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T        ECHNICAL INFORMATION                                                                             New Tool

          For Models            UH4030,UH4830,UH5530,UH6330
          Description           Hedge Trimmers


New Hedge trimmers with Clutch and Double hand- switches, of which handle
shape was completely changed for easy operation of various working postures
in trimming horisonlal/vertical faces of hedges. Comparing to existing UH4520
                                                                                             UH4030 : 780mm
series, the cost and weight has been reduced, and Electric brake to stop Blade               UH4830 : 850mm
within 0.5 sec. is attached.                                                                 UH5530 : 920mm
                                                                                             UH6330 : 990mm
Blade length: UH4030 400mm UH4830 480mm
                 UH5530 550mm        UH6330 630mm

                                                                        Continuous Rating(W)
         Voltage(V)          Current(A)          Cycle(Hz)                                          Max. Output(W)
                                                                       Input            Output
           220-240               2.3                50-60               500              230                  400

       No load speed                      1500rpm
       Effective blade     UH4030         400mm
       length              UH4830         480mm
                           UH5530         550mm
                           UH6330         630mm
       Net weight          UH4030         3.0kg
                           UH4830         3.1kg
                           UH5530         3.2kg
                           UH6330         3.3kg
       Power supply cord                  0.3m

    Standard        equipment
     Blade cover
 Features    and benefits


                                                                      Double hand-switches
                                                                                 If releasing either one Switch
                           Handle-shape for easier operation                     lever, Blade will stop.
                          Good shape for easy handling in
                          trimming upper/side faces of hedge
                          and shrubs , etc.

       Both-blades driving system
       for sharp trimming

 W/ Blade cover                                       W/ Clutch                               Hook to prevent connecting
                                                      If thick branch or something is         cord from coming off.
                                                      bitten, Clutch works to protect Gear.

                                                                         W/ Electric brake (Blade stops within 0.5 sec.)
                                                                      If releasing either one Switch lever,
                                                                      Blade will stop instantly.
                        Shape of Shear blade                                  ( corresponding to European new standards)
                        ( corresponding to European new standards)
 1 Disassembly of Housing
(1) Loosen Tapping screws/Flange PT4x20s (2 pcs) fixing Protector with Grip, and take away Protector.

                                  Tapping screw/Flange PT4x20


                                   Blade cover

(2) Loosen Pan head screwM5x25s(2pcs) fixing Grip with Housing, and pull out Grip toward the arrow direction,
    extending it outside a little.

                                                                                Extend Grip a little

                                                                                   Pan-head screw

                                                                       Pull out Grip

(3) Loosen Tapping screwsPT4x20(8pcs) fixing Housing R/L and Pan-head zscrew M4x40s(2pcs) fixing
    Shear blade assembly , and separate Housing R from Housing L.

                                                                                Tapping screw

                                                                          Pan-head screw M4x40
2 Replacing Gear Assembly65
  When replacing Gear assembly65, apply Makita Grease No.1 --- 0.5g to Pin 8, 2 g all around Helical gear 65,
  and 1 g on outer circle of Crank respectively.

          Apply Makita Grease No.1, 0.5 g

                      Helical gear 65                                 Pin8

                                                                              Apply Makita Grease
                                                                              No.1 , 2g


                                                           Apply Makita Grease, 1g

3 Replacing Shear blade assembly
  When replacing Shear blade assembly, put Shear Blades, A and B, into driving Crank each, and place
  them into positioning Pin for Housing L surely.

                                                  Shear blade A

                                                                  Positioning Pin

                                                    Housing L

                               Shear Blade B
                                                                                         Shear blade assembly

4 Tightening torque of Tapping screw/Flange PT4x20
  Tighten them with tool setup torque , 13~18
Wiring Diagram
For 220/240V areas (Europe, Asia, Oceania)

                                                     Yellow           Yellow

                                             NC                 NC
                                                      Black                         Choke    Purple
                                           NO COM             NO COM                coil A
                                            Switch             Switch
    Power supply cord

                        Terminal                                  Black
                                                                  connector Receptacle
                                            White                                                     Receptacle
                                                                    coil B     Orange

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