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Dishwashers                                                               599 517 755          EN

Bad drying result with dishwashers

Before the after-sales service visits the customer it is required that the order acceptance finds out by
questioning whether the drying result is normal or really faulty.

A normal drying result is:

-     There is a thin moisture film on the inner door and on the interior walls of the dishwasher, which however
      gets dry visibly after a short time. In this connection, some humid air is still escaping from the

-     In case of dishwashers with the best drying result the drying effect is marked with an A on the energy
      label. That means that at least 93 % of the dishes must be dry.

-     Plates, cups, dishes and pots dry in general very good.

-     The glasses still may have some water drops at the points of contact to the basket.

-     There is water in hollows in which the water cannot drain from the dishes.

-     There may be water drops at the points of contact with cutlery items.

-     Plastic dishes in general dry badly. It is necessary to dry by hand with a tea-cloth afterwards.

The use of 3-in-1 products, that is detergent tabs which include softener, detergent and rinse-aid,
could also be the reason.

The customer should try common detergents and rinse-aid or should call the hotline of the producer
of the cleaning agent.

When the technician is checking the dishwasher, he can relate the drying result to two fault pattern.

1.    The dishwasher is drying but the customer is generally unsatisfied with the drying result.

      Check and measures

      -      Is the fan running?
             "Trick" the door contact with a separate lock bow and switch on the fan via the service function.
             Hold your hand or a lighter in front of the water hardness regulator: a smooth air flow must be

      -      Is the detergent and rinse-aid dosage tight?
             In case of leaky detergent and rinse-aid dosages the provided quantity of rinse-aid is no more
             available for the final rinse cycle. Open the dishwasher until the door is in horizontal position and
             wait approx. 30 seconds.
             In case of new detergent and rinse-aid dosages with a rinse-aid cover: On this occasion open the
             rinse-aid cover. Check the sealing in the cover for a correct seat. Also check whether the
             counterpart has left a mark on the sealing as a continuous line. Wipe off rinse-aid remains at the
             fill-in opening with a cloth until the fill-in area is dry. Then put the door slowly almost vertical.
             (rinse-aid cover still open). Rinse-aid must not leak out of the fill-in opening.

                                                   2                                   599 517 755           EN

          On former detergent dispensers with a round rinsing agent filling aperture keep this aperture
          closed, then place the door to an almost vertical position. Rinse-aid must not leak out of the fill-in

          Old and new detergent and rinse-aid dosage, door almost vertical, door contact "tricked" with a
          separate lock bow. Select the detergent and rinse-aid dosage once via the service function and
          wait 2 minutes. If the rinse-aid is leaking out of the dosage opening, then the detergent and rinse-
          aid dosage is leaky internally.

          A leaking detergent and rinse-aid dosage has to be replaced completely.

     -    Is the rinse-aid dosage adjusted optimally?
          An increase favours the drying result.

     -    Is the final rinse temperature correct?
          With the control classes EDW 1500 , EDW 1503, EDW 2000 with turbidity sensor and automatic
          program the maximum final rinse temperature is 67 

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