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   Models No.              DC14SC
                                                                                                    NEW TOOL

   Description             Charger

   DC14SC has been added to our MAKSTAR series.
   Developed as a less expensive MAKSTAR charger for slide type batteries, H
   yet having the same features as the current DC14SA.
   Its brief features are;
   1. Innovative computer controlled charging system (conditioning charge)
      provides the best charging point every time by making computerized
      communication between the charger and battery.                               L                     W
   2. Forced air-cooling fan keeps the battery temperature optimum for the
      most efficient charging.
   3. Charging time is only 30 minutes with 2.0Ah batteries.                           Dimensions: mm ( " )
   4. Power display shows charging condition of the battery in 2 steps;            Length (L)     165 (6-1/2)
      less than 80% of full charge and more than 80% of full charge
                                                                                   Width (W)      190 (7-1/2)
   For the time being, this product will be supplied exclusively to high voltage
   (220V-240V) areas.                                                              Height (H)    106 (4-3/16)

                                                                 Continuous Rating (W)
     Voltage (V)        Current (A)        Cycle (Hz)                                       Max. Output(W)
                                                                Input           Output
     220 - 240                               50 / 60             90

        D / C Output voltage: V                                  7.2 - 14.4
        D / C Output current: A                                     3.5
               1.7Ah 9.6V B9017A
                        9.6V BH9020, BH9020A                  approx. 30 min.
   Charging 2.0Ah 12V           BH1220, BH1220C
   time for             14.4V BH1420
   slide type 2.7Ah 14.4V BH1427                              approx. 40 min.
   batteries            9.6V BH9033, BH9033A
               3.3Ah 12V        BH1233, BH1233C               approx. 50 min.
                        14.4V BH1433
   Forced air-cooling fan                                           Yes
   Digital power display                                            Yes
   Protection against electric shock                         Double insulation
   Power supply cord: m (ft)                                     2.0 (6.6)
   Net weight: kg (lbs)                                          1.0 (2.2)

 Optional    accessories
   * Interchangeable adapter ADP01
   * Interchangeable adapter ADP04
   * Auto refresh adapter ADP03
Features     and benefits

         Short Charging Time                                        Same Great Advantages as DC14SA

Only 30 minutes with 2.0 Ah slide type battery                   *Conditioning charge provides the best charging point
                                                                  every time by detecting the history of battery's usage
                                                                  through the computerized communication.
 More Convenient with Optional Adapters.                         *Intelligent charging control provides the best output
                                                                  current by sensing the battery temperature.
*Interchangeable adapter ADP01/ADP04 for charging the            *Forced air-cooling fan keeps the battery temperature
 existing insert type batteries                                   optimum for the most efficient charging.
*Refresh adapter ADP02 and Auto refresh adapter ADP03            *Maintenance charge (trickle charging) keeps the
 for refreshing inactive battery                                  battery left on the charger fresh and fully charged.
                                                                 *Digital power display lets the user know the condition
                                                                  of the battery, as well as the current charge level of
                                                                  the battery. (See the table below for details.)
                                  Indicator lamp B

                      Indicator lamp A

Digital Power Display

                   Indicator lamps                                  Charging level and Charging condition
    Lamp A        Lamp B             Behavior                                   of the battery
                                                         The charger is connected to power source.
                             Two lamps blink in green.
                                                         But the battery is not set in place on charger yet.

                             One red lamp turns on.                                       Less than 80% of full charge
                                                         The battery is being charged.
                             Two red lamps turn on.                                       80% or more of full charge

                             Two green lamps turn on.    Completion of the charging process.
                                                                                          The battery temperature
                             Two lamps blink in red.
                                                         Hot battery is being cooled      is 70 C degrees or higher.
                                                         down, and not being charged. The battery temperature
                             One lamp blinks in red.                                  is lower than 70 C degrees.

                                                         Impossible to charge, because;
                             Two lamps blink in red
                                                         *Service life of battery has ended, or
                             and green alternately.
                                                         *The vent of charger or battery is clogged with dust.

