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T       ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                    Product

       Models No.                                                                            JR140D
                            JR140D, JR180D
                                                                                                     7-7/16")      >

       Description          Cordless Recipro Saw                                           443mm(1


                                                                                                                          203mm (8")


 Model JR140D (14.4V) and JR180D (18V) are the cordless


 recipro saws with tool less features. Namely, without using any tools,        <   <         94mm
                                                                                 42          (3-11/16")   <
 the saw blade can be replaced and shoe can be adjusted.                            m
                                                                               (1- m
 The variations are as follows.                                                       ")

 Model No.   Cartridge Charger            Plastic Case                                     JR180D
 JR140DWA 1422....1pc. DC1411             with Plastic Case                                        7-5/8")         >


                                                                                                                       206 mm (8-7/8")
 JR140DWB 1433....1 pc. DC1411            with Plastic Case                    >

 JR140DWAE 1422....2 pcs. DC1411          with Plastic Case

 JR140DWBE 1433....2 pcs. DC1411          with Plastic Case

 JR180DWA 1822....1pc. DC1801             with Plastic Case

                                                                               <   <         95mm
                                                                                 42          (3-3/4")
 JR180DWB 1833....1 pc. DC1801            with Plastic Case
                                                                               (1- m
 JR180DWAE 1822....2 pcs. DC1801          with Plastic Case                           ")
 JR180DWBE 1833....2 pcs. DC1801          with Plastic Case

  Model No.                              JR140D                         JR180D
  Power source NiCd. batttery            1422 (14.4V, 2.0Ah)        1822 (18V, 2.0Ah)
                NiMH. batttery           1433 (14.4V, 2.2Ah)        1833 (18V, 2.2Ah)
  Max.Cutting Capacity Pipe                                90 mm (3-1/2")
                        Wood                               90 mm (3-1/2")
  Length of Stroke                                         23 mm (7/8")
  Strokes per Minute (spm.)                                0 - 2,700
  Net Weight                              3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)            3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)

  Standard equipment
   Recipro Saw Blade No.21 (for Steel)
   Recipro Saw Blade No.22 (for Steel)
   Recipro Saw Blade No.23 (for Wood)
   Battery Covrer
   The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country

  Optional accessories
  Recipro Saw Blade No. 21, No. 22, No. 24 (for steel),
  Recipro Saw Blade No.23, 23B (for wood)
  Battery 1422 Battery 1433
  Battery 1822 Battery 1833
  Battery Charger DC1801
  Battery Charger DC1439
  Battery Charger DC1411
  Battery Charger DC1422
    Features and benefits
    1.High working speed. Especially Mod.JR180D can compete with Mod.JR3000V in
      the cutting speed.
    2.Changeable carbon brushes without dismounting the body.
    3.Big D-form handle for comfortable gripping even with g      loved hand.
    4.Trigger type variable speed control switch
    5.Lock of button for prevention of accidental switch on, can be operated easily from both
      left and right side.

  Toolless system                                  Dust-proof construction
  Replacement of saw blade and
                                                 Dust seal mounted on the front part of slider
  adjustment of shoe can be made
                                                 protect the machine from the intruding dust.
  without any tools.
In case of Competitor A,                                                                     (2)                  (5)
tools are required for
replacement of blade.
In case of Competitor B,
no tools are required                                                                                            (4)
for replacement of
blade, however for
adjustment of shoe,
tools are required.

      Comparison chart 1
    Spec.                                             Makita                   Competitor 1.           Competitor 2.
                            Model No. JR180D           JR140D            Mod. A      Mod. B             Mod. C
    Battery         Voltage (V)            18           14.4             18           14.4                 18
                     Capacity (Ah)          *2.0 / 2.2 *2.0 / 2.2         2.0           1.7                 2.0
    Stroke per min. (Spm.)                  0 - 2,700    0 - 2,700      0 - 2,800     0 - 2,700        0 - 2,000
    Length of stroke (mm)                   23(7/8")     23(7/8")         22(7/8")     22(7/8")          25 (1")
                      Blade replacement     Yes             Yes         Hex wrench is needed.             Yes
    Toolless system
                      Shoe adjustment       Yes             Yes         *** Impossible to adjust     Hex wrench is needed.
    Trigger type variable
    speed control switch                     Yes            Yes          Yes           Yes                Yes
                   weight on catalogue 3.5 (7.7 lbs)                    2.9 (6.5 lbs) 2.7(6.0 lbs)     3.7(8.25 lbs)
    Weight (Kg)
                   actual weight        3.5 (7.7 lbs)   3.3 (7.2 lbs)   3.1 (6.8 lbs) 2.8(6.1 lbs)    3.9(8.6 lbs)
                                        **Battery                       Battery                       Battery
    Standard Equipments                 **Charger                       Charger                       Charger
                                        Set of Blade                    (One hour charger)            (40 min.charger)
                                        Plastic Case                    Set of Blade                  Set of Blade
                                                                        Hex rench                     Hex rench
                                                                        Plastic Case                  Steel Case

