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      Models No.
     Description          20mm Rotary Hammer

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                  287mm (11-1/4")
   HR2010 is designed to belooked stronger structure,
  with traditional "D" handle and some aluminium parts.
   In overhead horizontal operations, HR2010 has

                                                                                                                  214mm (8-3/8")
  great performance in drilling 6mm-12mm holes.
                                                  91mm (3-5/8")

     Dimension             287mmx214mmx91mm (11 4/1"x8 3/8"x3 5/8")
     Weight                3.1Kgs (6.8lbs)
     Power Supple Cord     5m(16.4ft) (Note:4m=12ft for China and European Countries)
     Insulation            Double Insulation
     Motor                 AC universal motor (72mm)

    Motor Features
                                         Frequency          Rated            Rated
      Voltage (V)     Amperage (A)                                                        Max. Output(W)
                                          (Hertz)          Input(W)         Out-put(W)
           100              6.3            50/60              600              310               480
           110              5.5            50/60              600              310               480
           115              5.5            50/60              600              310               480
           220              2.9            50/60              600              310               480
           230              2.7            50/60              600              310               480
           240              2.6            50/60              600              310               480

     No load speed                 0-900rpm
     Blows per minute              0-4000
     Bit size                      10mm(3/8") SDS-Plus only
     Max.Capacities Concrete       20mm(13/16")
                      Steel        13mm(1/2")
                      Wood         24mm(15/16")

  Standard equipment
    Depth Rod, Side Grip, Plastic Carrying Case

  Optional accessories
    Drill Chuck Assembly, Chuck Key S13, Holder Driver, Dust Cup 5, Blow-out Bulb, Lock Nut Wrench 28, Dust
    Collector Set

  The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.

                                     Shorter overall length makes weight
                                     Center closer to handle, and this
                                     makes handling easier,

                                                             with torque-limiter

                                                                             electrical variable switch makes
                                                                             centering job easier

rotato change ring to
put on or off bits

      grip can be fixed at any position;
      turn clockwise to fasten
      360 degree adjustable grip/
      counter-clockwise to loosen

                                                       stronger handle design
 (1) Disassembling and assembling                                                       O ring 10
     1-1. Disassembling of chuck
                                                                                                    Change ring cover
          Use the minus screw driver just like pushing up to disconnect
                                                                                                        Leaf spring
           the cap 37 as shown on the right figure.
           Pull out the change ring cover.
          Strongly pull out the change ring to disconnect it. If hard to
           disconnect, place the minus screw driver between clearance
           of leaf spring, expand the leaf spring just like twisting the
            driver, and then pull out it. It is fixed by steel ball and leaf
                                                                               Cap 37
          Disconnect the roller 7(2 pieces).
                                                                                    Change ring
                                                                                                    Roller 7
      1-2. Assembling of chuck
           Grease the MAKITA grease R No. 1 on the roller 7 and then assemble it.
2-1. Disassembling of barrel
       Remove the hexagon socket bolt M5x20 and then remove
       the barrel.                                                                                    Tool holder
       Use the arbor press to press the top of tool holder to
                                                                                                             Trace of pusher pin
       remove it.

2-2. Assembling of barrel
       Assemble in a way that the trace of pusher pin shown on
       the right figure comes at name plate side.

3-1. Disassembling of impact bolt
       Use the screw driver to shift the impact bolt in the direction of tool holder edge as shown on the bottom-
       right figure.(in the direction of arrow 1)
        Use the resin hammer to slightly hammer the tool holder as shown on the bottom-right figure to remove
       the four points of steel ball 5 and 6.
        Use the sharpened-edge tool like an eyeleteer to pull out                           Steel ball 5 and 6
                                                                                     Tool holder     O ring 11
       the O ring 11 as shown on the bottom-right figure. For
       easy disconnection, use the eyeleteer while 5 mm around
       of sharpened-edge tool edge is being bent by 90"around.
        Use the driver edge to disconnect(push) the impact
       bolt.(in the direction of arrow 2
                                                                                      Impact bolt

3-2. Assembling of impact bolt
       Use the screw driver to insert the impact bolt into the tool
       Use the sharpened-edge tool to insert the O ring 11 into the
       groove of the tool holder. Move the impact bolt in the direction                                          O ring 11
       of arrow to check if O ring 11 cannot be disconnected.
       Before placing the steel ball 5 and 6 in the tool holder, grease                                          Impact bolt
                                                                                 Steel ball 5 and 6
        into the hole so that the steel ball cannot drop and the tool
       holder can be easily set.                                                       Tool holder       Arrow

