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         Models No.              9901
                                                                                                             New Tool

         Description             MAKITA 76 mm Belt sander

This machine has been developed, considering the safety, well
balancing and low cost, according to the request from overseas.
The sanding shoe for grinding the flat face and the belt sander
stand for grinding the small articles are provided as the optional
The color of the M992 housing is the light green changed from
the green for the 9901. This machine is for export purpose so                 148
far. The red color housing is used for exporting to the U.S.

                                           Frequency(Hz)            Continuous rating
       Voltage (V)        Current (A)                                                             Max. Output(W)
                                                                 Input(W)       Output(W)
           100                7.7               50/60              740             330                 610
           115                6.7               50/60              740             330                 610
           200                3.9               50/60              740             330                 610
           220                3.5               50/60              740             330                 610
           230                3.3               50/60              740             330                 610
           240                3.2               50/60              740             330                 610

      Belt speed                                                380 m/min
      Belt size                                                 76 mm x 533 mm(3" x 21")
      Sanding area                                              76 mm x 110 mm,

      Net weight                                                3.5 kg
      Power supply cord                                         2m

    Standard equipment
     Sanding belt AA 40, 60, 80, 120 --- One piece for each (only domestic)

    Optional accessories
     Sanding belt AA 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240 (For steel and wood)
     Sanding belt CC 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240 (For resin and stone material)
     Belt sander stand (See page 2/3.) Sanding shoe assembly (See page 3/3.)

    Features and benefits
      Features :
        1. The minimized decentering between the machine gravity center and the center of sanding belt enables the
                 stable working.
        2. With the improved dust collecting capacity, the dust of 80 - 85% of the total grinding amount can be
        3. With the flash side structure, even the wall side can be ground.
        4. The fingers are protected from being caught in by the shielding covering the roller and the movable point of
                 the sanding belt.
     The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
                                                                          Pulley 10-22.1(L)
Cautions in assembling
Fastening of the pulley
a) Fasten the pulley 10-22.1(L) before assembling the motor housing
        R.(Figure 1)
                                                            (Left-hand screw)

                                                                               Motor housing L
                                                                                                Motor housing R
                                                                                              Figure 1

b)   Use the lock nut wrench *20 to fasten the pulley 38.3 while holding the           Pulley 10-38.3
        shaft of driving roller using the spanner 13. Strongly fasten it.
        *: The lock nut wrench 20 is the accessory for 100 mm Disk grinder.

                                                                               Lock nut wrench 20        Spanner 13
                                                                                              Figure 2

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