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(S792-3 S792W-3 Series)


        F/N : S792W-3-00-A
        Date : Oct-18-02
        Version : A00

1.   CRT :            43.2CM(17") 90 Deflection, 29mm Neck, Pure flat 0.25mm Dot Pitch, Non-Glare Screen

2.   Viewable image Size: 43CM (16") diagonal

3.   Display Color:      Unlimited Colors

4.   External Controls:
     Power On/Off, OSD key, Function knob: Contrast, Brightness, H-Size, H-Center, V-Size, V-Center, ZOOM,
     Pincushion, Trapezoid, Pin-Balance, Parallelogram, Rotation, Moire Reduce, Recall, Degaussing, Color
5.   Input Video Signal

                       Mode 1     Mode 2     Mode 3     Mode 4
                       RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog
     Horiz. Sync:      TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Negative   Negative   Negative   Positive
     Vert. Sync:       TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Positive   Negative   Negative   Positive

     Horizontal:       720 (H)        640 (H)      640 (H)       800 (H)
     Vertical :        400 (V)        480 (V)      480(V)        600(V)
     Fh (kHz):         31.327         31.469       43.269        53.750
     Fv (Hz) :         69.616         59.9         85.008        84.997

                       Mode 5     Mode 6     Mode 7     Mode 8
                      RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog
     Horiz. Sync:      TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Positive   Positive   Positive   Positive
     Vert. Sync:       TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Positive   Positive   Positive   Positive

     Horizontal:       1024 (H)      1280 (H)     1280 (H)      1600 (H)
     Vertical :        768 (V)       960 (V)      1024 (V)      1200 (V)
     Fh (kHz):         68.677        85.935       91.148        93.75
     Fv (Hz) :         84.997        85           85            75

6.   Display Size
     Horizontal:             300 mm
     Vertical:               230 mm

7.   Scanning Frequencies
     Horizontal:          30KHz ~ 98KHz
     Vertical:            50 Hz ~ 160 Hz

8.   Factory Preset Timings: 8
     User Timings: 20

9.   Mis-convergence
     Center:                 0.3 mm Max.
     Corner:                 0.4 mm Max.

10. Video Dot Rate:         200 MHz
                                  3. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS
This procedure gives you instructions for installing and using the 9K color display.
1. Position the display on the desired operation and plug the power cord into a convenient AC outlet. Three-
     wire power cord must be shielded and is provided as a safety precaution as it connects the chassis and
     cabinet to the electrical conduit ground. If the AC outlet in your location does not have provisions for the
     grounded type plug, the installer should attach the proper adapter to ensure a safe ground potential.
2. Connect the 15-pin color display shielded signal cable to your signal system device and lock both screws
     on the connector to ensure firm grounding. The connector information is as follow:

                                               1                    5

                                              11                    15

                                      15 - Pin Color Display Signal Cable

      PIN NO.                DESCRIPTION                   PIN NO.                   DESCRIPTION

         1.                     RED                            9.             NC
         2.                     GREEN                         10.             GND
         3.                     BLUE                          11.             SYNC. GND
         4.                     GND                           12.             SDA
         5.                     GND                           13.             HORIZ. SYNC
         6.                     GND-R                         14.             VERT. SYNC (VCLK)
         7.                     GND-G                         15.             SCL
         8.                     GND-B

3.   Apply power to the display by turning the power switch to the "ON" position and allow about thirty
     seconds for display tube warm-up. The Power-On indicator lights when the display is on.
4.   With proper signals feed to the display, a pattern or data should appear on the screen, adjust the brightness
     and contrast to the most pleasing display.
5.   This monitor has power saving function following the VESA DPMS. Be sure to connect the signal cable to
     the PC.
6.   If your 7G Series color display requires service, it must be returned with the power cord.
                                             4. ADJUSTMENT

   1.    Approximately 30 minutes should be allowed for warm up before proceeding.
   2.    Adjustments should be undertaken only on those necessary elements since most of them have been carefully
         preset at the factory.


   NO.     FUNCTION                                      LOCATION                               DESIGNATION

   1.      B + ADJ                                       PCB - MAIN                             VR902
   2.      SCREEN ADJ                                    FLY BACK TRANS                         T402
   3.      FOCUS ADJ                                     FLY BACK TRANS                         T402
   4.      ABL ADJ                                       PCB - MAIN                             VR701
   5.      SUB-BRIGHTNESS ADJ                            PCB - MAIN                             VR702
                            -MENU                        PCB - MAIN                             SW103
                            -UP                          PCB - MAIN                             SW105
   6.      FUNCTION ADJ -DOWN                            PCB - MAIN                             SW104
                            -EXIT                        PCB - MAIN                             SW102


   1. B + & HV voltage adjustment and hold down circuit confirmation:
      A. Chrome-2000 Signal generator or PC equivalent set mode 2, VGA 640X480 pattern 1.0 .
      B. Connect a DC Volt meter between TP902 or D925 cathode and ground, then adjust VR902 to be
      C. Connect a DC Volt meter between TP701(G1) and ground, Brightness set to max. Then adjust VR702 to

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