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    Model No.                     DC1822

    Description                   Automotive charger                                                                    W
   Both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries from 7.2V to 18V can be                                                                     H
   charged with DC1822 connected with the automobile's socket
   for cigarette lighter.

                                                                                                         Dimensions : mm ( " )
                                                                                                    Length ( L ) 201 (7-15/16)
                                                                                                    Width ( W ) 105 (4-1/8)
 Specification                                                                                      Height ( H )  78 (3-1/16)

                                                                              Continuous Rating (W)
     Voltage (V)                  Current (A)          Cycle (Hz)                                            Max. Output(W)
                                                                             Input           Output
     DC12                                                                      75
     DC12 - 24                                                                 75

    Output voltage : V                                         7.2          9.6         12            14.4        18
    Output current : A                                                               2.6
                             for 1.3Ah Ni-Cd. battery       7.2 V - 14.4V Approx. 30
                   for 2.0Ah Ni-Cd. battery                 7.2 V - 14.4V Approx. 45             18V Approx. 60
                   for 2.2Ah Ni-MH. battery                 7.2 V - 14.4V Approx. 50             18V Approx. 65
       time : min.
                   for 2.6Ah Ni-MH. battery                  7.2 V - 14.4V Approx. 60            18V Approx. 75
                    for 3.0Ah Ni-MH. battery                 7.2 V - 14.4V Approx. 70            18V Approx. 90
    Cord length : m (ft)                                                            2 (6.6)
    Net weight : kg (lbs)                                                          0.48 (1.06)

     < Note > The above figures about charging time may differ from condition to condition on batteries' temperature
              or room temperature.

  Features         and benefits
        Possible to charge both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries up to 18V. See the list below.
                                                The list of chargeable batteries
                                                             Battery's Voltage
                                           7.2V            9.6V     12V              14.4V        18V
                                  1.3Ah    7000       9000 9100  1200 1200A          1420

                                                      9100A 9120 1210 1220
                                           7002                  1202 1202A          1422        1822
           Battery type

                                  2.0Ah               9002 9102
                                                      9102A 9122 1222
                                  2.2Ah    7033       9033 9133  1233                1433        1833

                                  2.6Ah               9134       1234                1434        1834
                                  3.0Ah               9135 9135A 1235 1235A          1435        1835
Features    and benefits                                                                                         P2/3

  Connectable to both 12V and 24V power source,
  and charging time is the same.

Because of CE and UL, it is regulated
to use this product with 12 V power source
in Europe and USA.

                                                                   < Note >
                                                                   This product is not equipped with
                                                                   trickle charging system.

  Charging system
   * Controlling by micro computer : The installed micro computer recognizes the full charged condition, and
                                     selects the optimum way to stop the charging process, from the followings.
           A) Minus delta V system : Stop the charging process with recognizing the battery's voltage drop.
           B) Delta T system       : Stop the charging process with recognizing the change of battery's temperature.
                                      ( This system is applied to only the charger of 4 terminal-type.)
           C) T system            : Stop the charging process with recognizing the battery's temperature which is
                                      input in the micro computer in advance. For instance the charging process is to
                                      be stopped at 45

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