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    Models No.            BTD123F
                                                                                                              NEW TOOL

    Description                                                                                      L
                          Cordless Impact Driver
   Model BTD123F has been added to the MAKSTAR series models.
   The brief features of the new 12V impact driver are;
   *Compact design with an overall length of only 163mm (6-3/8")
   *Extra-lightweight with the newly designed, compact and light
    12V batteries, BH1220C or BH1233C                                                                              H
   *Screw hole protrusions have been eliminated from hammer case
    for increased maneuverability, allowing operator not to worry
    about making scratches on workpiece with the tool.

   This new product is available in the following variations.
                                                                Plastic                   W
     Model No.                Battery            Charger        carrying case
   BTD123FZ                     No                  No              No                       Dimensions: mm ( " )
                    Ni-MH                                                                      w/ BH1220C w/ BH1233C
   BTD123FSAE                                    DC14SC             Yes
                    BH1220C (2.0Ah)/ 2pcs                                         Length ( L )          163 (6-3/8)
                    Ni-MH                                                         Width ( W )            82 (3-1/4)
   BTD123FSJE                                    DC14SC             Yes
                    BH1233C (3.3Ah)/ 2pcs                                         Height ( H )  226 (8-7/8)     234 (9-1/4)

                Voltage: V                                                  12V
    Battery     Capacity: Ah                          2.0 (battery BH1220C) / 3.3 (battery BH1233C)
                Cell                                                       Ni-MH
                           2.0Ah battery                          approx. 30 with DC14SC
    Charging time: min.
                           3.3Ah battery                          approx. 50 with DC14SC
                   Machine screw                                     M4 - M8 (5/32 - 5/16")
                   Standard bolt                                    M5 - M12 (3/16 - 15/32")
                   High tensile bolt                                 M5 - M10 (3/16 - 3/8")
                   Coarse thread screw                              22 - 120mm (7/8 - 3-3/4")
    Impacts per min.: min.-1=bpm.                                             0 - 3,200
    No load speed: min.-1=rpm.                                                0 - 2,600
    Max. fastening torque: N.m (                            125 (1,270/1,110)
    Electric Brake                                                               Yes
    Variable speed (electric)                                                    Yes
    Reversing switch                                                            Yes
                            w/ 2.0 Ah battery                                 1.4 (3.1)
    Net weight: kg (lbs)
                            w/ 3.3 Ah battery                                 1.6 (3.5)

 Standard equipment
   *Plastic carrying case .................................... 1 pc.
   *Phillips bit 2-65............................................ 1 pc.
   < Note > The standard equipment for the tool shown may differ from country to country.

 Optional     accessories
   *Assorted Phillips bit, Socket bits and Drill chucks
   *Bit piece
   *Stopper assembly
   *Batteries BH1220C, BH1233C, BH1220, BH1233
   *Charger DC14SA, DC14SC, DC24SA
Features       and benefits

                                           Compact Design with an Overall
        Hammer Case Without                Length of Only 163mm (6-3/8")                       High Performance
        Screw Hole Protrusions                                                                 D28 Type DC Motor
   Allows operator not to worry                                                            *Rare earth magnet provides strong
   about scratches to made by the                                                           power.
   tool, increasing maneuverability.                                                       *Dual ball bearing construction for
                                                                                            extra-high durability
  Phosphorescent                                                                           *Motor life is extended by efficient
  (glow-in-the-dark) Bumper                                                                 cooling, replaceable armature, and
                                                                                            externally accessible carbon brush.
  Enables operator to easily find this
  tool even in dark locations.                                                                 Rubberized Soft Grip
                                                                                         Is ergonomically contoured to fit
                  LED Job Light                                                          your palm perfectly for much more
                                                                                         comfortable and controlled operation.
               For illuminated operation
               in dark locations                                                          Optional hand strap can be attached.

