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T        ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                     New Tool
          For Models            HM 1800                                                                                  (5-3/8")

          Description           Hammer drill

                                                                                                  5 8 8 ")
                                                                                     818 8")

We developed the Hammer drill aiming at double insulation of 8600N
anti-shake-proof of side handle as well as attaching of air tools.

                                                Frequency            Consuming            Nominal
        Voltage (V)          Current(A)            (Hz)              power(W)             output(W)          Max. output(W)
             100                15.0               50/60               1,430                    820              1,650
             115                15.0               50/60               1,650                    750              1,400
             200                 7.5               50/60               1,430                    820              1,650
             220                 8.2               50/60               1,700                   1,050             2,300
             230                 7.8               50/60               1,700                   1,050             2,300
             240                 7.5               50/60               1,700                   1,050             2,300

       Motor                                                        Single phase series wound commutator motor
       Speed at no load                                             1,000 P/min
       Attaching tool size                                          286 mm ( Specified export : 31.8 mm)
       For hitting only                                             ( Chipping by Bull point, Scaling chisel, Cold chisel;
                                                                    Earth digging by scop, Ramming by rammer, etc.)

    Standard       equipment
     Hex. Wrench 5,6,10
     Wooden box

    Optional       accesories
     Bull point,
     Scaling chisel
     Cold chisel

    Feature     and Benefits
     1. Owing to shake-proof handle, the vibration is not transmitted to your hands and you will not be exhausted after a long
        time continuous operation.
     2. Very powerful in digging soft ground because of lost-hit-proof mechanism by a light re-hitting.
     3. Bit 28.6mm/31.8mm for air tools available
     4. As Motor is put laterally, the window is not closed by a worker.
     5. Plastic motor housing cover is applied so that you may not feel the machine heat even if you press it directly.
                                           Plastic motor housing cover
                                                  You do not feel the heat even if
                                                  contacting the surface

         Shut-off carbon brush

                                                                             Lateral motor
                                                                             Window is not closed by a worker,
                                                                             because there is no projection ,the window
     Switch with dust-cover,
                                                                             is not on the face and the shape is easy
     starts just by pressing
                                                                             to be pressed by worker's body.

                                                                                     Suitable height for working posture
Anti-shaking handle
So little shaking felt in hands,
you are not exhausted.

                                                                                 Grease pack

        Mechanism against lost hitting
      Abnormal strokes are prevented by the
      mechanism. Because of so light rehitting,
      effective for digging soft ground.

                                                                       Bit ofr Air concrete breaker
                                                                       1-1/8" type
                                                                       ( for special export: 1-1/4")
1. In exchanging only Armature
   1) Take away four bolts (Hex. Socket head boltM6x20) fixing Motor housing.
   2) Remove Holder cap and Carbon brush.
   3) Hex. Nut M12 attaching Handle base in Handle side.
   4) Remove four bolts (Hex. Socket head bolt M12x55) fixing Cylinder A , separate Cylinder A from Clunk housing ,
     and detach Connecting rod and Piston cylinder attachment from Clunk shaft.
   5) Take away four bolts ( Hex. Socket head bolt M8x75) fixing Gear housing, separate Gear housing cover from Gear
     housing. At that time leave Helical gear 50 in Gear housing.
   6) Insert + Driver into a hole in the side of Helical gear 50 and fix Helical gear to set up Armature rotation. Remove
     Hex. Nut M8-13 fixing Fan 100 by Box wrench.

                                                                                      Fan 100
                                                                                                         Box wrench 13
                      + Driver

                  Helical gear 50

                   Gear housing

                                                                    Clunk housing

7) Detach Gear housing from Clunk housing. Then Fan 100 comes off from Armature.
8) Pull out Armature form Gear housing.

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