                                                         Battery is in the process of conditioning charge.
                             Turns on in yellow.
                                                         The time require to charge can be longer than usual.
                                                         Trouble with cooling system
                             Blinks in yellow.           (The vent of charger or battery is clogged with dust, or the
                                                         cooling fan does not rotate.)
Comparison                                        of products

                                             Model No.                DC14SC                          DC14SA                    DC1414        DC1439
                                                           Slide type       Insert type*     Slide type       Insert type*     Insert type   Insert type


       Output voltage: V                                   7.2 - 14.4           7.2 - 14.4   7.2 - 14.4           7.2 - 14.4   7.2 - 14.4    7.2 - 14.4

                                                   3.3Ah        50                              50
 Charging time (approximate): min.

                                                   3.0Ah                           55                                55           70            27

                                                   2.7Ah        40                              40
                                                   2.6Ah                           45                                45           60            23

                                                   2.2Ah                           40                                40           50            20

                                              1.7/ 2.0Ah        30                              30

                                                   2.0Ah                           35                                35           45            14
                                                   1.3Ah                           23                                23           30             9
 Conditioning charge                                            Yes                Yes          Yes                  Yes          No            Yes
 Forced air-cooling fan                                         Yes                No           Yes                  No           No            No
 Charging control system
                                                                Yes                No           Yes                  No           No            No
 (controls output current)
 Maintenance charge                                             Yes                No           Yes                  No           Yes           Yes
 Power display for
                                                                Yes                No           Yes                  No           No            No
 indicating charging status
 Power supply cord: m (ft)                                            2.0 (6.6)                       2.0 (6.6)                 2.0 (6.6)     2.0 (6.6)
                                     Length: mm                          165                            155                       193           135

                                                                        (6-1/2)                       (6-1/8)                    (7-5/8)      (5-5/16)
                                     Width: mm                          190                             180                       92            190
                                            (")                       (7-1/2)                         (7-1/8)                   (3-5/8)       (7-1/2)
                                     Height: mm                         106                             110                        78           68
                                             (")                      (4-3/16)                        (4-5/16)                  (3-1/16)     (2-11/16)
 Net weight: kg                                                          1.0                               1.3                    0.39           1.0
            ( lbs )                                                     (2.2)                             (2.9)                  (0.86)         (2.2)
*Insert type: This type of battery can be charged by attaching "Interchangeable adapter".
                                                                                                                P4/ 8

[1] Removal/Installation of Charger Case Complete from/on Charger Case Cover
  1) Turn Charger upside down as illustrated in Fig. 1, and remove cap 13 (4 pcs), and then 4 tapping screws.
   Fig. 1.

                                                              Tapping screw

                                                                              Cap 13
               Cap 13

                                                                                     Charger case cover
     Tapping screw

                                                                            Charger case complete

  2) Place Charger as illustrated in Fig. 2, and remove charger case complete from charger case cover.
   Fig. 2.

                                                                     Charger case complete

                                                                Charger case cover

  1) Make sure that the lead wires are put in place as illustrated in Fig. 6.
  2) Install charger case complete on charger case cover, and secure the charger case complete
     with four tapping screws. (Fig. 1)
  3) Install cap 13 (4 pcs) on each tapping screw. (Fig. 1)
[2] Removal/Installation of Terminal Unit and Scirocco Fan
   1) By disconnecting connector CN1 and CN2, terminal unit can be removed from charging circuit.
      Be careful not to lose compression spring 4 which is mounted to the pin on charging circuit. (Fig. 3)
   Fig. 3

                           Terminal unit

                                                           Connector CN2

             Compression spring 4

                                                                                           Charging circuit


             Connector CN1

   2 By disconnecting connector CN3, scirocco fan can be removed from charging circuit. (Fig. 4)
   Fig. 4

            Scirocco fan

                                                                              Charging circuit

     Connector CN3
[2] Removal/Installation of Terminal Unit and Scirocco Fan (cont.)
                                                         Fig. 5
   1) Install compression spring 4 on the boss
      on charging circuit.
                                                           Terminal unit
     And install terminal unit by inserting its
      three legs into the holes in the three bosses.
      (Fig. 5)
                                                           Compression spring 4


