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                         S992 Series

    P/N : S992X-3-01-A
    Date : Jul-29-02
    Version : A00
                          1. SPECIFICATIONS FOR 9Glr SERIES COLOR MONITOR

1.   CRT :         46CM(19") 90 Deflection, 29mm Neck, flat 0.26mm Dot Pitch, Non-Glare Screen

2.   Viewable image Size: 45.7CM (18") diagonal

3.   Display Color:       Unlimited Colors

4.   External Controls:
     Power On/Off, OSD key, Function knob: Contrast, Brightness, H-Size, H-Center, V-Size, V-Center, ZOOM,
     Pincushion, Trapezoid, Pin-Balance, Parallelogram, Rotation, Moire Reduce, Recall, Degaussing, Color
     Temperature, Volume. (For 9GlrA Model)

5.   Input Video Signal

                      Mode 1     Mode 2     Mode 3     Mode 4
                      RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog
     Horiz. Sync:     TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                      Negative   Negative   Negative   Positive
     Vert. Sync:      TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                      Positive   Negative   Negative   Positive

     Horizontal:       720 (H)         640 (H)    640 (H)       800 (H)
     Vertical :        400 (V)         480 (V)    480(V)        600(V)
     Fh (kHz):         31.327          31.469     43.269        53.750
     Fv (Hz) :         69.616          59.9       85.008        84.997

                       Mode 5     Mode 6     Mode 7     Mode 8
                      RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog RGB Analog
     Horiz. Sync:      TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Positive   Positive   Positive   Positive
     Vert. Sync:       TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level  TTL Level
                       Positive   Positive   Positive   Positive

     Horizontal:       1024 (H)      1280 (H)     1280 (H)     1600 (H)
     Vertical :        768 (V)       960 (V)      1024 (V)     1200 (V)
     Fh (kHz):         68.677        85.935       91.148       93.75
     Fv (Hz) :         84.997        85           85           75

6.   Display Size
     Horizontal:              346 mm
     Vertical:                260 mm

7.   Scanning Frequencies
     Horizontal:          30KHz ~ 98KHz
     Vertical:            50 Hz ~ 160 Hz

8.   Factory Preset Timings: 8
     User Timings: 20

9.   Mis-convergence
     Center:                 0.3 mm Max.
     Corner:                 0.4 mm Max.

10. Video Dot Rate:         200 MHz
                                      2. PRECAUTIONS AND NOTICES

      1.   Observe all caution and safety related notes located inside the display cabinet.
      2.   Operation of the display with the cover removed, may cause a serious shock hazard from the display power
           supply. Work on the display should not be attempted by anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with
           precautions necessary when working on high voltage equipment.
      3.   Do not install, remove or handle the picture tube in any manner unless shatter-proof goggles are worn.
           People who are not so equipped should be kept away while handling picture tube. Keep picture tube away
           from the body while handling.
      4.   The picture tube is constructed to limit X-RAY radiation to 0.5 mR/HR. For continued protection, use the
           designated replacement tube only, and adjust the voltages so that the designated maximum rating at the
           anode will not be exceeded.
      5.   Symbol "" means safety relative parts. The use of substitute replacement parts which do not have the
           same characteristics as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire or explode etc.
      6.   Symbol " " means X-ray relative parts. Before replacing any of these components please read the parts list
           in this manual carefully to avoid creating higher anode voltage or x-ray. Especially for sealed controls, such
           as VR902, VR702 and FBT screen VR etc, which were sealed by the manufacturer once their optimum
           position has been set, please don't dismantle them as your likes, otherwise you will break or damage the
           component. If you need replace the parts with sealed control, please adjust the relative VR to make sure the
           B+ voltage under 61.8Vdc at 640*480@60Hz and well seal it with A+B glue or equivalent, which you can
           not move away with one screw driver.
      7.   Before returning a serviced display to the customer, a thorough safety test must be performed to verify that
           the display is safe to operate without danger or shock. Always perform an AC leakage current check on the
           exposed metallic parts of the cabinet, such as screw heads.
            Test method for current leakage is described as follow.
            (a) Plug the AC line cord directly into rated AC outlet (do not use a line isolation transformer during this
            (b) Use an AC voltmeter having 5000 ohms per volt or with more sensitivity in the following manner:
                  Connect a 1500 ohms 10 Watt resistor, paralleled by a 0.15UF, AC type capacitor between a known
                  good earth ground (water pipe, conduit, etc.) and the exposed metallic parts simultaneously. Measure
                  the AC voltage across the combination of 1500 ohms resistor and 0.15UF capacitor.
            (c) Reverse the AC plug at the AC outlet and repeat AC voltage measurements for each exposed metallic
            (d) Voltage measured must not exceed 0.5 volts RMS. This corresponds to 0.35 milliamp AC. Any value
                  exceeding this limit constitutes a potential shock hazard and must be corrected immediately.


      Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety visual inspections and the protection
      afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained by using replacement components rated for higher voltage,
      wattage, etc. Before replacing any of these components read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of
      substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may
      create shock, fire, X-RAY radiation or other hazards.