                                                                                Flat washer 26
4-1. Disassembling of torque limiter                                                                                 Tool holder
       Use the circle clip plyer to disconnect the circle clip(shaft)S-                                             Circle clip
                                                                              Spiral bevel                          (shaft)S-26
        26 and then remove the spiral bevel gear 33, clutch cam and           gear 33
       compression spring 31.
                                                                               Clutch cam
        If hard to disconnect the parts, shift the flat washer 26 away
       from the circle clip groove since it is housed in said groove.            Compression
                                                                                 spring 31

4-2. Assembling of torque limiter                                                     (Spiral bevel gear 33 side)
        Use care of direction of clutch cam when assembling the
       torque limiter.
        Engage the protruded portion with the spiral bevel gear 33
                                                                                            (Compression spring 31 side)
       while supporting the compression spring 31 by holding the
       dent face.                                       This protruded face is almost
                                                            the same in size as the one of       Direction of tool holder edge.
                                                            cam of spiral bevel gear 33.
5-1. Disassembling of crank
        To disassemble the handle set, disconnect the two points of pan head screw M5X25 connected on the
        crank housing complete and then disconnect the tapping                       Pan head screw M5x25
        screw PT5x25 connected on the motor housing complete.
                                                                           Crank cap
       To disassemble the motor housing complete, disconnect the
        hexagon holed bolt M5x45 connected on the gear housing Crank housing
        complete and crank housing complete.
       Separate the crank housing from the gear housing.        Gear housing complete
       Use the lock nut wrench 28 to disconnect the crank cap. Motor housing complete                   Handle set
                                                                                                      Tapping screw PT5x25
                                                                                      Hexagon holed bolt M5x45
                                                                                                                    Crank cap
           Push the crank shaft from the crank cap side to pull out it
                                                                                                                   O ring 36
           as shown on the bottom-right figure.
           Since the ball bearing 6001, ball bearing 6002, helical gear
           43 and helical gear 29 are inserted by pressing, use the arbor    Crank housing
           press to pull out them.
           At this time use care not to miss the flat washer 8.
                                                                      Spiral bevel gear 29
                                                                                                                Crank shaft
                                                                        Ball bearing 6001
                                                                                                                 Ball bearing 6002
     5-2. Assembling of crank                                   Flat washer 12
                                                                                                                 Circle clip
           For assembling, follow in the reverse order against                                                   (shaft)S-15
                                                               Helical gear 43                                     Helical gear 29
                                                                            Flat washer 8                        Flat washer 8

                                                                                             Gear housing complete
    6-1. Replacing of armature
           Disconnect the holder cap from the motor housing complete
           to pull out the carbon brush.
           Use the resin hammer to disconnect the one body of armature
            complete and gear housing complete from the motor housing
           Pull out the armature complete while holding the gear
            housing complete.                                                                                      Brush holder
                                                                                           Motor housing complete

    6-2. Assembling of armature                                                                        Press
           Assemble the ball bearing 6000 and oil seal 12 on the gear         Gear housing complete            Ball bearing 6000
          housing complete before inserting the armature.
                                                                             Oil seal 12
          Note) If one body assembled with ball bearing and oil seal is
                inserted into the armature, the oil seal cannot be
                completely inserted and it may cause oil leaking.

                                                                                                               Armature complete
(2) Lubricating points
     To avoid abrasion at earlier stage and heating damage, apply the MAKITA oil XLD on the points shown
      1) O ring on the impact bolt

                                                                                   O ring and groove
      2)   Outer circumference of the striker and O ring

      3)   Outer circumference of piston and O ring            Outer circumference     O ring and groove

                                                                                      Outer circumference
                                                               O ring and groove
     To avoid abrasion at earlier stage and heating damage, use the MAKITA grease R No. 00 to grease on the
      points shown below.
      1) Outer circumference of pin5
                                                                                             Outer circumference

      2)   Each teeth face of Helical gear 43, Helical gear 29, spiral                                 Teeth face
           bevel gear 9 and spiral bevel gear 33                                       Teeth face

      3)   Cam of spiral bevel gear 33 and cam of clutch cam                                                       Teeth face

                                                                     Both edges
      4)   Flat washer 8 Both edges on flat washer 23                                               Cam

      5)   Lip face of oil seal 20

      6)   Needle bearing 810
                                                                            Lip face
(3) Necessary tools
    1) + screw driver
    2) - screw driver
    3) Arbor press
    4) Resin hammer or wooden hammer
    5) Radio cutting plyer
    6) Sharpened-edge tool like an eyeleteer
    7) O ring inserting jig

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