 Easy-to-Operate Large Trigger Switch
                                                                                          Slits for optional carry hook
 for Variable Speed Control

                                                                          Comes with a Plastic Carrying Case with
             Newly Designed,
                                                                          Built-in Accessory Storage Compartments.
   Compact and Lightweight 12V Batteries,
         BH1220C and BH1233C
 Ensures comfortable operation with reduced fatigue.
 BH1220C: 120g(0.26lbs) lighter than BH1220                                                         Built-in accessory
 BH1233C: 110g(0.24lbs) lighter than BH1233                                                         storage compartments

Comparison         of products
                          Model No.                                    Makita                                        A
  Specifications                              BTD123F                  6980FD              BTD120                    A
               Voltage: V                        12V                     12V                 12V                    12V
  Battery      Capacity: Ah                    2.0/ 3.3                  2.6               2.0/ 3.3                 1.7
               Cell                            Ni-MH                   Ni-MH               Ni-MH                   Ni-Cd
  Charging time 2.0Ah battery               30 with DC14SC                             30 with DC14SA
                                                                 60 with DC1414                                      45
  (approx.): min. 3.3Ah battery             50 with DC14SC                             50 with DC14SA
  Max. fastening torque: N.m (in.lbs)         125 (1,110)          125 (1,110)             100 (887)            115 (1,000)
  No load speed: min.-1=rpm.                    0 - 2,600            0 - 2,600             0 - 2,300             0 - 2,400
  Blows per min.: min.-1=bpm.                   0 - 3,200            0 - 3,200             0 - 3,000             0 - 3,000
  LED job light                                    Yes                  Yes                    No                   No
  Carry hook (option)                              Yes                  No                     No                   No
  External accessible carbon brush                 Yes                  Yes                   Yes                   No
  Soft grip                                        Yes                  Yes                   Yes                   Yes

      Length (L): mm (")                      163 (6-3/8)           163 (6-3/8)           168 (6-5/8)           167 (6-9/16)
      Width (W): mm (")                        82 (3-1/4)          94 (3-11/16)          75 (2-15/16)            82 (3-1/4)
      Height (H): 2.0Ah battery               226 (8-7/8)                                 251 (9-7/8)
                                                                   235 (9-1/4)                                  235 (9-1/4)
      mm (")         3.3Ah battery            234 (9-1/4)                                276 (10-7/8)
  Net weight:     w/ 2.0 Ah battery             1.4 (3.1)                                   1.5 (3.3)             1.7 (3.7)
                                                                       1.7 (3.7)
  kg (lbs)        w/ 3.3 Ah battery             1.6 (3.5)                                   1.7 (3.7)
                                           Plastic carrying
                                           case with built-in   Plastic carrying case Plastic carrying case Plastic carrying case
  Standard equipment
                                           accessory storage
Comparison      of products

 Comparison of Work Speed and Work Volume
  Numbers in chart below are relative values when the capacities of Model A of the competitor A are indexed at 100.
  Note: The test results depend on the kind of wood to a great extent.

                                             [Work Speed]                                 [Work Volume]
  Test conditions;
  Tightened 41mm coarse thread
  screw into spruce.                       slow               fast                  few                      many
      Makita BTD123F (2.0Ah)                            110     0.6 sec.                               145     550 screws

      Makita BTD120 (2.0Ah)                            100                                             140

         A    Model A (1.7Ah)                          100                                 100
                                 0    20    40    60   80 100 120           0        50          100          150
  Test conditions;
  Tightened 90mm coarse thread
  screw into melapi.                       slow               fast                  few                      many
      Makita BTD123F (2.0Ah)                            105     4.7 sec.                           140          65 screws
      Makita BTD120 (2.0Ah)                            100                                         130

         A    Model A (1.7Ah)                          100                                 100
                                  0   20    40    60   80 100 120           0        50          100          150
  Test conditions;
  Tightened 1/4" Lag bolt
  into spruce.                             slow               fast                  few                      many
      Makita BTD123F (2.0Ah)                            110     5.5 sec.                               135          50 bolts
      Makita BTD120 (2.0Ah)                            100                                             135