      1.   When replacing parts or circuit boards, clamp the lead wires around terminals before soldering.
      2.   When replacing a high wattage resistor (more than 1/2W of metal oxide film resistor) in circuit board, keep
           the resistor about 10mm (1/2 in) away from circuit board.
      3.   Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature components.
      4.   Keep wires in their original position so as to reduce interference.
                                  3. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS
This procedure gives you instructions for installing and using the 9G color display.
1. Position the display on the desired operation and plug the power cord into a convenient AC outlet. Three-
     wire power cord must be shielded and is provided as a safety precaution as it connects the chassis and
     cabinet to the electrical conduit ground. If the AC outlet in your location does not have provisions for the
     grounded type plug, the installer should attach the proper adapter to ensure a safe ground potential.
2. Connect the 15-pin color display shielded signal cable to your signal system device and lock both screws
     on the connector to ensure firm grounding. The connector information is as follow:

                                               1                    5

                                              11                    15

                                      15 - Pin Color Display Signal Cable

      PIN NO.                DESCRIPTION                   PIN NO.                   DESCRIPTION

         1.                     RED                            9.             NC
         2.                     GREEN                         10.             GND
         3.                     BLUE                          11.             SYNC. GND
         4.                     GND                           12.             SDA
         5.                     GND                           13.             HORIZ. SYNC
         6.                     GND-R                         14.             VERT. SYNC (VCLK)
         7.                     GND-G                         15.             SCL
         8.                     GND-B

3.   Apply power to the display by turning the power switch to the "ON" position and allow about thirty
     seconds for display tube warm-up. The Power-On indicator lights when the display is on.
4.   With proper signals feed to the display, a pattern or data should appear on the screen, adjust the brightness
     and contrast to the most pleasing display.
5.   This monitor has power saving function following the VESA DPMS. Be sure to connect the signal cable to
     the PC.
6.   If your 9G Series color display requires service, it must be returned with the power cord.
                                               4. ADJUSTMENT

   1.    Approximately 30 minutes should be allowed for warm up before proceeding.
   2.    Adjustments should be undertaken only on those necessary elements since most of them have been carefully
         preset at the factory.


   NO.      FUNCTION                                       LOCATION                               DESIGNATION

   1.       B + ADJ                                        PCB - MAIN                             VR902
   2.       SCREEN ADJ                                     FLY BACK TRANS                         T402
   3.       FOCUS ADJ                                      FLY BACK TRANS                         T402
   4.       ABL ADJ                                        PCB - MAIN                             VR701
   5.       SUB-BRIGHTNESS ADJ                             PCB - MAIN                             VR702


   1. B + & HV voltage adjustment and hold down circuit confirmation:
      A. Chrome-2000 Signal generator or PC equivalent set mode 2, VGA 640X680@60Hz pattern 1 .
      B. Connect a DC Volt meter between TP902 or D925 cathode and ground, then adjust VR902 to be
      C. Connect a DC Volt meter between TP701(G1) and ground, Brightness set to max. Then adjust VR702 to
         be -40 VDC.
      D. Connect a 22k resistor in parallel with R419 to increase the HV, the hold down circuit will operate and
         the display will disappear. Then disconnect this resistor to bring the unit to normal condition.

   2. Factory preset Timings Adjustment:
      A. Press MENU Key to show OSD window press Up or Down Key to switch the functional controls.
      B. Press the Up Key to select the "ZOOM" function, then press the MENU Key. While do not release the
         MENU Key until the OSD window changed to the Factory preset window.
      C. The Factory preset window contains the following functional controls. Select one of the control by press
         the MENU key. Then press the Up/Down Key to adjust it's value for the optimum picture.
      MENU Key to Quit the OSD window. Mean while the new setting data will be saved in the memory.

        E. To switches the input signal to the other Timing Mode. Please follow step C ~ D to get the optimum picture.

        F. Select the "        " RETURN function and press the MENU Key, then the Factor Preset window will be
           returned to the original OSD window.(user's operating condition)
           ROTATION, COLOR TEMPERATURE are common mode saved in the memory. Don't needed adjust it
           individual at every timing Mode and save in the memory.

        H         Model select: for factory only, service engineer can't changed.
                          FACTORY PRESET
      H: 68.8KHz
       H: 36.51kHz                        V: 85Hz
                                               V:   51.34Hz

                     HS       Vc
                              HP                        TC

                                             9300       6500

                 Tm BI


      CONTRAST                        H-MOIRE REDUCE

      BRIGHTNESS                      V-MOIRE REDUCE

      H-CENTER                        R-GAIN

      H-SIZE                          G-GAIN

      V-CENTER                        B-GAIN

      V-SIZE                          R-BIAS

      ZOOM                            G-BIAS

      TOP COMER                       R-BIAS
      BOTTOM COMER             9300   COLOR TEMPERATURE
      PINCUSHION               6500   COLOR TEMPERATURE

      TRAPEZOID                       DEGAUSS

      PIN-BALANCE                     OSD EXIT

      PARALLELOGRAM                   RETURN

      ROTATION                        Vs LINEAR

      SUB-H-SIZE                      Vc LINEAR
      H-SIZE-PHASE                    B/I ON/OFF
HP                             BI
                                      Used time
3. White Balance, Luminance adjustment:
   A. Bias (Low Luminance) adjustment:
      (a) Set mode 5 1024 x 768 Fh: 68.7KHz full white pattern.
      (b) To make the adjustment condition is under the Factory preset window.
           Same as step 2-C.
      (c) Warm up more than 30 minutes.

      (d) Brightness    set to maximum. Contrast            set to max. full white pattern, then adjust FBT screen
          VR to make Y= 4.0

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