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    Models No.           DC14SA

    Description           Charger
    This new charger allows you to charge new Ni-MH battery                    H
    from 7.2V to 14.4V. This charger contains trickle charging function.
    Its brief benefits are mentioned below.
    1. The new 9.6V ni-MH battery, "B9017A" can be charged approx.
       in 30 min.                                                                W
    2. Innovative computer controlled charging system realized most suitable
       charge by making the digital communication between charger and battery.
    3. Cooling system to keep the ideal temperature for charge.
    4. Power display for battery ; It displays the charging amounts of battery
                                                                                        Dimensions : mm ( " )
       in two steps. (less than 80% or more than 80% of charge)
    5. The adapter ADP01 (optional acc.) enables to charge the existing            Width ( W )   155 (6-3/32)
       Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, too.                                             Height ( H ) 110 (4-5/16)
    6. The adapter ADP02 (optional acc.) enables to refresh inactive               Length ( L ) 180 (7-3/32)

                        Output                                              Continuous Rating (W)
      Voltage (V)                                Cycle (Hz)                                         Output Voltage (V)
                        Current (A)                                        Input           Output
              120         D/C 3.5                50 - 60                    90                        D/C 7.2 - 14.4
        220 - 240         D/C 3.5                50 - 60                    90                        D/C 7.2 - 14.4
        230 - 240          D/C 3.5               50 - 60                    90                         D/C 7.2 - 14.4

   Charging time
                                                           The existing battery
                                       New battery         (adaptor is required)
     Voltage ( V )                  7.2 - 14.4                7.2 - 14.4
              Ni-MH 3.0 Ah                                       55
                         2.6 Ah                                  45
    Charging             2.2 Ah                                  40
    time                                *30
                         1.7 Ah
              Ni-Cd 2.0 Ah                                     35
                         1.7 Ah                                30
                         1.3 Ah                                23
    Power display for battery            Yes                  No
    Cooling fan                          Yes                  No
    Cord length : m (ft)                                2.0 (6.6)
    Net weight :Kg (lbs )                               1.3 (2.8)
                                         *30 : Charging time for battery B9017A
                                               The cooling system of DC14SA does not have effect on the battery B9017A.

  Optional     accessories
  * Interchangeable adapter ADP01 for the existing batteries
  * Refreshing adapter ADP02
Features     and benefits                                                                                         P 2/7
                                           Chargeable for 7.2V - 14.4V
Maintenance charge system
When the battery is left in the charger,
the charger will switch into its " trickle charge"
mode and keep the battery fresh and
fully charged.

                                                                                     Charging light indicating charging
                                                                                     process and charging condition
                                                                                     with red, green and yellow
   Longer life of battery
    The following innovative systems extend the battery's life approx.50% longer.
    1. Conditioning charge
      The charger receives distinctive data (temperature, history of usage ect.)
      from built-in memory chip installed in battery, and decides the most suitable conditions to charge the battery.
      The conditioning charge will start, when the battery is employed repeatedly under the following conditions,
      which have bad influence on battery's life.
        1. Charge under high room temperature (higher than 40

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