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       Models No.              HR1800
                                                                                                                 New Tool

       Description             Rotary hammer

   Development of a compact and light weight
   Rotary hammer with safe double insulation
   which can be used for wood and iron by
   mood changing mechanism.

    Voltage(V)               Current(A)                 Cycle(Hz)              Continuous rating input(W)
      100                      5.2                       50-60                          505

                                      concrete(mm)                   18mm
Max. drilling capability              iron(mm)                       10mm
                                      wood(mm)                       15mm
Blows per minute(/min)                                               0-3500/min
No load speed(R.P.M.)                                                0-1000/min
Overall Length(mm)                                                   312mm
Net weight(kg)                                                       3.0kg
Power supply cord(m)                                                 5.0m

   Standard equipment
     Syringe 64 ----------------------------- for removing drilling dust
     Dust collector ------------------------- for preventing drilling dust from scattering
     Hexagon spanner(wrench) ---------- for disassembling crank housing
     Cotter ---------------------------------- for replacing taper shank carbide drill
     Taper shank carbide drill 6.5-90
     Steel case ------------------------------ for storage of the unit

   Optional accessories
      Cotter -------------------for replacing taper shank carbide drill
      Taper shank carbide drill ( All tapers are Morse taper No.1)
Drill         Overall        Drilling         Note        Drill         Overall Drilling     Note
diameter      length         effective                    diameter      length  effective
(mm)          (mm)           length(mm)                   (mm)          (mm)    length
   6.5                                                        11                             for anchor No.2
                   90              60
   7.5                                                       11.5
   8.0                                                        12                             for anchor No.2.5
   8.5            100              70                        12.5         110       80
   9.5                                                       13.3
    10                                                       14.5                            for anchor No.3
                  110              80
   10.5                                                       18                             for anchor No.4
    16            220             170                         18          220      170

     The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country
 Anchor            No.2( internal thread diameter 1/4")
                   No.2.5(as above 5/16")
                   No.3(as above 3/8")
                   No.4(as above 1/2")

 Holder driver --------------- for driving anchor No.3, No.4
                              (in the case barrel stopper is at anchor tip) ,

 Anchor drive rod ----------- Anchor drive ro                    No.2
                             Anchor drive rod for interior       No.2

 Drill chuck S10        for wood and iron drilling
 Chuck key S10          for wood and iron drilling
 Chuck adapter
 Lock nut wrench 28 for removing crank cap
 Syringe 64
 Hexagon spanner 5
 Makita grease H No.00(30g)

Features and benefits
 1. Compact and light weight
    Compactness, Light-weight(3.0kg), Handy shape These features of this product enable speedy drilling on floors
    and walls as well as on ceilings. Also, reduced reaction at drilling helps to minimize workers' fatigue.

 2. Grease-pack system
    Completely closed grease-pack system adopted to this product saves the labor of frequently lubricating to the
    inside of the machine. As MAKITA high grade grease is used for this grease-pack system, lubrication is not
    necessary for long hours.

 3. Variable speed change switch
    As the desired rotation and striking can be attained by adjusting the switch lever, this is the most suitable for
    drilling on breakable materials such as tiles and blocks.

 4. Strike switching system
    Push button for the strike stop system enables easy change of rotation / rotation + striking.

   This function as well as variable speed change switch help to prevent misalignment of the center and to provide
   smooth drilling on soft or breakable materials. By using optional accessories such as chuck adapter, drill chuck
   S10 and chuck key S10, drilling up to 10mm on iron and 15mm on wood will be possible.

 5. Safety clutch
    Safety clutch of brake-lining type helps to protect workers and prevent machine damages by sudden load caused
    when drill bit hit against reinforcing bars during drilling.

 6. Dust collector
    A dust collector, one of standard accessories helps worker to do their works efficiently and without causing
    problems on their health because drilling dust does not fall on them or scatter.
7. Cut-off brush
   When carbon brush has been worn to the level and ended its service term, electricity is automatically shut of. This
   is the sign of the check time to prevent motor troubles.(use CB105 as carbon)

8. Adjustable rotary grip
   Side grip which can be fixed freely in any angles as well as other features of this product( compact and light-
   weight) make drilling work comfortable. Also, stopper pole on the grip helps to make drilling depth constant.
   These features enable continuous and efficient works.

9. Double insulation
   Adopting double insulation for electric safety will protect workers from accidents of electric shock.

