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     Models No.              LS0810
                                                                                                           New Tool

     Description             MAKITA 210mm(8-1/4") Miter saw

CONCEPTION AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                              270
  This machine is the desktop miter saw having the link
  function(interlocking function) for the handle and the safety
  cover. If the handle is lowered(start to cut), the safety cover will
  start to open even if it does not touch the material, and it will be

  opened up to the necessary angle without damaging the
  material. Except that the open/close function of the safety cover
  is different, all other features are same as LS0800, M241. M242
  or the sister version of the LS0810 comprises the motor coated
  with the light green color in general. Note that only the one
  coated with the red color for exclusive export to America and                                     390
  Canada is manufactured so far.

                                                             Continuous           Rated
       Voltage (V)       Current (A)         Cycle (Hz)                                        Max. Output(W)
                                                             rating input(W)    output(W)
         100               11.0             50/60                 1050             620               810
         115                7.3             50/60                  800             440               860
         200                5.5             50/60                 1050             620               810
         220                3.8             50/60                  800             440               860
         230                3.7             50/60                  800             440               860
         240                3.5             50/60                  800             440               860
   *All the main functions are same as LS0800-M241.

    No Load Speed(min.)                         Rotation per minute            5000/min.
    Saw blade(mm)                               Inner dia                      25mm, 25.4mm
                                                Outer dia.       domestic      200-216mm
                                                                 export        200-210mm
    Max. cutting capacity(mm)                   Right angle(0) cutting in      55mmx130mm
    (When outer dia. of a saw blade             height, in width
    is 210mm)                                   45angle cutting in height,     55mmx95mm
                                                in width
                                                 52angle cutting in height,    55mmx81mm (when the stiffening
                                                 in width                      plate with thickness of 3 mm is
                                                                               placed between the guide rule and
                                                                               the material)
    Net Weight                                                                 5.6kg
                                                domestic                       5m
    Cord length(m)
                                                export                         2.5m

  Standard equipment
   Holder assembly --- One set(for receiving the lengthy material)
   Dust bag assembly --- One set
   Box wrench 9 --- One piece(for detaching the saw blade)
   Vice assembly --- One set(only for export)
   (Same as LS0800, M241.)

   The standard equipment for the tools shown may differ form country to country.
Optional accessories
 Distributable ruler assembly(only for domestic)
 Vice assembly(only for domestic)
 Table set parts.
 Saw blade (Same as LS0800, M241): Chip saw(No.210-11B18-teeth), Chip saw(No.210-11C40-teeth), Chip
 saw(No.210-11E80-teeth), Combination(No.210-7A30-teeth)

Features and benefits
 The safety cover will be opened/closed automatically in sequential operation with the up/down motion of the handle
 through the link function. It includes the following features.
    1) Since the safety cover will start to open without touching the material, it may not damage the material.
    2) The pressing force of the safety cover prevents the cutting chips from being caught in the saw blade when
    3) The safety cover may not open by touching with the side face or the underside at top dead center(when the
       motor is raised at upper limit) of the handle, but cover most of the saw blade section.
     (* Other features are same as LS0800, M241.)

* If the up/down motion of the handle becomes heavy due to the insufficient
  turning of the ring 8 mounted near the center of the safety cover, repair in
   the following orders. Disconnect the + pan head screw M6 and clean the
   dust accumulated inside the ring 8 and on the + pan head screw and flat
   washer 6, lubricate the oil, and then assemble. Do not strongly fasten the
   screw in this case, which may potentially damage the female screw. The
  screw should be fastened in a degree like fastening the normal M4
  screw.(fastening torque : 10-15 kgf-cm)
* Others are same as LS0800, M241.

                                                     Safety cover

                                                                Flat washer6
                                                               Ring 8
                                                             + pan head screw M6

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