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 Models No.                    HR4000C
                                                                                                             New Tool

 Description                  40mm Rotary Hammer
                                                                                                     100 (3-15/16")
Model HR4000C accept SDS-max shank bit and overcomes competitors'                        455
Its brief benefits are;
*Less operator's fatigue than HILTI TE55
 less vibration and reaction toward hands
better feeling at drilling and hammering                                                                              253(10")
More efficiency than HILTI TE55
Drilling      :10%up
*Electronical speed control features
.Variable speed control
.Soft start
.Steady speed

        Voltage(V)          Current(A)           Cycle(Hz)    Continuous Rating(W)
                                                               Input      Output
             100                11.0               50/60       1050          330           850
             120                 9.6               50/60       1050          330           850
             220                 5.0               50/60       1050          330           850
             230                 4.8               50/60       1050          330           850
             240                 4.6               50/60       1050          330           850

                         Revolutions per minute 230 450rpm
       No load speed
                            Blows per minute    1250 2500bpm
                 Bit-type                       SDS-max shank bit
                                                Diameter of shank : 180 mm(11/16'')
                          Tungsten-carbitde     T.C.T. bit:40mm(1-9/16")
      Drilling capacities tipped bit
                            Core bit            105 mm(4-1/8")
                   Net weight                    6.2Kg(13.6lbs)
                   Cord length                   5m(16.4ft)

        Depth Gauge--------------------------------1pc.
        Grease Vessel(Bit Grease)----------------1pc.
        Plastic Carrying Case ---------------------1pc.
        Grip 36 Ass'y-------------------------------1pc.
        Side Handle Ass'y--------------------------1pc.
    Tungsten-carbite tipped bit
    Bit diameter : 10mm(3/8"),10.5mm(7/16"),11mm(7/16"),12mm(1/2"),12.5mm(1/2"),12.7mm(1/2"),
     Bull Point, Cold Chisel, Tile Chisel
     Scaling Chisel, Clay Spade
     Core Bit adapter, Grase Vessel(Hammer greese)

    1. Double insulated
    2. See the sheets attached for more information.

The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ from country to country.
       Torque of fastening screw                       
       crank cap----crabk housing                                (4.3-7.2ft.lbs)

        Circuit diagram

                                                  Black                                      Brush holder


                                                                   at closed end Violet
          P1        3            2

power supply cord

          P2        5            4
                                                                             Orange color
                                     Controller           Black
                                                               Red             Orange color

                                                                                          Brush holder
                                                                   Connector at closed end
3)How to replace the armature
a. Lower the chuck cover and remove the tool                               c. Remove the hexagon-holed bolt and then remove the
    holder cap.(See the figure 4.)                                            handle.(See the figure 5.)
b. Remove the pan head screw, and then remove the crank                    d. Remove the connector white and black.
    housing cover and gear housing cover.(See the figure 4.)                                         (See the figure 5.)
               Tool holder cap


            Chuck cover
         Pan head screw

   Gear housing cover
                                                                                                                               Hexagon-holed bolt :
                                                                           Connector      White
                   Crank housing cover
                            Figure 4                                                                                Figure 5

    e. Remove the screws for holding the fix rod, and then pull
        out the fix rod and the pick up coil.
       Note) Pulling out the lead wire of the pick up coil without
                                                                                                                         Hexagon-holed bolt
               removing the fix rod may cause the short-circuit.
        (See the figure 7.)

                                                                                                                         Crank housing
   f. Pull out the 3 pieces of terminals
      (white, black and red).(See the figure 6.)
   g. Remove the rear cover and loosen the nut                                                                            Motor housing
       while holding the fan.(See the figure 7.)                                                                               Controller
                                                                             Gear housing
   h. Remove the fan and disconnect the 4 pieces
       of hexagon-holed bolts for holding the crank
       housing. (See the figure 7.)
   i. Strike the rear of armature shaft to disconnect                                                                            Lead wire
      the gear housing and armature from the motor                                                                                   Screw
      housing.                                                                          Fan
                                                                                                                          Fix rod
                                                                                   Hexagon nut                        Pick-up coil

                                                                            Rear cover
                              Controller                                                                                   Figure 7

                                                                                               Ball bearing 6201
                                                Black                                                                           Gear housing

                        White Red
                                        Figure 6
                                                                                                                               Apply the grease
                                                                                                      Oil seal 14
                 j. To assemble the armature, insert it after the ball bearing
                     6201 and the oil seal 14 are pressed into the gear housing.                  Buckle plate                   Armature
                    (See the figure 9.)

