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     Models No.            HM 1400
                                                                                                              New Tool

     Description           MAKITA Electric Breaker

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                             510
  This product is the one remodeled from8600S
  with double insulation to comply with the
  request from overseas in order to increase
  sales. This is the model for export, which has

  been developed for sales promotion.

      Voltage(V)        Current(A)      Frequency(Hz)      Consumed           Rated             Max.
                                                           power(W)          output(W)        output(W)
          100               13               50-60           1240               660              1000
          115               11               50-60           1240               660              1000
          200               6.5              50-60           1240               660              1000
          220               5.9              50-60           1240               660              1000
          230               5.7              50-60           1240               660              1000
          240               5.4              50-60           1240               660              1000

     Blows per minute                   1200 min
     Tool size                          30mm hex.
     Use                                For striking(chisel finishing by bull point, cold chisel or scaling
                                        chisel, ground digging by shovel, leveling by rammer etc.)
     Net Weight(kg)                     17kg
     Cord length(m)                     5m

  Standard equipment
   Hexagonal spanner 5,6
   Bull point 30-410
   Wooden box

  Optional accessories
   Bull point
   Cold chisel
   Scaling chisel
   Rammer etc.
   Common to 8600S, HM1300, HM1301

  Features and benefits
   1. Double insulation for electrical safety.
   2. Same features as 8600S as shown below;
      Can keep working position comfortable due to easy handling by T-type and lever type switch
      No lubrication for 150 hours by grease- packed type
      Shut-off brush adopted to inform the time of check and lubrication

   The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
Repair                                                    Rear case
                                                                      Holder cap plate

 1. Replacement of armature and field                                            Hexagon socket bolts M6X35
    Disassembly: follow the next procedure
 (1) Take off E-ring, switch lever pin and                                                     Handle sleeve
     switch lever from the handle.                                                              Hexagon socket
 (2) Take off two hexagon socket bolts                                                          bolts M8X40
     M8x40 for mounting handle L and pull
     out handle sleeve more than 2mm.                                                             Switch lever pin
 (3) Remove three pan head machine screws
     M5x30 mounting handle L and handle R.                                                           Switch lever
     Then, take out handle L.
 (4) Take off field lead wire from the switch terminal.
 (5) Take off two hexagon socket bolts
     M8x40 for mounting handle R and take                                          Handle L
     out handle R from crank housing.                                                         Handle R
(6) Remove holder cap plate, holder cap and carbon brushes.
(7) Take off four hexagon socket bolts
  M6x35 for mounting rear case and remove rear case.
(8) Tap crank housing by resin hammer to remove motor housing.
(9) Motor housing, field, and armature are removed together.
    Then, disassemble them in the same way as in other models.

Assembly: Follow the opposite procedure to the disassembly. Make sure of the following points;
(1) Mount screw seal to armature.
                                                                                Screw seal

(2) First insert armature to crank housing,
    then insert motor housing.

(3) Be sure to insert flat washer 24 at assembling rear case.
    Ensure the mounting direction of rear case.

(4) Be sure of mounting field lead wire without slack.
                                                                                         Flat washer 24 on the inside

2. Other procedures in disassembly and assembly are the same as in #8600S.

                                                                                             projected part downward

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