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   Models No.                      PW5000C

   Description                     Stone Polisher 125mm
CONCEPT AND MAIN APPLICATIONS                                                                   W
   A machine ideal for stone polishing have been released.
   Its features and benefits are as follows.
   * Electronic with speed control by pre-setting dial,                                 H
     soft start and overload protection
   * 3 water supply holes evenly feed water to every channel
     of the polishing pad, protecting the pad from overheating
     and getting clogged with dust.
   * Ergonomically designed tool head provides comfortable
     grip.                                                                            Dimensions : mm ( " )
                                                                                  Length ( L ) 313 (12-3/8)
                                                                                  Width ( W ) 80 (3-1/8)
                                                                                  Height ( H ) 126 (5)

                                                                                Continuous Rating (W)
      Voltage (V)               Current (A)                Cycle (Hz)                                            Max. Output(W)
                                                                               Input           Output
             110                     8.6                     50 / 60            900              530                  1,000
    No load speed: min-1= rpm.                                                   2,000 - 4,000
    Pad size: mm (")                                      Diameter:100 (4) - 125 (5)       Spindle thread: M14
    Water supply                                                                      Yes
    Number of water supply holes                                                       3
    Soft start                                                                        Yes

                   Constant speed                                                    Yes

                   Overload protection                                               Yes
                   Speed control dial                                               Yes
    Head cover                                                                       Yes
    Protection against electric shock                                          Double insulation
                                                                                    5 (16.4)
    Cord length: m (ft)
                                                                            (For European countries)
    Net weight: kg (lbs)                                                            2.2 (4.9)

 Standard equipment
   * Pad 100 .................................................... 1 pc.
   * Side grip ................................................... 1 pc.
   * Head cover ................................................ 1 pc.
   * Wrench ...................................................... 1 pc.
   < Note > The standard equipment for the tool shown may differ from country to country.

 Optional          accessories
   * Various diamond discs
   * Front grip
   * Insulated transformer
Features    and benefits

  Tool Head Without Water Supply Attachment                                                     Speed Control Dial
 Elimination of water supply attachment from tool head allows                                               For presetting
 operator to grip the tool head for increased maneuverability.                                              the optimum
 And more comfortable work with equipped head cover.                                                        speed for
                                                                                                         Speed Control Dial

                                                                                               One-Touch Hose Joint
  3 Water Supply Holes                                                                      With only one action, hose can
  on the Spindle Top                                                                        be connected. Additionally,
                                                                                            for user convenience, designed
 Feed water evenly to every                                                                 exactly same as the hose joint
 channel of the polishing pad,                                                              of the competitor A.
 protecting the pad from
 overheating and getting                                                        Conveniently Located Water Valve
 clogged with dust.
                                                                                For easy water flow control in your hand

                      3 water
                                                                 *Use the optional Insulated transformer to transform
                      supply         Polishing Pad #100
                                                                  voltage from 220/230/240V to 110V.
                      holes      PW5000C comes with a
                                 rubber polishing pad suitable                                Insulated transformer
                                                                 [Plug of PW5000C]
                                 for polishing curved surface.
   Optional Accessories                                           Pin for grounding Hole for
                                 Regarding the product of
   for a Wide Range of                                                              grounding
                                 the competitor A, the pad of
   Polishing works               the same type is optional only.
 *Diamond polishing pads
  # 50, 100, 200, 400, 800,
    1500, 3000                                                         Protrusion

Comparison      of products
                      Model No.                  Makita                                        A
 Specifications                                PW5000C                          A                          AS
 Pad diameter: mm (")                     100 ( 4 ), Max.125 (5)                       Max. 115 (4-1/2)
 Power input: W                                    900                                      800
 No load speed: min-1= rpm.                  2,000 - 4,000                                 3,600
 Water supply                                       Yes                                     Yes
 Holes for water supply                              3                                       1
 Soft start                                         Yes                                      No
              Constant speed                        Yes                                      No
 Electronic Overload protection                                                              No
              Speed control dial                    Yes                                      No
 Residual current device for grounding              No                          No                         Yes
 Head cover                                         Yes                                        No
 Protection against electric shock         Double insulation            Double insulation                Grounding
 Power supply cord: m (ft)                      5 (16.4)                      5.0 (16.4)                 3.0 (9.8)
              Length: mm (")                  313 (12-3/8)                                  278 (11)
 Dimensions Width: mm (")                      80 (3-1/8)                                  123 (4-7/8)
              Height: mm (")                    126 (5 )                                   120 (4-3/4)
 Net weight: kg (lbs)                           2.2 (4.9)                                   2.0 (4.4)
                                          Pad 100      Side grip                            Side grip
 Standard equipment                       Head cover Wrench                                 Wrench
< 1 > Lubrication
     Put approximately 18g of MAKITA grease SG No.0 in gear chamber.
     Apply the same grease to the inside of the rip portion of oil seal (2 pcs), when spindle has been removed from
     bearing box complete.
< 2 > Disassembling and Assembling of Hose, Joint and Cock Complete
   1) Hose and Joint
     1. Nut 12 is mounted on the both ends of hose as illustrated in Fig. 1. Loosen either of the nuts with wrench
        while holding joint with wrench 10. (Fig. 1)
     2. Pull hose off from joint. If it is difficult to do so by hand, pull it off holding the trunk of sleeve with pliers.
        When holding sleeve with pliers, be careful not to break the trunk of sleeve. (Fig. 2)
     3. Remove nut 12 and sleeve from hose.
        Be careful not to damage the tapered portion of sleeve. (Fig. 3)
     4. Cock complete can be removed from rear cover by removing a 4x18 tapping screw. (Fig. 4)
     Fig. 1                                                             Fig. 2

                                                                                               Sleeve          Do not break the
                                                                                                               trunk of sleeve.

