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T    ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                                    New Tool

       Models No.                 JS1670
       Description                MAKITA 1.0 mm Straight shear

   In reply to the request from over sea market, based on the JS1650,       72
   the curve cutting up to the minimum radius of 30 mm has been
   additionally built in so that it can be used for cutting the sun
   roof of the automobile. The side blade R-L and the center blade

   mounted on the JS1660 have been replaced with the ones for                                 306
   this JS1670.
   For the JS1670 the clearance adjusting for the blade is not

                                                             Consumed              Rated              Max.
       Voltage (V)      Current (A)        Cycle (Hz)
                                                             power(W)            output(W)          Output(W)
         100                2.7              50/60             260                  145                280
         115                2.3              50/60             260                  145                280
         200                1.4              50/60             260                  145                280
         220                1.2              50/60             260                  145                280
         230                1.2              50/60             260                  145                280
         240                1.1              50/60             260                  145                280

    No Load Speed        No. of striking(/min.)      4,500/min
    Max. cutting plate Soft steel plate              1.0mm
    thickness(mm)        Stainless plate             0.7mm
    Min. cutting radius (both in L/R )               30mm
    Net Weight                                       1.4kg
    Cord length(m)                                   2.5m

  Standard equipment
   Hex. wrench 3
   Wrench holder

  Optional accessories
   Side blade R
   Side blade L
   Center blade

  Features and benefits
   1. The curve cutting can be done for both left and right up to the minimum radius of 30 mm. Also the stainless plate
      (up to the thickness 0.7 mm) can be cut. [Other features shown below are
                                                                                            Shape of the side blade
      same as JS1650 and JS1660.] Note that the article 2 cannot be applied for
      the JS1650.
   2. The step difference made on the side blade can minimize the contact
      range(see ''a'' shown on right figure)between the cutting material and the          a                a
      side blade, thereby the cutting material cannot be damaged so easily.                 (JS1650)         (JS1670)
   3. The both blades cutting system may not deform the plate after cutting unlike the one blade type shear.
   4. The cutting chips can be discharged only in one direction, thereby enabling high working efficiency in safety.
   5. The edge of the machine is well designed so that the cutting section can be easily seen.
   6. The slide type switch is mounted on the center of the machine so that it can be easily handled by whichever hand
      of left or right hand.
   7. The light weight(1.4 kg) enables to operate for a long time.

 The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country.
                   (1) Thickness of the cutting material and the                      (2)Thickness of the cutting material and
                       cutting speed                                                     the load current value(in 100V)

(m/min.)                                                                             (A)
                                                        Soft steel plate             2.0
   Cutting speed

                                                                                               Stainless plate
                                                                                                                           Soft steel plate
                   6                                                                 1.5
                           Stainless plate
                                                Thin line ---JS1660
                                               Thick line --- JS1670                 1.0
                                             0.5       0.7      1.0 (mm)                                     0.5     0.7         1.0 (mm)
                       Thickness of cutting material                                       Thickness of cutting material

                   Same as JS1650.

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