         A    Model A (1.7Ah)                          100                                 100
                                  0   20    40    60   80 100 120           0        50          100          150
  Test conditions;
  Drilled in spruce
  with 1" auger bit                        slow               fast                  few                      many
      Makita BTD123F (2.0Ah)                            105      6.5 sec.                              145          45 holes

      Makita BTD120 (2.0Ah)                            100                                             140

         A    Model A (1.7Ah)                          100                                 100
                                  0   20    40    60   80 100 120           0        50          100          150
 [1] Disassembling Sleeve Section (Fig. 1)
    (1) Remove Ring spring from the groove on Anvil with retaining pliers or the like.
    (2) Now Flat washer, Compression spring 13, Sleeve and Steel ball 3.5 (2pcs) can be removed from Anvil.
    (3) Remove Anvil from Hammer case.
    Fig. 1

                               Compression spring 13                     Steel ball 3.5 (2pcs)
         Ring spring                                     groove

                                                                          Apply Makita grease N.No.2 to the
                 Flat washer             Sleeve                 Anvil
                                                                          cylindrical portion of anvil before mounting.

 [2] Removing Hammer Case Complete
    (1) Pull LED circuit out of housing by removing PT3x10 Tapping screw. ( Fig. 2)
    (2) Remove stopper by removing PT3x16 Tapping screw. (Fig. 2)
    Fig. 2


                                                                                                        Tapping screw
                                                                                                        PT3 x 16
          Tapping screw                LED circuit

    (3) Remove bumper from hammer case. (Fig.3)                 Fig. 3

    (4) Fit socket 30-78 (Part No.134847-1) over the hex
       portion of hammer case.
       And then remove hammer case from housing by
       turning the socket clockwise as illustrated in Fig. 4.

    Fig. 4
          Hammer case

                                            Socket 30-78
                           Hex portion
                           of hammer case
[3] Disassembling Housing
    (1) After removing Brush holder caps and Carbon brushes, remove Hammer section, Ring 41 and Internal gear 51
        from Housing. (Fig. 5)
    (2) Separate Internal gear case from Housing by removing four M4x12 Pan head screws. (Fig. 6)
    (3) Remove eight PT3x16 Tapping screws. Now Housing (R) can be separated from Housing (L).
     Fig. 5                                                          Fig. 6

                         Internal gear 51             Hammer section             Internal gear case    Pan head screw M4x12
                                            Ring 41
       Carbon brush

      Brush holder cap                   Housing

[4] Disassembling Hammer and Spindle Section                            Fig. 7
    (1) Press down Hammer using Large gear extractor (1R045)
        to align the opening for Steel ball insertion with the top                       Spindle              Steel ball 5.6
        of cam groove on Spindle. And then remove Steel ball
        5.6 (2pcs) from Spindle. (Fig. 7)
    (2) Hold Hammer section as illustrated in Fig. 8, and release
        it from the gear extractor.
        Caution: Do not hold gear extractor as illustrated in Fig. 7
        when releasing Hammer section from the gear extractor.           Top of
        Failure to follow this instruction could cause Steel balls       Cam groove
         3.5 to get out of hammer.                                       on Spindle
    (3) Now Hammer section can be disassembled as illustrated                                                       Hammer
        in Fig. 9
                                                                         Opening for
    (4) After removal of Flat washer 24, Steel balls 3.5 can be
                                                                         Steel ball
        removed from Hammer. (Fig. 10)
    *See next page for lubrication of Spindle section.