                                                                                                                                    Figure 8
4)Disassembling the chuck(See the figure 9.)
a. As mentioned in 3)-a How to replace the armature, remove the tool holder cap, the chuck cover and
   the crank housing cover.
b. Remove the ring spring 25.
c. Remove the reaf spring 25 for the step pin 8 .
d. Remove the step pin 8 from the tool hplder and chuck ring .
                                             Circle clip(shaft) WR-45
                            Ring spring 25                                      Dent portion Tool holder

                                                                               Leaf spring                    Chuck ring
                                                             Cup washer 45
                                                                                               Step pin 8
                                                           Use care in direction.
                                                                     Figure 9

  5) Assembling the chuck
  Set up the leaf spring and step pin 8 cerfimly.(See the figure 9.)

6)Disassembling the tool holder and crank housing
a. Insert the minus driver into the dent portion on the external place of the seal case and slightly strike
   it to remove the seal case.(See the figure 10.)
b. Disconnect the circle clip(hole) R-56 and then pull out the tool holder.

                       Seal case                                 Circle clip(hole) R-56
                                                   Tool holder
              Tool holder

                            Figure 10                                      Figure 11

        7)How to take out the cylinder 28.5
        a. The cylinder 28.5 is slightly pressed into the crank housing.
           To disconnect the cylinder 28.5,
           slightly hit the crank housing against the firm
           table several times in a straight line to disconnect it.
        (See the figure 12.)

                                                                                                       firm table

                                                                                                          Figure 12
   8)Assembling the piston rod and crank shaft(See the figure 13.)
   a. Set the 2 pieces of O ring 30 on the cylinder 28.5, and insert them into the crank housing.
   b. Insert the piston until the rod hole is placed inside the crank room.
   c. Insert the crank shaft while approaching the crank shaft to the rod hole.

                                  O ring 22 O ring 30
                                                                     Rod hole
          Cylinder 28.5

                                                                                                 Crank room

                          Crank housing                                                    Flat washer 42

                                      Sleeve                                                  Crank shaft

                                                       Figure 13

   9)Assembling the fluorocarbon ring 25 on the impact bolt
   a. If the fluorocarbon resin ring is assembled on the impact bolt, the fluorocarbon resin ring will
       be extended and protruded over the groove.
   b. Keep about 10 sec. after inserting the repairing tool (Taper sleeve), and then modify it.
   c. When inserting the impact bolt into the tool holder , use care not to tear off the fluorocarbon resin ring.

                                                                                 Taper sleeve
             Fluorocarbon resin ring 25                                                            After modification
                             Edge face protruded

Groove on the
impact bolt

                                          O ring

                                                       Figure 14
   10)Assembling the tool holder
   a. Set the parts described below into the crank housing.(See the figure 15.)
   b. To set the straight bevel gear 33, use the tool holder for smooth setting.(See the figure 16.)

                                                                                                             Crank housing
                                                                                               Straight bevel
               Rubber ring 17          Slide sleeve                         Striker            gear 33
                                                          spring 37
                       sleeve 16                                                  O ring 22

                                                             Ring 33

                                                                                           Figure 15

                                                                                                     Straight bevel gear 41
                                                                                      Tool holder

                                                                                   Figure 16
 c.Push the tool holder after ball bearing 6907 pushing into bearing holder.(See the figure 17.)

d. Inserting the tool holder
 Assemble so that the cam at tool holder may properly engage with the cam
    at straight bevel gear 33.(See the figure 19.)
 Turn the straight bevel gear 33 so that the 12 dent portions on the cam may
                                                                                         12 dent portions
     be fit with 6 grooves on the crank housing.(See the figure 18.)                                                 6 grooves on the
                                                                                         on the cam of the
 Fit the cam(on the lock sleeve B) to the cam(on the tool holder).                                                   crank housing
                                                                                         sTRAIGHT bevel gear
     (See the figure 19.)
 Fit the plain portion of the lock sleeve A to the mounting side of the change                                                Mounting side
    lever, fit the 6 protruded portions on lock sleeve B to the 6 grooves on the                                              of the change
    crank housing, and then insert the tool holder into the crank housing.                                                    lever
     (See the figure 18. 19)