Disassembly -Assembly
1. Tools
 (+) driver
 spanner 21
 spanner 36
 H exagon spanner(wrench) 5
 M onkey spanner
 L ock nut wrench R esin hammer( or wood hammer)
 V ice
 I ron hammer
  2. Disassembly
   a) To take off seal holder

                                                                                      Apply spanner 36 to hexagonal part of seal
                                                                                      holder and turn it to the right tapping by hammer
                                                                                      lightly. Then, seal holder will be loose.( This is a
                                                                                      left-handed screw.)

             Left-handed screw

  b) To take off barrel                                                               Tighten side grip firmly and tap the grip end of
                                                                                      the side grip by resin hammer to loosen barrel.
                                                                                      Then, turn it to the right.
                                                                                      In event that this way does not work, apply
                        Band                                                          monkey spanner to width across flat 48 under
                                                                                      the side grip band of the barrel and tap it lightly
                                                                                      to loosen barrel.
                                                                                      In the event screws of barrel and crank housing
                                                                                      have been loosened before taking off seal holder,
                                                                                      fix the hexagonal part of the seal holder to the
                     Side grip                                                        vice and follow the same way mentioned above.
                                                                                      Note) Take care that barrel will be deformed if
                                                                                      fixed to the vice too tight as it is made of
            Left-handed screw                                                         aluminum.

  c) To take off cylinder liner, holder 27-37, taper drill holder
                                                                                         Fix cylinder liner to vice with
Taper drill holder                                                                       applying soft metal plates such as
                                    Cylinder liner
                                                                        Steel plate etc. steel plate.
                                                                                         Note) Be careful not to tighten too
                                                                                         much and not to press square key 4
                                                                                         directly at this time.

             Holder 27-37
    Seal holder                                        nne
                                                             r 21

             Protector            Square key 4
                                                                                      Note) Square key 4 should not come onthe line A.
                                                                    A                 Next, apply spanner 21 to width across
                                                                                      flat of holder 27-37 and turn it to the
                                                                                      (This is right-handed screw.)
                                                                                      Then, pull out ball bearings to the
                           Vice        Cylinder liner                                 direction of the arrow shown in the
                                                                                      ketch and take out 3 steel balls 5.and 6.
                                                                                      Pull out holder 27-37 and seal holder in
 d) To take off crank shaft
                                                                                     Follow the right hand sketch for
                                                        Crank cap
                                                                                     Loosen crank cap by lock nut wrench
                                                                                     28( right-handed screw).
                                                                                     Push crank shaft from the crank cap
                                                        Crank housing                side. Then, crank shaft will be
                                                                                     removed as shown in the sketch.
                                                                                     Pull out ball bearings by using arbor
                                                                                     press which are pressed in.

                                                                                     Pay special attentions to the following
                                                    Crank shaft                      points at this time;
                                                                                     *Don't lose flat washer 6 and 15 at
Torque limiter complete                              Steel ball 5,6
                                                                                     *Don't lose change pin as it may jump
                                                 Compression spring                  out.
           Flat washer 6                          Change pin

                                                    Ball bearing

                                                     Helical gear

                                                     Flat washer 15

 * At disassembly of crank housing and gear housing, turn them upside down for easy work.
    3. Assembly
       Follow the opposite procedure of disassembly. Pay special attentions to the following points;

 (1) Be cautious of handling of O-ring and oil seal as this is grease pack system. Apply a little of grease on them
     before assembly.

 (2) Make sure of left-handed screws(inverse screw) at disassembly and assembly between seal holder and barrel
     between barrel and crank housing

 (3) When inserting oil seal 14 to seal holder, make the level even to the end face of the seal holder. (If too
     forward, it will contact to holder 27-37. If too backward, dust lip will be caught by drill holder.)
 (4) When inserting oil seal 13 to gear housing, insert ball bearing to gear housing first and then, insert oil seal a
     little deeper than the end face of gear housing.

 (5) Ensure to assemble thrust bearing flat washer 15 for helical gear 29 ( insert to crank shaft)and flat washer 6 for
     torque limiter complete. Missing these parts may cause loss of armature pinion gear and spiral bevel gear.

   (2)                                                                (3)                         (4)

                                                                                               To make the level even
   Left-handed screw       Right-handed screw
                                                                      To make the level even
(6) Use hexagon spanner for hexagon socket bolts for assembling motor housing. Be careful not to tighten too
    much since it can fasten firmly compared with drivers.

(7) Lead wire removed from motor housing should put in the slot in the attachment position of handle R.


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