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    Models No.               HR3000C

                                                                                                              96mm (3-3/4")
    Description              Rotary Hammer 30mm

Model HR3000C Rotary Hammer 30mm has been
developed as a sister model of Models HR4000C and HR5001C,                                                                234mm (9-1/4")
featuring SDS-plus shank bit specs and
its versatility of three action mode function
 - rotation, hammering and rotation with hammering.

    SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                (15-3/8")

                                                              Continuous Rating(W)
   Voltage(V)         Current(A)           Cycle(Hz)                                        Max. Output (W)
                                                                 Input        Output
      100                  9.4                  50/60             850          300                1100
      110                  8.2                  50/60             850          300                1100
      120                  8.2                  50/60             850          300                1100
      220                  4.3                  50/60             850          300                1100
      230                  4.1                  50/60             850          300                1100
      240                  3.9                  50/60             850          300                1100

                      Revolutions per minute 360 - 720/min.
 No load speed
                     Blows per minute        1650 - 3300/min.
               Bit type                      SDS-plus shank bit
                                             Diameter of shank : 10mm (3/8")
                                             30mm (1-3/16")
                     tipped bit
Drilling capacities
                     Core bit                90mm (3-1/2")
                     Steel                   13mm (1/2")
                    Wood                     32mm (1-1/4")
                Net weight                   4.6kg (10.1lbs)
                 Cord length                            5m (16.4ft) / 4m (13.1ft) exclusively for European countries

   Depth Gauge ----------------------- 1pc.
   Grease Vessel (Bit Grease) ------- 1pc.
   Plastic Carrying Case ------------- 1pc.
   Grip 36 Ass'y ----------------------- 1pc.
  Tungusten-carbide Tipped Bits;
   Bit diameter : 4.0mm(5/32"), 4.3mm(11/64"), 4.5mm(11/64"), 4.8mm(3/16"), 5.0mm(13/64), 5.5mm(7/32"), 6.0mm(15/64"),
                  6.4mm(1/4"), 6.5mm(1/4"), 7.0mm(9/32"), 7.5mm(19/64"), 8.0mm(5/16"), 8.5mm(21/64"), 9.0mm(23/64")
                  9.5mm(3/8"), 10mm(25/64"), 10.5mm(13/32"), 11mm(7/16"), 12mm(15/32"), 12.5mm(31/64"), 12.7mm(1/2"),
                  13mm(33/64"), 13.5mm(7/32"), 14mm(35/64"), 14.3mm(9/16"), 14.5mm(37/64"), 16mm(5/8"), 17mm(43/64"),
                  17.5mm(11/16"), 18mm(45/64"), 19mm(3/4"), 20mm(25/32"), 21mm(53/64"), 21.5mm(27/32"), 22mm(55/64")
                  23mm(29/32"), 24mm(15/16"), 25mm(1"), 28mm(1-1/8"), 30mm(1-3/16")
  Drill Chuck Ass'y, Chuck Key S-13, Anchor Setting Tool, Anchor Setting Rod, Grease Vessel(Hammer Grease), Blow-out Bulb,
  Dust Cup 5, Dust Cup 9, Bull Point, Cold Chisel, Scaling Chisel, Grooving Chisel, Scraper Assembly, Core Bit Adapter,
  Core Bits;
   Hole diameter : 35mm(1-3/8"), 45mm(1-13/16"), 54mm(2-1/8"), 66mm(2-5/8"), 79mm(3-1/8")

   1. Double insulated
   2. See attached sheets for more information
   The standard equipment for the machine may differ from country to country.
The Highest Efficiency in This Class             No Hammering When Idling
Numbers in chart below are relative values       For air in the cylinder is not
when setting A's speed as 100.                   compressed unless tool is pressed              3 Action Mode Change Lever
1) Drilling Speed                                against ground.                                   Rotation / Hammering /
                 Slow            Fast            This function ensures machine's
                                                                                                  Rotation with Hammering
      HR3000C                        120         long life.
                                                 (the same system as HR4000C, etc.)             Ready for various works by simply
         A                           100                                                        turning this lever.
         B                            80                                                        For yor reference;
                                                                                                A has only two modes,
       (In drilling anchor hole                                                                 rotation and rotation with hammering.
            with T.C.T.drill bit 

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