                                          * The number of Ah is dieffrent from model to model which are mentioned
                                            on the first page.
                                         ** The type of charger and battery cartridge are different from model to model
                                            which are mentioned on the first page.
                                        *** Impossible to adjust, bcause the shoe is fixed in the machine.
         Comparison chart 2

                  The data of Competitor Mod.A and B are indexed for 100.
                          Working speed                                 Working capacity
                                                                        with one full charged battery
                          Slow         Fast
    Wood (Spruce of 2 x 10)

             JR180D                                125 (9.6 Sec.)                                    85 (21 cuts)
Competitor 1 Mod.A                              100                                                 100
Competitor 2 Mod.C                                    125                                            85
            JR3000V                                      140
            (A/C tool)

     Carbon Steel Pipe for plumbing
           JR180D                                 125 (21.8 Sec.)                                   110 (10.5 cuts)
Competitor 1 Mod.A                              100                                                 100
Competitor 2 Mod.C                        75                                                         95
          JR3000V                                110
          (A/C tool)


                                          100                                                 100
                           Slow         Fast

       Wood (Spruce of 2 x 10)
           JR140D                                95 (11.0 Sec.)                                      75 (14 cuts)
Competitor 1 Mod.B                              100                                                 100
         JR3000V                                  120
         (A/C tool)

     Carbon Steel Pipe for plumbing
            JR140D                                    115 (25.2 Sec.)                          90 (7.5 cuts)
Competitor 1 Mod.B                             100                                                      100
         JR3000V                                105
         (A/C tool)
    Dismounting of Blade Clamp
                   Hex Socket Head Bold M5 x8
                          Compression Spring 16
    Blade Clamp                             Slider

Pin 5.5-6

Steel Ball 4.8
            Push Button                Compression Spring 3
                          Push Pin
      Press the push button, however, not too strong, and then hex socket head bolt can be dismounted.
      However, be so carefull that the hex socket head bolt does not spring out.

     Mounting of Blade Clamp                                                                Steel Ball 4.8

     Paint Makita Grease No.1 on the Steel Ball                            Grease
                                                                           Grease            Pin 5.5-6       Push Button
     and Pin, and then install them into Blade Clamp.
     Mount the Push Button on the above Blade Clamp.

                                                           Blade Clamp

     At the mounting of clamp and push button on the slider, keep the distance 2 - 3mm between clamp and push button.
     so, they can be installed on the slider soothly.

                              Push Button

                                                          Push Pin
                                                                           Compression Spring 3

                                                                                            Ring 13

                            > <      2mm - 3mm
             Clamp                                                            Compression Spring 16
Dismounting of Slider
Dismount the Pan Hd.Screw from the back side of the Lever 60 for shoe adjustment.
And then, dismount the Lever 60.
Dismount the Hex Bolt fastening the Shoe, and then Shoe can be pul1 out .
(Pay attention not to lose the Hex Nut installed in the lever in this process.)
                 Hex Bold


     Pan Hd.Screw M4 x 10
                                     Lever 60 for Shoe Adjustment

Loosen 4 pcs.of Pan H.Screw M5x18. and dismount the Gear Housing Cover after taken off the Insulation Cover.
At dismounting of the Insulation Cover , pay attention to on the Insulation Cover illustrated below.

                                                                          Insulation Cover

                                                                                         for prevention that the Insulation Cover
                                                                                         slips off from the machine.

Take off the Pan Hd.Screw fastening the Plane Bearings, and dismount the Plane Bearing on the Motor Housing side
from the Slider. After pushing the Slider in the direction of the Motor Housing, pull out the Slider in the
 direction of       as per the
following illustration.                    Pan Hd. Screw M5x16


                   Dust Seal 14
                                                                             Plane Bearing 19 (on the motor housing side)
                                                                                        Pull out the Slider
                                           Plane Bearing 19
                                                                                        in this direcyion.

                                  Gear Housing Cover
          Saw Blade Side side                                                  Motor Housing Side
Mounting of Slider
Set the Plate which has been dunked in the machien oil in advance, into the Gear Housing Cover.
Install the Slider on which the Plane Bearings are instlled in advance, on the Gear Housing Cover, and
Fasten it with Pan Hd.Screws together with Plate.

