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                                                                      Ref. No. 4434

               AV RECEIVER
      MODEL TX-NR828(B)/(S)
                    European and Australian models ---> "RT/PTY/TP"
                    North American ---> "DIMMER"

             Black and Silver models
B MDC                                    120V AC, 60Hz
B MMR                                    220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
B MMP, B MMB, B MMA, S MMP               220-240V AC, 50/60Hz

1. Replacing the fuses
                 This symbol located near the fuse indicates that the
  fuse used is slow operating type, For continued protection against
  fire hazard, replace with same type fuse, For fuse rating, refer to
  the marking adjacent to the symbol.                                             : 120V,Canadian model
                                                                                  : 220-240V,CE(European) country model
                Ce symbole indique que le fusible utilise est e lent.             : 220-240V,Australian model
  Pour une protection permanente, n'utiliser que des fusibles de meme             : 220-240V,UK model
  type. Ce demier est indique la qu le present symbol est apposre.                : 220/230-240V,Chinese model

     REF NO.                   PART NAME        DESCRIPTION             PART NO.    REMARKS
     F6401, 6402               FUSE             15A-TUL-250V            252303GR     !
     F6401, 6402 or            FUSE             15A-UL/T-314            252197GR     !
     F9002                     FUSE             12A-TUL-250V            252301GR     ! 
     F9002 or                  FUSE             12A-UL/T-314            252196GR     ! 
     F9002                     FUSE             6.3A-SE-EAK             252079GR     ! 
     F9002 or                  FUSE             6.3A-SE-TL250V          252279GR     ! 
     F9001                     FUSE             1A-SEUL-TL250V          252397T      !
     F201                      FUSE             4A-SEUL-TL250V          252392T      !

2. Safety check out
  (U.S.A. model only)
  After correcting the original service problem, perform the following safety check before releasing the unit to the customer.
  Leakage current Check
  Measure the leakage current to a known earth ground (water pipe or conduct etc.) by connecting a leakage current
  tester between the earth ground and exposed metal parts of the unit (input/output ground terminals,
  screw heads or metal overlays etc.).
  Plug the power supply cord directly into a 120Vac 60Hz wall socket and turn ON/STANDBY button on.
  Any current measured must not exceed 0.5mA.

3. To initialize the unit
  Press ON/STANDBY button while pressing down CBL/SAT button
  when the unit is POWER ON, then the FL displays "CLEAR", and turn to STAND-BY. Remove power cord from power line.

4. To check version of each Firmware
  a. Push ON/STANDBY key while pushing down DISPLAY key to display MMPU(Main Microprocessor) version.
                  1.01/13515AE8                   Version of MMPU displayed only for 3 seconds.

  b. In display version, +(TONE) key and -(TONE) key are pushed to display another F/W version.


                      1.01/13515AE8                           MMPU
                                                              (Main Microprocessor)
             -(TONE)                         +(TONE)

                      1.07/13514AEA                           DSP1st/ NET

             -(TONE)                         +(TONE)

                      1.02/13325AE                            Video Microprocessor           Version displayed
                                             +(TONE)                                         only for 3 seconds.

                      1.01/13322AEO                           VSP
                                                              (Video signal processor )
             -(TONE)                         +(TONE)

                      1.00/12Z18AE                            OSD
                                                              (On screen display)


5. Notes on repairs (Power supply board)
 Some parts on BAPS-1353 may remain high voltages even after the power cord is disconnected from AC power source.
 Before starting repair and any other work , please discharge C9002 by connecting resistors between its terminals.
 See the figure below(recommended resistor spec: 5 k ohms/ 10W)
 It is dangerous to touch the "HIGH VOLTAGE PRIMARY" area surrounded by white lines without discharging.

                   POWER SUPPLY(PRI) PC BOARD ASS'Y

                                           HIGH VOLTAGE PRIMARY

                                                              TX-NR828/ 929/ DTR-50.5/ 60.5/ DHC-60.5

 AUDIO DEBUG MODE (Display mode of the audio information)
 The operations of DSP and DIR etc are able to checked by the information displayed on FL in this debug mode.
 This information will help to analysing digital audio no sound trouble.

 To set in Debug mode
 1. Press twice the ON/STANDBY key while pressing the DISPLAY key.
                                Main:                         The version number of microprocessor is displayed
                                1.01/13515AE8                 only for 3 seconds.

 2. Press +(TONE) button while the version number of microprocessor is displayed.
                                DSP 1st/NET:                  The version number of DSP is displayed
                                1.07/13514AEA                 only for 3 seconds.

