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T        ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                          New Tool

          For Models            DC1000
          Description           One-Hour Charger

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                              21

Quick one-hour charger for Battery1000 used in #5600D(160mm Circular saw).
A combination of the charger and 5600D is Model 5600DW.

                                  Input                                                                   Output
          Voltage(V)             Cycle(Hz)                 Input capacity(VA)            Voltage(V)                Current(A)
              100                  50/60                           85                       10.8                       3.5
      Function:One hour charging

    Features     and benefits
     (1) Charging time : only one hour
     (2) By the light ON/OFF, you know the start/finish of chargingeasily.
     (3) Safe,because the current stops automatically when Battery capacity becomes full.

 In the following cases, please order an item concerned.
          Condition                  Cause/Faulty points            Testing way/Solution                   Replacing parts
                                                                     Check the continuity
                                          Broken cord                                                   Vinyl cord #6679126
                                                                    by your eyes or Tester
                                      Breakage or faulty             Check the continuity
                                                                                                        Transformer #6490433
                                   soldering in Transformer               by Tester
                                                                 Check the continuity by your
                                          Blown Fuse             eyes or Tester. Fuse must be              Fuse #6525620
     No charging available
                                                                 After checking by eyes, widen
                                   Contact failure or varnish
                                                                 Terminals or remove sticking         Spring terminal #6540545
                                  sticking in Spring terminals
                                                                   subjectfor better contact.
                                                                 Check the continuity by your
                                  Faulty soldering of circuit
                                                                  eyes or Tester ( If unclear,        Charging circuit #6310607
                                  parts or broken print wires
                                                                   replacethe whole circuit)
    Even if charging time is
    long enough,it will not       Relay on circuit or Battery          Replace Charging               Charging circuit #6310607
      stop automatically.        thermostat has melted down.           circuit or Battery.                Battery #6320325

 When you do not find out the failure cause, please send the circuit to the 1st Technical control section of Makita hea d
 office for repair.

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