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(1) Power Start NG
                                             Power start NG

                                                  Is the
                       No                       voltage at
                                               C815 normal
                     Is        Yes
                    F801                 Replace         Yes
                   open ?                 F801
                                                   Does                   Yes
                          No                       R808
        Check power socket copper and
         plug & D811...D814, R805

                                                                  Check Q868,I862,D831,R867
                                                 Is the
                     No                         start-up
                                               voltage at
         Check R849, R848, D870, C831,
               D831, R831,Q850                          Yes

                                                  Is the
                                                voltage of              Yes
                                               R867 normal

                                                        No        Check secondary side circuit.
                                                                  D802~D807 or any short circuit
                                                                  on B+ output,R867 resistance
                                           Q823 and their input
                                           control logic

(2) No Video (raster appear)

                               No Video(raster appear)

                                      Are the
                                   waveforms at
                                   pin 2,6,11 of
                                   I901 Normal
        Check signal cable,
        C901, C931, C961

                                       Are the
                                   voltages at pin                 No
                                     15 of I901
                                      normal ?
                                                           Check ABL line from PCB


                                       Are the
                                    waveforms at
                                   pin 35,32,29 of
                                    I901 normal ?                  No

                                                         The voltage at   pin           Yes
                                            Yes          17 of I901
                                                          normal ?

                                       Are the                                  I901 is defective
                                    waveforms at
                     No            cathode R/G/B                      No
                                   of CRT normal          Check D941
         Check video circuit
         voltages on
         Pin 1,3,5 of I904.
         Check 12V lines
         Check 75V lines.            CRT is defective.

(3) No Raster appear

                              No raster appear

                                 the H.V.                           Yes
                                                                Does raster
                                                               light up with           Yes
                                                             SCREEN control
                                                             turned clockwise
                                    Is the                           ?
                               voltage at O/P                                    Reset SCREEN
                              of D442 normal                            No       control.
                               (69...165V)?                       Is the
     Check B+ converter
                                                                voltage at                Yes
     CKTQ440, Q438,
                                                              heater normal
     Q439, D442                        Yes                       (6.3V) ?
                                                                                 Check brightness
                                                                     No          circuit Q495,
                                                                                 Q497, R482
                                                                                 Check spot killer
                                                            Check R930, P902     Ckt Q348, D348
                                   Is the
                                                                                 Check FBT, CRT
                               waveform at
                               Pin 1 of T430                          No
                                 normal ?
                                                                 Is the
                                                             waveforms at
                                       Yes                   Pin 26 of I401               Yes
                                                                normal ?
                          Open L440, Input 31KHz
                                                                                Check Q429,
                          signal apply 80V DC on
                                                                                D428, C427, R424
                          Pin 9 of T440                               No
                                                                                +14V to Q429
                                                              Check I401        

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