                                                           Charging circuit


   2) Connect the connectors CN1 and CN2 firmly to charging circuit. (Fig. 3)
   3) After connecting the connector CN3 of scirocco fan firmly with charging circuit, put scirocco fan in place. (Fig. 4)
   4) Route the lead wires of terminal unit and scirocco fan as illustrated in Fig. 6.
   Fig. 6

      Scirocco fan

     Terminal unit

     Rib of
     charger case                       Circuit
     Bundle lead wires with Clip.

[3] Wiring Power Supply Cord
   Put the power supply cord into the labyrinth shaped rib                                        Power
   of charger case cover. (Fig. 7)                                                                supply cord
   Fig. 7

      Circuit board

                                             supply cord

                                                  Charger case cover
[4] Removal/Installation of Terminal Cover
  1) Separate charger case cover from charger case complete. (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2)
  2) Remove terminal cover by removing tapping screw BT3x10. (Fig. 8)
  Note: Be careful not to lose compression spring 4 when removing terminal cover.
  Fig. 8

                        Terminal cover
                                                                           spring 4 (2 pcs)

                                                          Charger case complete

                                     Tapping screw BT3x10

  1) Install compression spring 4 (2 pcs) on terminal cover. (Fig. 8)
  2) Insert the boss of the terminal cover into the elliptic hole in charger case. (Fig. 9)
  3) Compress the compression springs toward the wall of terminal cover in order to set them on the bosses
     of charger case. (Fig. 10) And then, secure the terminal cover by tightening tapping screw BT3x10
    to the recommended torque of 0.5N.m. (Fig. 10)
  Note: Be careful not to confuse the compression spring 4 on terminal cover (Part No. 231474-6) and
         the compression spring 4 under terminal unit (Part No. 233194-8), because they are not interchangeable.

                                      Terminal cover

                       Charger case complete

  Fig. 9                                                         Fig. 10

   Boss of                                     Compression                         Wall of terminal cover
   terminal cover                              spring 4
                                                                  Terminal cover                    Compression
                                                                                                    spring 4

    Terminal cover
                                               Elliptic hole
                                               in charger case
                                                                                                       Boss of charge
                                                                   Charger case                        case complete
       Charger case
       complete                                Boss of charge                                        Tapping screw
                                               case complete                                         BT3x10
[5] Replacing Varistor and Fuse
   1) Types of Breakage
   1. If fuse is broken, varistor is also broken in almost every case, showing the sign of breakage mentioned below.
      In this case, replace fuse and varistor at the same time.
   2. Only varistor can be damaged if charger is plugged in a power source double the rated voltage.
      In this case, replace varistor solely.
   3. If fuse is broken while varistor is not broken, charging circuit can be broken.
      In this case, wholly replace charging circuit complete.
     Sign of varistor breakage
                                                             Fig. 11
      a) Cracks in the surface of varistor
      b) Black discolored surface of varistor

   2) Replacing Varistor/Fuse
      Varistor/fuse is soldered on the charging circuit.
      Remove a broken varistor/fuse with soldering iron.                                                Power supply cord
      And solder brand-new one with soldering iron.


                                                                                   Charging circuit

[6] Interchangeability with DC14SA
   1) The following component parts are interchangeable with DC14SA.
      Varistor (647306-1)
      Sirocco fan (638084-4)
      Compression spring 4 (233194-8)
      Cap 13 (286255-3)
      Fuse (652747-8)
      Vinyl cords

   2) Tapping screw BT4x20

         DC14SA       Interchangeability        DC14SC
         265874-8                            266346-6

                 : This arrow means that 266346-6 can substitute for 265874-8
                   and that 265874-8 cannot substitute for 266346-6.

   3) Except for the items listed above, the component parts are not interchangeable with DC14SA.

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