 3. Press DISPLAY button while the version number of DSP is displayed.
    e.g.                                   Audio dubug mode
            0A0002 : : 00
            ANA: o: NON: :                 Step-1

 4. Press DISPLAY button.
            1: ANA 048k048k                Step-2
            2/ 0. 0: 2. 0: 3/4
                                                               10. Press DISPLAY button.
 5. Press DISPLAY button.                                        e.g.                                    Step-8
                                                                         LB : 0            0
    e.g.                                                                 RB : 0            0
            2: o: PCM : PCM                Step-3
             00: x: F: OFF                                     11. Press DISPLAY button.
                                                                 e.g.                                    Step-9
 6. Press DISPLAY button.                                                LH : 0            0
                                                                         RH : 0            0
    e.g.    SP00F * 00F00409               Step-4
            48 48256STB                                        12. Press DISPLAY button.
 7. Press DISPLAY button.                                                LW : 0            0             Step-10
    e.g.                                                                 RW : 0            0
            L : 0           0              Step-5
            R : 0           0                                  13. Press DISPLAY button.
                                                                 e.g.                                    Step-11
 8. Press DISPLAY button.                                                SW : 0            0
            C    :     0    0              Step-6                        SW2 : 0           0

                                                               14. Press DISPLAY button.
 9. Press DISPLAY button.
    e.g.    LS : 0              0          Step-7
            RS : 0              0
                                                         TX-NR828/ 929/ DTR-50.5/ 60.5/ DHC-60.5

 Step-1                                 FL Display

             1     1    2   2   3   3     :    A     A     :   B      B

             C     C    C   :   D   :     E     E    E     :   F      :   G

    1 st_srd.lmd                        2 st_srd.extdec                       A       Muting port
    C_LM_LAST           0x01            C_EXTDEC_OFF           0x00
                                                                              D         DIGMUTE port
    C_LM_PURE           0x02            C_EXTDEC_20_PLII       0x01
    C_LM_DIRECT         0x03            C_EXTDEC_20_PLIIX      0x02           A         AMUTE port
    C_LM_STEREO         0x04            C_EXTDEC_20_PLIIZ      0x03
    C_LM_MONO           0x05            C_EXTDEC_20_NEO6       0x04
    C_LM_SURR           0x20            C_EXTDEC_51_MTR        0x05           B Factor of muting
    C_LM_THX_MUSIC      0x50            C_EXTDEC_51_DSC        0x06
    C_LM_THX_GAME       0x70            C_EXTDEC_51_NEO6       0x07           bit_1     SELMUTE
    C_LM_THX_CINEMA     0x90            C_EXTDEC_51_EX         0x08
    C_LM_THX_U2GAME     0xA0            C_EXTDEC_51_PLIIX      0x09           bit_2     POWMUTE
    C_LM_THX_U2MUSIC    0xA8            C_EXTDEC_51_PLIIZ      0x0A           bit_3     PROTECTMUTE
    C_LM_THX_U2CINEMA   0xB0            C_EXTDEC_9624          0x0B
    C_LM_AUDYSSEY       0xD0            C_EXTDEC_9624_MTR      0x0C           bit_4     AUDIOOUTMUTE
    C_LM_DTSSS          0x48            C_EXTDEC_71MULTI       0x0E
                                                                              bit_5     AUDIOMUTE
    C_LM_ORCHESTRA      0x06            C_EXTDEC_20_NEURAL     0x0F
    C_LM_UNPLUGGED      0x07            C_EXTDEC_51_NEURAL     0x10
    C_LM_STUDIOMIX      0x08
    C_LM_TVLOGIC        0x09            3 st_srd.extdecmd                     C       Input
    C_LM_ALLCHST        0x0A
    C_LM_FULLMONO       0x0B            C_EXTDECMD_OFF         0x00           ANA       Analog
    C_LM_TD             0x0C            C_EXTDECMD_10          0x01
                                                                              COX       Caxal
    C_LM_TESTTONE       0xF1            C_EXTDECMD_20          0x02
    C_LM_TESTTHR        0xF2            C_EXTDECMD_MOVIE       0x03           OPT       Optical
    C_LM_TESTAUTO       0xF3            C_EXTDECMD_MUSIC       0x04
                                        C_EXTDECMD_GAME        0x05           HDM       HDMI
    C_LM_ASC            0xF4
    C_LM_FLASH          0xF5            C_EXTDECMD_HEIGHT      0x06           ARC       ARC
    C_LM_DEBUGMODE      0xF6            C_EXTDECMD_WIDE        0x07
    C_LM_FLASH2         0xF7
    C_LM_FLASH3         0xF8
    C_LM_FLASH4         0xF9
                                                                              D DSP Detect
    C_LM_FLASH_CHECK    0xFA                                                            DSP Detect OK
    C_LM_RPG            0x0D
    C_LM_ACTION         0x0E                                                  

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