    Fig. 8                Fig. 9                                                             Fig. 10
                               Spindle section
                                                                       Flat washer 12
                                                             Pin 5

                                                                                                               Steel ball 3.5
                                                                                                               (24 pcs.)
                            washer 14

                           Compression                                                                        Flat washer 24
                           spring 25

                             Hammer                         Spindle Spur gear 22
[1] Tightening Tapping Screws
    Tighten the following Tapping screws to each recommended torque (Fig. 11);
    (1) PT3x16 (8 pcs) for fastening Housing halves together ...... 1.1 - 1.3 N.m (11 - 13
    (2) PT3x16 for fastening Stopper to Housing .......................... 0.7 - 0.9 N.m (7.1 - 9.2
    (3) PT3x10 for fastening LED circuit to to Housing ............... 0.7 - 0.9 N.m (7.1 - 9.2
    (4) ST3x8 for fastening FET spacer to Yoke unit ..................... 1.1 - 1.5 N.m (11 - 15
    Fig. 11

                                                    (3)                                                           Yoke unit
            LED circuit
             (2)                                                                                                   FET spacer
                                                                  Housing (R)              (4)                     (Field effect
               Housing (L)

[2] Fastening Internal Gear Case to Housing (Fig. 12)
    When fastening Internal gear case to Housing, be sure to                         Fig. 12
     follow the instructions below.
                                                                                         Internal gear case   Pan head screw M4x12
    *Do not reinstall M4x12 Pan head screws removed from
      Internal gear case because they are adhesive-coated screws.
      Always use brand-new M4x12 pan head screws.
    *Tighten four M4x12 pan head screws to the recommended
      torque of 0.88 - 1.8 N.m (9.0 - 18
      Note: Remember to use a criss-cross tightening pattern.

[3] Lubrication of Hammer Section
    Before assembling, apply Makita grease N. No.2 to the                            Fig. 13
    following parts (Fig. 13);
    (1) Top of the Spindle where Anvil contacts ........ 0.5 g                                                         (2)
    (2) Steel ball 5.6 (2 pcs) ....................................... 0.5 g
    (3) Steel ball 3.5 (24 pcs) ..................................... 0.5 g
    (4) Spur gear 22 (2 pcs) ........................................ 2.0 g                    (1)


[4] Fastening Hammer Case to Internal Gear Case
    Fit socket 30-78 (Part No.134847-1) over the hex    Fig. 14
    portion of Hammer case, and then tighten the socket
    to the recommended torque of 25 - 30 N.m                                           Hammer case
    (260 - 310 (Fig.14)
    Remember to install Anvil on Hammer case before
    fastening Hammer case to Housing.


                                                                                        Hex portion         Socket 30-78
                                                                                        of hammer case      (134847-1)

[5] Installing Stopper on Housing
    Because Stopper is not reversible when installed on Housing, be sure to place it as illustrated in Fig. 15.
    Fig. 15




Circuit   diagram
    Fig. 16

                                               Color index of lead wires' sheath
                    End bell complete          Red

                                            LED circuit




                                                   (See next page for Wiring diagram.)
Wiring     diagram
 Fig. 17

   Before Installation of Internal Electrical Parts
  Route the two lead wires (black and red) from LED circuit as illustrated below.

                                                                        Make a loose portion of the lead wires here
                                                                        by placing LED circuit as illustrated below.

                                                                         LED circuit

           Pin                                                 Hold the lead wires firmly with the lead wire holders.
                                                               Be sure to insert the lead wires till they reach the
                                                               bottom of each holder.
                                                               Caution: Be careful not to break the lead wires.

                                                        After Installation of Internal Electrical Parts
                                                       Route the following lead wires as illustrated below;
  Connector                                            Lead wires from End bell complete, Lead wires from Switch,
                                                       Lead wires from LED circuit


                                   End bell complete

                   Place the lead wire (black) from
                   End bell complete above this rib.

                                     Lead wire (red)                                                            rib
                                     from Switch                                Switch

                   Hold the lead wires from Switch
                   and LED circuit securely with
                   these lead wire holders.                                                      Assemble Insulated
                                                                                                 terminals to Switch
                                                                                                 so that they do not
                                                                                                 touch the boss.



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