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          Models No.                HM1140C
                                                                                                            New Tool

          Description               DEMOLITION HAMMER

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                          98mm (3-7/8")

Model HM1140C is the sister version of the existing Model HM1100C,

HM1140C is for 3/4" Hex. 21/32" Round shank bit (BOSCH type). Its brief
benefits are;

Bit can be installed by sliding Tool holdercover, and machining mark on chuck
and groove on Bit.
*Superior protection from dust by anti-dust Tool holder cap
*Electrical speed control features                                                                     ")
   *Variable speed control                                                              517mm
   *Soft start
   *Steady speed

                                                               Continuous Rating (W)                Max.
      Voltage (V)      Current (A)        Cycle (Hz)                                              Output(W)
                                                               Input           Output
           100               11.0             50/60            1050             450                 1050
           115                9.6             50/60            1050             450                 1050
           200                5.5             50/60            1050             450                 1050
           220                5.0             50/60            1050             450                 1050
           230                4.8             50/60            1050             450                 1050
           240                4.6             50/60            1050             450                 1050

     No load speed                      1300-2600 bpm
     Bit Type                           3/4" Hex 21/32" Round shank bit
     Net weight                         6.3kg (13.9 lbs)
     Cord length                        5m (16.4 ft)

    Standard equipment
     Grease Vessel (Bit grease)----------1 pc. 1 pc. (100g) (0.22 lbs)
     Plastic Carrying Case----------------1 pc. (HP2032 only)
     [Note] The standard equipment may differ from country to country.

    Optional accessories
     Bull point 19-300          Grooving Chisel 22-300     Ground Rod Adapter 20
     Bull Point 19-450          Grooving Chisel 26-300     Blow-out Bulb 64
     Cold Chisel 26-300         Clay Spade 105-400         Grease Vessel (30g)
     Cold Chisel 26-450         Rammer 140
     Scaling Chisel 50-300      Bushing Tool

    Features and benefits
     1.   Double insulated
     2.   See the sheets attached for more information.
Features      and benefits

Adapted for 3/4" Hex 21/32" Round Shank Bit (Bosch shank)

Superior Protection from dust
HM1140C is the first model with
superior dust protection among the
models for 3/4" Hex 21/32" round bit.

Sliding Tool holder cover
Bit can be installed by sliding
holder cover and machinf mark               Bit can be set at 12 different angles
on chuck and groove on bit.                 Bit's angle can be changed while bit inTool
                                            holder by pushing Change ringforward and
                                            turning it.

Features as described below are same as HM1100C
*Equipped with dial for variable speed
*Steady speed and soft start
*No hammering when idling
*D-side handle
*Large handle
*On-off slide switch
*Thick commutator of armature
Wiring diagram
Withouto Noise Suppressor
                         Power P2                 Red         Black          Black
                                            6 4
                         supply                          White (Brown)
                         cord               3 1
                                P1                                   Orange

With Noise Suppressor

                              suppressor              Controller
                        P2     Switch
               Power                              Red           Black          Black
                               6 4
               supply                         White (Brown)
                                3 1                                     CH
               cord                          Orange                              Orange

                                                                    Choke oil
                                                                   (Lead wire)                    Field

Procedures other than below are same as for HM1100C.
Disassembly and assembly of tool holder.                                                                          2
(1) Disassembly
    Pull off tool holder cover by one hand (1) and remove tool                                                    Tool holder
    holder cap by the other hand (2). Then remove O-ring 29 (3)                                                   cap
    and take the tool holder apart.                                                                                    1

                                                                                                                  Tool holder

                                                                                                                  O-ring 29

                                                                                                  Pin 6
 (2) Assembly
    1. Fix roller guide with pin 6 as shown in the right figure.

                                                                                                                      Roller guide

                                                                                                                Tool holder
   2. Align notch on the tool holder cover to the position of pin 6
   and set the tool holder cover on (1). Insert the pin 6 into the
   roller guide (2) and pull down the tool holder cover, then
      attach the O-ring 29 and the tool holder cap.
                                                                                                                     Roller guide
                                                                                            Tool holder cover
                                                                                                                       Pin 6

                                                                                          Roller guide
                             Tool holder

                                                              Align this
   3. Align projection on the surface of the tool holder cap with the
      notch of the tool holder cover and assemble them. After this
      make sure that the tool holder cap does not rotate.
                                                                                                          Align this

Grease up point (x mark) (Points differing from HM1100C are shown.)
(1) Disassembly
    Pull off tool holder cover by one hand (1) and remove tool
    holder cap by the other hand (2). Then remove O-ring 29 (3)
    and take the tool holder apart.

      Makita Grease N No.2

                                              Roller 2

      Makita Grease R No.00

                                              Whole circumstance on O-ring 22 inside the sleeve guide

Interchangeability between HM1100(C) and HM1130(C)
(1) Striker
    Take care that the striker of HM1100(C) and HM1130(C) cannot be used to HM1140C.
                                                            There is a step.


                                    HM1140C                 HM1100(C)                HM1130(C)

(2) Tool holder support
    Tool holder support of HM1100(C) cannot be used because it's length is 4mm longer.

                                                     HM1140C                         HM1100(C)

(3) Sleeve guide
    HM1140C uses the same sleeve guide as of HM1130(C). The sleeve guide for HM1100(C) cannot be used.

                                          HM1140C                        HM1100(C)
(4) Parts other than listed below are common to HM1100(C).
    HM1140C uses the same sleeve guide as of HM1130(C). The sleeve guide for HM1100(C) cannot be used.

    Tool holder cap,                   Tool holder cove,        Tool holder
    Tool holder support,               Roller 12                Roller guid
    Compression spring 47              Sleeve guid              Striker

Wiring diagram
                                                                        Lead holder in case P.N.6451055 condenser is used

                     Variable resistor
                                                                          Lead holder in case P.N.6452001 condenser is used

             Power supply cord
                                                                               Don't put the lead wires on the rib.

                                                                              Put controller lead wires (white or brown and red) and
             Pickup coil lead wires               Controller
                                                                              brush holder lead wire (orange) into the left lead holder.
        Variable resistor lead wires
             Lead wire (red)
       Lead wire (white or brown)
                       Tube                                                   Place power supply cord top of the other lead wires and
                                                                              put it into the right lead holder.
Blanket holder lead wire (orang)
                                                                              Put variable resistor lead wires into the right lead holder
                 In case choke coil                                           together with a tube.
                 is used                                                      Variable resistor lead wires should hold pickup coil
                                                                              lead wires.

                                                                              Lead wires should not be loose in the motor housing.

                                                Setting pickup coil
                             Put it into     Lib                      Lead wire should
                             lead holder                              pass outside the lib
                Choke coil
                                           Pickup coil
                                                                      Don't cross the lead
                                                                      wires in the hole.

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