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                           Ref. No. 4198

      SERVICE MANUAL       Apr, 2010

MODEL DTR-20.2       (B)

      Black model



 1. Replacing the fuses

                    This symbol located near the fuse indicates that the
    fuse used is show operating type, For continued protection against
    fire hazard, replace with same type fuse, For fuse rating, refer to
    the marking adjacent to the symbol.

                  Ce symbole indique que le fusible utilise est e lent.
    Pour une protection permanente, n'utiliser que des fusibles de meme
    type. Ce demier est indique la qu le present symbol est apposre.

        REF. NO.       PART NAME             DESCRIPTION                      PART NO.           REMARKS
         F6901           FUSE               12A-TUL-250V                     252301GR            
         F6902           FUSE               12A-TUL-250V                     252301GR            
         F901            FUSE               10A-UL/T-233                     252330GR            
         F901or          FUSE               10A-T/UL-ST2                     252330GR            
                                                                                   : North American model
 2. Safety check out
  (U.S.A. model only)
  After correcting the original service problem, perform the following safety check before releasing the unit to the customer.
  Leakage current Check
  Measure the leakage current to a known earth ground (water pipe or conduct etc.) by connecting a leakage current
  tester between the earth ground and exposed metal parts of the unit (input/output ground terminals, screw heads or metal overlays etc.).
  Plug the power supply cord directly into a 120Vac 60Hz wall socket and turn ON/STANDBY button on.
  Any current measured must not exceed 0.5mA.

 3. To initialize setting
 Initialization of memories.
 Press ON/STANDBY button while pressing down VCR/DVR button
 when the unit is POWER ON, then the FLT displays "CLEAR", and
 turn to STAND-BY. Remove power cord from power line.
                                                                    TX-SR308/ /508/ 578/ 608 HT-R280/ 380/ 538/ 580/ 680/ 980/ C230/ C260 DTR-20.2/ 30.2

TROUBLE SHOOT-1                       This is just for general reference and does not including every single case.
No Power

           No Power
                                                                                   (Power supply)
                                                                           BADG-0364 (MPU Board)                       BADG-0364 (MPU Board)
   BAETC-0376/0390 (Power supply)                          YES                                                NO

                                                                                                                                                       TX-SR308/ /508/ 578/ 608 HT-R280/ 380/ 538/ 580/ 680/ 980/ C230/ C260 DTR-20.2/ 30.2
                                                                           After Power on,                             Replace Q701 and also
   BADG-0364 (MPU Board)                                                   Voltage atJL901_1pin is changed             repairits peripheral circuit.
   JL901 4pin +12V                                                         from +12V t o 0V?
         2pin +10V

                         NO                                                                   YES

   BAETC-0376/0390 (Power supply)                                             BAETC-0376/0390
   Replace Power Supply Board orRepair                                                (Power Supply)
   Sub Transformer T902 and itsperipheral                                           F901 is blown out?
                                                  YES                                         NO

   After replacing F901 on                                                   BADG-0346 (MPU Board)
                                                           NO                After Power on, Voltage at      YES
   BAETC-0376/0390 (Power supply)
                                                                             P2001 22/21pin +5V
   either of F901 on Power supply Board         Replacing F901 will not
                                                                                   17/18pin +12V
                                                improve the unit.
   or F6901/F6902 on BAAF-0341(AF
   Board) blows out?
                                                                          BAETC-0359/0352/0345/                         BAVD-0375/0389
         BAAF-0355(AF Board)                                              (trans teminal Board)                          (Video board)
                                                                           After Power on, Voltage at
                                                                                                                     Replace Video Board or
   Replace "AF Board".                                                     JL952 AC10V                               Repair D901/Q9023/Q9031
   or "D6901 (Power supply diode)"                                                                                   and their peripheral circuit.
   "Power AMP(Final_TR and A_Class AMP) "
   and also repair their peripheral circuit.
                                                                            Replace Power
                                                                            Transformer or
                                                                            Repair its peripheral circuit.
                                                                                                                                    TX-SR308/ /508/ 578/ 608 HT-R280/ 380/ 538/ 580/ 680/ 980/ C230/ C260 DTR-20.2/ 30.2
           A                                  B                               C                              D                                  E                                 F                           G         H
    TROUBLE SHOOT- 2                                    This is just for general reference and does not include every single case.
                                                        The above waveforms are got by Oscilloscope of Maximum Horizontal Sensitivity: 100MHz.
    No Display                                          The results depend on the oscilloscope.

1                    No Display

               Fluorescent Display Tube
                                              NO    BAPS-0342/0349/0356(-VP Board)                   BAPS-0342/0349/0356 (-VP Board)                 BADIS-0373/ 0387
               is not working?                      JL953 between 2pin-4pin: AC3.3V                      JL953 3pin -33V                             (Display Board)
                                                                                        YES                                                    YES   P701                                     BADIS-0373/ 0387
                                                                                                               1pin and 5pin +3.3V
                                                                                                                                                     26pin FLD_SDD                             (Display Board)
                                                          NO                                                     NO                                  27pin FLD_CLK                    YES   Replace Display Board
                                                                                                                                                     28pin FLD_CS                           or repair Q7003 and
           Replace Fluorescent                          BAPS-0342/0349/0356
           Display Tube or                                                                            BAPS-0342/0349/0356(-VP Board)                 Transmission of each                   their peripheral circuit.
                                                                       (-VP Board)
           BADIS-0373/0387(Display                      JL951 1pin-2pin AC3.3V                           JL951 3pin-4pin AC40V                       of the signals is correct?
2          Board).                                                                            NO
                                                          YES                                                                                                  NO
           BAPS-0342/0349/0356                          BAPS-0342/0349/0356
                           (-VP Board)                                  (-VP Board)      Replace Power transformeror                                 BADG-0413(MPU Board)
           Replace -VP Board or                         R950(8.2 ) is disconnected?      Repair its peripheral circuit.
           Check for signal line                                                                                                 YES                 Replace MPU Board.
           damage etc. and fix any                                                                                                                   or Repair Q701 and
                                                          YES                                                                                        their peripheral circuit.

                                                    BAPS-0342/0349/0356 (-VP Board)                     BAPS-0342/0349/0356 (-VP Board)
                                                    Replace R950 (8.2 ) or -VP Board                    Replace -VP Board or Repair
                                                                                                        Q960/D960/D962/R961 and
                                                                                                                   their peripheral circuit.

                                                                                                                            FLD_CLK                  FLD_SDD(DATA) FLD_CS

                  Timing of Serial Communication


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