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T        ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                          New Tool

          For Models            DC1209
          Description           Rapid charger

New charger to be able to charge Batteries 7.2V~12V , rapidly
in 9 minutes for the normal capacity and in 12 minutes for the
high capacity. The same detective function for full charge as
DC1215, + V,- V, thermostat are applied, so that the battery                                                                (2-11/16")
life is kep to be equivalent to that of DC1215.

                                                                      135 /16")
                                                                                                      190 1/2")
                                                                                                       (7 -

                 Voltage(V)                             Frequency(Hz)                            Consuming Power(VA)
                    100V                                    50/60Hz                                       250VA

     Charging time : 1.2Ah Battery     approx. 9 min.
                     1.7Ah Battery       approx. 12 min.
     Very light 1.0 kg !
             Switching source system is applied.

                                                                  If you have inserted a hot battery just after use, it will begin charging
Electronic buzzer                                                automatically when the battery temperature has lowered.
  When charging has finished or unavailable, it informs you.

                                                     Indication charging state with red/green lights.
                                                       Indicates before charging/being charged/ charging completed/ waiting/ battery
      Corresponding to High capacity battery
       1.2Ah battery( ordinary capacity )... Charging time: 9 min.
       1.7Ah battery(high capacity)...Charging time: 12 min.
Relation between Charging time and Charging capacity

 Charging capacity(%) 100
                                                                                1.2Ah battery
                          80                                                    1.7Ah battery


                                1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
                                 Charging time(min)

Charging     system
Comparing to Transformers of the equivalent input capacity, it is lighter and
smaller owing to Switching source (inverter) system using high frequency
transformer (approx.135 kHz) instead of ordinary ones(50/60Hz).
Be sure to pull out a plug from the power point in repairing.
(1) You cannot change only the charging circuit , because it has been embedded
 into Charger case cover with urethane resin. When changing charging circuit,
 replace Charging circuit complete (6324840).
 (2) When Varistor or Fuse is broken, you can repair it according to the following
 procedure without replacing Charging circuit complete.

1) How to find broken Varistor
 a. If the surface of Varistor(5-mm big gray item in the Figure)has been broken or
     has become black and Fuse has been cut, Varistor has been damaged.
 b. Varistor may be broken when a plug is inserted into a source of 200V or so.
 c. It is considered Varistor has been broken for other reasons when the surface is
     not damaged and Fuse is broken. Replace Charging circuit complete.



                                                 Electric source terminal
2) Removing broken Varistor (See Fig.2)
 a. Cut Varistor lead wire about 10mm above urethane resin.
 b. Take off Lead wire covers , 2~3mm, with Nipper to expose the core.

                                                             Broken Varistor

                                                                         Core     2~3mm
                          approx. 10 mm

                               Urethane resin       (a)        Base         (b)
3) Attaching new Varistor (See Fig.3)
 a. Cut New Varistor lead wires to 10mm, insert them between the left cover and
    the core, about 5mm.
 b. Solder right/left lead wires , being careful that they may not contact with each

4) Replacing Fuse
    Replace melted Fuse with a new one.
                                                          New Varistor

                   approx. 10 mm                           Soldering               Soldering

                                           (a)                           (b)

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