                                                                                                        Figure 18
                               6 protruded portions    Cam on the lock sleeve A
                               on the lock sleeve B                    Cam on the tool holder
       Tool holder                                                                          Cam on the straight
                                                                                            bevel gear 41

                                          Figure 19                    Plain portion of lock sleeve A
       11)Assembling the torque limiter
       a. Assemble the ball bearing 1207, flat washer 12(Outer dia. 24 mm)
          and torque limiter complete into the spiral bevel gear 10. (See the figure 20.)

       Note ) Use care not to miss the pin 4 for preventing                                                  Flat washer 12
                                                                           Groove of the change key          (Outer dia. 28 mm)
              the round nut from turning.

                                                                                   Change                        Circle clip(shaft)
                                                                                   key                           S-12
       b. Insert the flat washer 12(Outer dia. 24 mm)                                                          Flat washer 12
          and the circle clip(shaft) S-12 while setting the                                                    (Outer dia. 24 mm)
          two pieces of change keys into the key groove of                                                      Groove of Circle clip
          the straight bevel gear 12, and then insert the flat
          washer 12(Outer dia. 28 mm) into the groove of the                                                             Torque
          change key.(See the figure 20.)                                                                                limiter
                                                                                                                       Round nut
                                                                                                                      Pin 4
                                                                        Flat washer 12
                                                                        (Outer dia. 24 mm)                         Ball bearing 1207

                                                                                             Straight bevel gear 12
      c. Slide downward the two pieces of change keys and                                     Figure 20
         then insert the circle clip(shaft) S-12 into the groove
         of the circle clip. (See the figures 20 and 21.)
         Make sure that the circle clip has been securely inserted
         in the groove.

      Note ) Use care not to over-widen the circle clip(shaft) S-12.

                                                                                              Figure 21

d. Assemble the slide plate, compression spring 3 and
   guide pin 2 into the change link.(See the figure 22.)

e. Insert the flat washer 12(Outer dia. 28 mm) into
   the groove of the change link and then assemble
                                                                          Change link
   them on the ball bearing 608.(See the figure 22.)
                                                                       Slide plate              Groove of the change link
                                                           Compression spring 3

                                                                     Guide pin 2
                                                                                                                      Flat washer 12
                                                                                                                      (Outer dia. 28 mm)

                                                                         Ball bearing 608

                                                                           Gear housing

                                                                                                 Figure 22
                                                                                                  (Page 13 of 14)
15)Applying positions for grease
  To prevent abrasion and overheating at earlier stage, please apply the
  MAKITA grease R No.00 at the positions shown below.

a.   O ring of striker
b.   Inner portion of ring 45
c.   Inner portion of slide sleeve
d.   Outer portion and gear of spiral bevel gear

                                                                             Spiral bevel
                          Inner portion of                                   gear 41
                          slide sleeve     Inner portion of        O ring
                                           ring 45            Striker             Outer portion

e. O ring of piston and rod hole
                              O ring
                                                                  Rod hole

f. Outer circumference of the impact bolt

             Outer circumference
             of the impact bolt

g. Between the spiral bevel gear 12 and the torque limiter complete

                 Between straight
                 bevel gear 12 and
                 torque limiter complete

h. Lip at Oil seal 14 and oil seal 48

i. Needle bearing(Gear housing, Helical gear 20 complete)

      Needle bearing                         Gear housing
                                                                                Needle bearing

j. Each gear teeth                                                  Helical gear 20 complete
Circuit diagram

                                              Black                                      Brush holder


                                                               at closed end Violet
 P1             3            2

 P2             5            4
                                                                         Orange color
      Cab tire cord              Controller           Black
                                                           Red             Orange color

                                                                                      Brush holder
                                                               Connector at closed end

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