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   Models No.             BTD200

   Description            Cordless Impact Driver

   BTD200 is equipped with newly developed 24 V Ni-MH battery.                        H
   The method of speed change is electric 2 speed + variable speed change.
   The max. fastening torque of 200 N.m (2, / 1,770in.lbs)
   is suitable especially for tightening the wood screws of long size.
   The variation of this model is as listed blow.
    Model No.       No.     Type    Ah     Q'ty     Charger
    BTD200SH       B2417              1.7 1 pc.
                         Ni-MH                  DC24SA                                                 W
    BTD200SF       B2430              3.0 1 pc.                            Dimensions : mm ( " )
                                                                      Width ( W )   86 (3-3/8)
                                                                      Height ( H ) 277 (10-7/8)
                                                                      Length ( L ) 232 (9-1/8)
   Voltage (V)                                      D/C 24 V
   No load speed          High speed                0 - 2,000
   (min-1=rpm)            Low speed                 0 - 1,600
   Impact per minute High speed                      0 - 3,000
    (min-1=bpm)         Low speed                    0 - 2,500
   Driving shank : mm ( " )                        6.35 ( 1/4 ) Hex
              Wood screws
   Capacities Self tapping screws
                                                     6 mm (1/4)
              Hex screws
   Charging time Model BTD200SH               ** approx. 30 minutes
   with DC24SA Model BTD200SF                 ** approx. 60 minutes
   Net weight: kg (lbs)                            * 2.9 (6.3 lbs)
   ** approx. 30 minutes / ** approx. 60 minutes : The figures left mentioned may be change depending
                                                       on the conditions of battery, room temperature, charger,
    * 2.9 (6.3 lbs) : including the weight of battery 2417 / 1.7Ah.

 Optional    accessories
   * Philips bits 2-34, 2-65, 2-82, 2-110, 2-150, 2-250, 3-45, 3-65, 3-110
   * Socket bit 8-55, 3/8"-55,
   * Bit piece
   * Shoulder strap
   * Battery B2417, B2430
   * Charger DC24SA
Features   and benefits                                                                                        P2/5

                                                        Compact design                 The fastening speed is
                                                        The overall length is          same as Mod.6904V
                                                        approx.40mm shorter            which is AC tool.
                                                        than Mod.6904V.               Even the long size screw can be
  Aluminum hammer case                                    232mm (9-1/4")              fastened with BTD200 without
  covered with rubber                                                                 problem.

                                                                                      Long life DC motor
                                                                                      with externally accessible
       Variable Speed Control Switch                                                 Equipped with electric brake

  Electric 2 speed                                                         Push Button for Reversing
  change lever
  providing max. fastening torque
  200N.m in high speed mode
  150N.m in low speed mode
                                                                                     Palm-fitly, Soft Grip

                                                                         Newly developed
                                                                         24V Ni-MH battery
                                                                          Battery B2417 (1.7Ah)
                                                                          Battery B2430 (3.0Ah)
Comparison        of products
                   Manufacturer                               MAKITA                                   Competitor A
  Specification            Model No.              BTD200                        6904V                      A
  Voltage ( V )                                   DC 24                          AC 100                 AC 100
  No load speed          Low speed               0 - 1,600                      0 - 2,100               0 - 1,900
  (min-1=rpm)            High speed              0 - 2,000                      0 - 2,400               0 - 2,400
  Impact per minute      Low speed               0 - 2,500                      0 - 2,500               0 - 2,300
  (min-1=bpm)            High speed          0 - 3,000                       0 - 3,000                  0 - 3,000
  Equipped motor                             D35 - 30                        N55 - 35
  Over all length : mm ( " )                232 (9-1/8)                     270 (10-5/8)               262 (10-5/16)
  Net weight :Kg (lbs )                     * 2.9 (6.3)                      1.8 (4.0)                  2.1 (4.6)
                                            * 2.9 (6.3) : including battery B2417

  (1) Fastening torque is same to Mod.6904VH.
  (1) Fastening speed is same to Mod.6904V.
  (2) The capacity of testing battery is 1.7Ah                           (Course thread type)

  Length of screw                                       Working amount per charge
  (Course thread type)     Work piece   Fastening speed with battery B2417
  90 mm (3-35/64")                          3.6 sec.      80 screws
  125 mm (4-59/64")                         8.0 sec.      30 screws

   < Note > The above figures may be change depending on the conditions of battery, work piece or
            room temperature. etc.
Repair                                                                                                            P3/5
 <1> Disassembling housing R and L
     Take off bumper from housing with hand.
                                                                 Hex socket
     Dismount hammer case from housing by taking off
                                                                 head bolts M5x35
     4 hex socket head bolts M5x35, and disassemble                                      Housing R
     housing R and L as illustrated in Fig. 1.

