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mp1repair tips

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Salora   14S2, 20S2, 21S2                                                                                                                         MP Stereo chassis = MP-chassis
Luxor    3331, 5131, 5531                                                                                                                         equipped with stereo module.
         14B59, 20B59
         37/51/5524, 3725, 37/5155
                                                                   MP1-chassis (Mono Plus 1)                                                      Manufactured in Newcastle.

                                                                    ST1-chassis (Stereo 1)
  Chassis                     Faults appeared in the colours                                                        Possible cause of the fault

MP             No colours                                                       * Zener VD18 (Pal delay supply voltage)

                              Faults appeared in the picture

MP             Width and brightness vary                                        * Processor DF02, check also secondary controller NO05
MP             Picture shifted in horizontal direction                          * Zener VK40 (on H-flyback line)
MP             Picture shakes, will switch off by itself                        * Diode VO39
MP             Picture non-linear in vertical direction                         * CS18 broken (capacitor locates on pin 41 of TV processor)
MP             Horizontal line (no vertical deflection)                         * Check U4 (8V). If voltage too low, check CO39
                                                                                * CS13 leaks
MP             Horizontal disturbance stripes, picture is red, blue, green...   * Check CRT socket, poor contact, focus wire is loose...
MP             Horizontal shift insufficient, VK01 gets damaged                 * VK51, VK52
MP3724         Horizontal shift insufficient, VK01 and VK37 get damaged         * VD15
MP             Channel tuning varies, APS does not stop                         * Tuner, VL09, VF06
MP             Shadow-picture in menu display                                   * TDA8362
MP5166         Picture shakes                                                   * Cd30
MP             Width and brightness vary                                        * DF02 control processor, check STV5180
MP (18.3.99)   No picture, just noise, via Scart OK                             * CD01 (TDA8362 pin 13)

                               Faults appeared in the sound

MP (stereo)    No sound, mute is on                                             * Transistors VA60, VA61 (on Stereo module)
MP             No sound sometimes                                               * Headphone connector
MP             Text "buzzing"                                                   * Change RL30 for 15

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