40) can uniformly contact with the sanding surface, is
     less loaded with sanding dust, and can keep the cutting effect in the new condition for long.
     This is suitable for jobs usually considered unsuitable for the disk type sanding machine (with the efficiency
     about three times better than the model 9500H). It can also remove only painted coating or rust efficiently
     without damaging the base surface.(Standard belt type sanding machines tend to cut into the base surface.)

    The table below shows times (reference value) required to remove rust or paint off a steel plate of 1.62 m2 in
                                  Rust removing                             Paint removing

                Wheels                                                Times
  Slitted paper wheel 120-40                                  6 minutes 45 seconds

                                                                                19 minutes 3 seconds
  Nylon brush wheel 120-100                                               6 minutes 58 seconds
  Wire brush wheel 100                                                     7 minutes 53 seconds
c) Polishing
    The cotton buff wheel can polish and also remove wax adhered to the painted surfaces after waxing the surface
    which is difficult with the wool buff wheel.
d) Concrete mold cleaning
    The wire brush wheel can remove concrete adhered to the molds without much damaging the mold surfaces.
1. Replacement of the armature                                                         4
   Disassembling sequence                                   Gear Housing       5
(1) Dismantle the wheel.
(2) Remove the grip and carbon brush.
(3) Remove the pan head setting screws from
    1 to 5 shown in the fig. on the right, gear
    housing and then housing to dismantle the armature.


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