  Adhesive is painted on the Pan Hd.Srew M5x16 in advance for prevention against loosening. Use the new
  one with adhesive. If you do not replace with the new Pan Hd.Screw M5x16,paint the adhesive on it. .
  Paint the grease No.1 by approx. 7 g on the slider.

                                     Pan Hd. Screw M5x16

                                                                      Motor Housing Side

                   Plane Bearing 19                            Plane Bearing 19
                                         to be greased in advance
                      Ring 13
                                                                               Gear Housing Cover


            to be greased                                    Motor Housing Side
            in advance

 Dismounting of Bevel Gear 48
 Take off Plate (C) by loosening Hex Socket Hd.Bolt M5 x 12. And then dismount the Gear Complete from Gear Housing
 by loosening 3 pcs.of Pan Hd.Screw M5 x 8 which are installed on the bottom side of Gear Housing.

                             Hex Socket hd.Bolt M5x12               Pan Hd.Screw M5x8
 Hex Socket hd.Bolt M6x15

                                                                                                  Bottom view of
                                                                                                  Gear Housing

               Gear Complete                 Plate C      Pan Hd.Screw M5x8                Pan Hd.Screw M5x8

  Hold the flat secstion on the Gear Shaft end, and loosen Hex Socket Hd.Bolt M6 x 15.
  And then, Bevel Gear 48 can be separated from Gear Shaft.

   Hex Socket Head Bolt M6 x 15 is faced with adhesive. The repairing tool (Hex Wrench) has to be set in
  the hex socket precisely to prevent the damage on the bolt head.
Dismounting of Armature
Dismount Carbon Brushes.
Separate the Motor Housing from the Gear Housing by loosening the Tapping Screw 5x35 (4pcs.) and 5x45 (2 pcs.).
Take off Pan Hd.Screw M4x12 (2pcs.). So, Armature can be dismaounted from the machine.

 Not lose Compression Spring 4 installed between Switch and Switch Lever, at dismounting of
 Handle section.

                   Brush Holder Cap
                                                  Tapping Screw 5x35 (4pcs.)

                                                            Pan Hd.Screw
                                                            M4x12 (4 pcs.)

       Compressoin Spring 4                    Gear Housing

  Dismounting of Ball Bearing installed on the fan side of armature
  Take off the Stop Ring E10, mounted on Ball Bearing 6001DDW (however, not mounted on the Fan side.)
  in advance.
  Hook Bearing Retainer B with the Repairing Tool (No.1R021:Bearing Extracter),
  and then dismount Ball Bearing 6001DDW together with Bearing Retainer B.

                            Stop Ring E10 taken off from
                            the Ball Bearing 6001DDW in advance.

                                                                     Bearing Extracter 1R021
          Bearing Retainer B
                                                                       Ball Bearing 6001DDW
                                                                  Stop Ring E10 (Fan side)

                                                                     Fan Guide


  Mounting of Spiral Bevel Gear 48 and Armature
  Spiral Bevel Gear 48 and Armature can be mounted by taking reverse steps.
   Hex Socket Hd.Bolt M6x15 on Spiral Bevel Gear 48 is faced with adhesive for prevention of loosening.
   It has to be replaced with new one faced with adhesive. Not fasten Spiral Bevel Gear 48 with the used
   Hex Socket Hd.Bolt M6x15.
   The Pan Hd.Screws for fastening Gear Section and Armature, have to be replaced with new one faced
   with adhesive. In case that the used ones are installed, adhesive has to be painted on the used screws
   for prevention of loosening.
Mounting of Gear Housing Cover
Fasten Gear Housing Cover with Pan Hd.Screw M5 x 18 pressing it in the direction of motor housing
for sealing.

                                                Pan Hd.Screw M5x18

            Motor Housing

    Mounting of Insulation Cover
    Insulation Cover can be mounted smoothly by moistening inside of it.

    Circuit Diagram
                                                                                        Brush Holder


                                  Switch                                                       Armature
    Spring Terminal


                                                   Red                                  Brush Holder
Lead Wires integrated with Brush Holder

  Rib                                                                   Lead Wires integrated with Brush Holder has to be
                                                 Lead Holder B
                                                                        set asper the left illustration.
                                                Lead Holder A            * Fix the lead wire with lead holder A.
                                                                         * and then, fix with lead holder B through

                                                    Brush Holder
Circuit Diagram

Lead Wires have to be set through Lead Holder and Boss firmly as per the following illustration.

                            Lead Wires have to be set
                            by Lead Holder firmly.
    Boss for setting
    Lead Wires.

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