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 The following cautions will prevent accidents in the workplace and will ensure safe products.
*The symbols indicate caution is needed to prevent injuries and damage to property.
 The symbols and their meanings follow.

                         If you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely,
         Warning         serious injury or death may result.

                         If you ignore this symbol and handle the product incorrectly or unsafely,
         Caution         injury or only material damage may result.

*The following symbols indicate two levels of cautions.

         When you see this symbol, you have to be very careful.

         When you see this symbol, you have to follow the instructions there.

         Do not look squarely into the laser light                            Fuse Caution
         coming from the pickup.                                              Always use a designated fuse.
         You may loose you sight.                                             Use of an incorrect fuse may result in a fire.

         Do not allow wiring to be caught in the                              Battery Caution
         screw/chassis.                                                       Use the designated battery.
         If wiring is caught in the screw/chassis, it may                     Confirm the correct polarity and seat of the
         cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire.                          battery.
                                                                              An incorrect battery or an improperly connected
                                                                              or seated battery may result in a fire.

         High Temperature Caution                                             Designated Parts Caution
         Touching the heat sink may cause severe burns.                       Look up the part list and ensure that only
                                                                              designated parts are used to prevent problems or

         Reverse Power Supply Connections or                                  Wiring Caution
         Misconnections Caution                                               Ensure that the wiring is correct when rewiring to
         Reverse power supply connections or                                  prevent problems with ignition/breakdown.
         misconnections may cause ignition problems and
         smoke may result.

         Soldering Caution                                                    Wear Gloves
         Hot solder from solder splash may cause severe                       Wear gloves to prevent electrical shocks or injury
         burns.                                                               from the end face of the metal.
Packing Method View

                       NOSE side                       Hook Lock

                                                                                                       Hook Lock

102                                                                           O   M
                      s id
                          e                         Hook Lock
                                                                                                 Hook Lock





                              Card Note                         101-1             101-2                  101-3          101-4        103        105              106

                                                                        X4                                         X1           X1
                                                                                                                                                            X1                     X1


                              Quick Guide
101-1   03S60820Y16   SCR,MCH 5X8 ZN A
101-2   36A02449K01   CAP,RUBBER(A)
101-3   03A60836Y01   SCR,CUS 5X7 ZN A
101-4   03S60824Y01   SCR,WEV 1.7X4 ZN A
102-1   68-10334Z35   O/M-CDROM BT-BASIC
102-2   68-16909Z38   C/N-QRG AOEU DDA
 103    15D00529K02   CASE,INNER
 104    15D01798K04   CARRYING,CASE
 105    50-14386Z03   ASSY,LYS-M9750-FUL
 106    09-14545Z02   ASSY,HARNESS POW 03A
A. Note for ELEP COAT removal operation
      1. Mask the surrounding area to prevent HEXANE from flowing into those area (PC Card slot, the Flash, connector terminals, etc.)
                  Masking tape
                  Manufacturer : 3M
                  Product Name : 243 Masking Tape (20 x 18)

      2. Warm the PWB using the heat chamber (or a dryer). The ELEP COAT removal process can be started when the ELEP COAT of the parts to be exchanged becomes soft.
                 < Condition >
                 1 ) Temperature setting : 60 

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