                                                                           Nut 12                    Joint
                Nut 12 on                  Nut 12 on
                bearing box end            cock complete end


          Wrench 10
                                                                        Fig. 3

                                                   Nut 12
                                                                                    Nut 12 Sleeve
                                                Joint                      Hose                                Do not damage
                                                                                                               the tapered portion.

                                           Bearing box

    Assembling                                                          Fig. 4
    1. Install nut 12 on hose, and then sleeve.                                Cock complete
       The hose has to protrude approximately by 3mm from                  Hose joint
       the top of sleeve. (Fig. 5)
    2. Insert hose into joint. And holding joint with wrench 10,
       tighten nut 12 using Torque wrench (1R219) and Spanner
       head (1R253). (Fig. 1)                                                                                        Rear cover
        Recommended torque;
        *Tightening Joint to Bearing box to 7 - 10 N.m
        *Tightening Nut 12 to Joint to 8.7 - 9.7 N.m
                                                                                                             Tapping screw 4x18
   2) Cock Complete
     Disassembling                                                      Fig. 5
     By removing hose joint, cock complete can be
     removed from rear cover. (Fig. 4)                                                Nut 12                       Joint
     (See next page for assembling of cock complete.)

                                                                                          Sleeve        Hose
< 2 > Disassembling and Assembling of Hose, Joint and Cock Complete
   2) Cock Complete                                        Fig. 6
     Assembling                                                   Switch knob
     When assembling cock complete to the tool,
     be sure to set the following two water sealing
     washers in each place. (Fig. 6)
       Rubber washer 12 between cock complete
       and plate
       Teflon washer 10 between plate and hose joint
     Note: Be sure to install cock complete on the
     tool so that its lever is positioned on the left side
     where switch knob is located. (Fig. 6)                        Cock complete                               Hose joint
                                                                    Rubber washer 12             Teflon washer 10
< 3 > Disassembling Rear Cover                                         Fig. 7
     1. Remove hose from the joint on bearing box side. (Fig. 1, 2, 3)
     2. Remove a 4x18 tapping screw on the rear end of rear cover,                                            Carbon brush
        and now, simply by pulling, rear cover can be removed from
        motor housing
< 4 > Replacing Power Supply Cord, Switch and Carbon Brush
     1. Power supply cord and switch can be replaced by removing
        rear cover as described above in "<3> Removing Rear Cover.
     2. Carbon brush can be replaced simply by pushing spiral spring
        aside as illustrated in Fig. 7
        Except in case you dispose of the carbon brush, be sure to
        disconnect receptacle by lifting up its bottom using a small    Slotted
        slotted screwdriver. (Fig. 7) Pulling contact pigtail to        screwdriver Spiral spring
        disconnect receptacle will cut the pigtail.

< 5 > Disassembling and Assembling of Spiral Bevel Gear 38               Fig. 8
      and Ball Bearing 6201DDW
     Disassembling                                                                                    Bearing box
     1. Remove hose from bearing box, and then remove the four
        M14x16 hex socket head bolts that fasten bearing box to gear
        housing complete.
        First loosen the bolts with an L-shaped hex wrench and then
        remove them using M4 hex shank bit (1R228) and Makita                                                 Gear housing
        impact driver. Because adhesive is applied to the thread of the                                       complete
        bolt, use of the hex shank bit from the start will break the top
        of the hex shank bit.
     2. Remove bearing box by hitting gear housing cover with a
        plastic hammer. (Fig. 8)                                                                 Gear housing cover
        Note: At this time, be careful not to hit the joint.
    3. If ball bearing 607LLB is on spindle when bearing box has been separated from gear housing complete, remove it
       from spindle using bearing extractor (1R269). (Fig. 9)
    4. Spiral bevel gear 38 can be removed from spindle by removing retaining ring S-12 from spindle using retaining ring
       S and R pliers. (Fig. 9)
     Fig. 9

        Ball bearing 607LLB                                                            Retaining ring S-12
                                                                                       Spiral bevel gear 38

                                                                                       Key 4
                                                                                       Remove key 4, after
        Bearing box                                                                    removing spiral
                                                                                       bevel gear 38,

     ("Disassembling" is continued to next page.)
< 5 > Disassembling and Assembling of Spiral Bevel Gear 38 and Ball Bearing 6201DDW
    5. In order to remove spindle from bearing box, first put bearing box on Ring 22 (1R217).
       And then, using arbor press and Round bar 10 (1R284), press spindle out of bearing box. (Fig. 10)
    6. Bearing retainer can be removed from bearing box by holding bearing box securely in vise
       and then turning bearing retainer counterclockwise with Wrench for bearing retainer (1R340). (Fig. 11)
    Fig. 10                                                   Fig. 11

      Round bar for                                                                                Wrench for

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