                                                                    Housing L
                                                 Hammer case

                                                                            Fig. 1

 <2> Disassembling bit holder section
     Take off ring spring 12 from the groove on anvil.                                   Steel ball 4.0 x 2pcs.
     Then flat washer 4, compression spring 14 and sleeve               Compression
     can be removed from anvil by pulling them in the                   spring 14
     direction of the arrow in Fig.2.
     Anvil can be separated from hammer case after
     disassembling sleeve section.

                                                        spring 12     Flat           Sleeve     Anvil
                                                                      washer 4
                                                                                              Hammer case
                                                            Pull out in this direction

                                                                            Fig. 2

 <3> Apply 0.5g of MAKITA grease N No.2 on the                      Anvil
     cylindric part of anvil, when inserting it into
     hammer case.

                                                  Apply MAKITA grease N No.2

                                                                    Fig. 3
 <4> Disassembling hammer section
    (1) Grip the hammer section with large gear extracter No.1R045
        as illustrated in Fig. 4.
        Press spindle to hammer by turning the handle clock-wise
        until it stops.
                                                                                          Large gear extracter
                                  Ball bearing 6002LLB 1R165 Ring spring
                                                                 setting tool B
               Compression spring 14



                                           Flat plate
                                                                                                    Turn the handle
                                                                         Fig. 4
Repair                                                                                                           P4/5
   (2)Adjust the opening for steel ball inserting, to the cam groove top of spindle
      as illustrated in Fig. 5.
   (3)Take off 2 steel balls 5.6 with magnetic bar or tweezers from spindle.
                                                                   Cam groove top
                                                                   of spindle
   (4)Loosen the handle of 1R045 turning it anti-clockwise
      and remove hammer from spindle.
                                               Steel ball 5.6 x 2pcs.

   < Note > Set the hammer as illustrated in Fig.5A,
            when removing it from spindle.
            Otherwise steel balls 4
            will fall off hammer.                                                                           Hammer
                                                     Opening for steel
                                                     ball inserting
                                                                                                              Ball bearing
                                                Steel ball 4 x 25pcs.

                                                    1R165 Ring spring
                                                          setting tool B

                                                                                                   Fig. 5

                                          Fig. 5A

    (5)When assembling, adjust the "opening for steel ball inserting", to the "cam groove top" of spindle
       and insert steel ball 4 into hammer as illustrated in Fig. 5.

    (6) Apply MAKITA grease N No.2 in small volume to the position marked with black triangle mark.
       See Fig. 6.
                                                               (1) Spindle
                    (3) Steel ball 5.6 x 2

              (2) Steel ball 4 x 25pcs.

                                                                                              Bottom view of spindle

                                                                           (4) Spur gear 24

                                                                        Apply MAKITA grease N No.2 in small volume
                                                                        into the hole of spindle.
                                                    Fig. 6
Circuit   diagram                                                                                  P5/5

                     Brush Holder

                                                    M2   M1


                       Bruch Holder
                     Red                                        Black

                     Black                           White
                                            Black                    Speed Change


Wiring    diagram                                   Terminal

                                            Brush holder lead wire

             Brush holder lead wire
                                                                     Fix the following lead wires
 Lead wire of speed change                                           with lead holder.
 switch (white) must not be                                          1 Switch lead wire (Orange) to be
 loosen in this area.                                                  connected to terminal
                                                                     2 Switch lead wire (Black) to be
Fix lead wire of speed change                                          connected to terminal
switch (white) with lead holder.                                     3 Lead wires of speed change switch
                                                                       (Black and White)
                                                                     The above lead wires have to be fixed
                                                                     with lead holder as illustrated in the
                                                                     following Fig.
                                                                             Lead           Switch side

                                                                                           2   1    3
                Speed change switch
                                                                                            Terminal side

                                                                            Lead wires of speed change
                                                                            switch (black and white)
                                                                            must not be loosen in this area.

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