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BEKO chassis L5A LCD

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               CONTENTS               PAGES

Safety instructions                     1

Technical specifications                2

Panel Specification                     3

Chassis block diagram                   4

Scaler block diagram                    5

Block diagram of power supply           6

Chassis overwiev                        7

Service mode items and explanations    12

Data sheet of important IC's           17

Recommended Part List                  29

Frequency list of channels             30
                     SAFETY PRECAUTIONS


1. Always use the manufacturer's replacement safety
    components. The critical safety components marked          5        High temperature & high humidity
    with     on the schematics diagrams should not be                   reduce the life-time.
    by other substitutes. Other substitute may create the     LCD is not proper to be used at high temperature
    electrical shock , fire or other hazards. Take            and high humidity. Please keep specified
    attention to replace the spacers with the originals.      temperature and humidity condition.
    Furthermore where a short circuit has occurred ,
    replace those components that indicate evidence of          6-      Keep out of Corrosive Gas.
                                                              Corrosive gas effect the polarizer and the circuit
2. After servicing , see that all the protective devices      chemically and cause defects accordingly.
    such as insulation barriers, insulation papers, shields
    and isolation R-C combinations are correctly                7 -     Electrostatic discharge can make
3. When the receiver is not being used for a long time
    of period of time , unplug the power cord of the           There are electro-static sensitive components such
    Adaptor from the AC outlet.                                as CMOS in LCD Module. Please earth human
                                                               body when handle the LCD.In addition, please do
                                                               not touch the interface connector pin with bare.
Color TFT LCD Module is very sensitive
both electrically and physically.Users,
therefore, are requested to follow the                         8-      Do not operate for a long time under
                                                                       the same pattern
"Guidance of handling color TFT LCD
Module"on the followings.
                                                              Operating LCD for a long time under the same
                                                              pattern can cause image persistence and can
   1-      Be careful not to make scratch on the              damage it. Please follow following guidance.
           polarizer.                                         1. Turn the power off when do not use.
Surface of polarizer is soft and can be physically            2. Change the pattern periodically.
damaged easily.
Please do not touch, push or rub polarizer surface
with materials over HB hardness.

   2-       Keep clean the surface.
Please wear rubber glove when touch the surface of
LCD screen. Please use soft and anti-static material
as cleaner.

  3-        Keep out of water.
Water on/in the LCD may cause electrical short or
corrosion. Please wipe out dry or water carefully.

  4-        Prevent swift Temperature &
            Humidity change.
Instantaneous temperature and/or humidity change
can make dew or ice which cause nonconformance
such as malfunction.
                                  L5A TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

Receiving System                                                               PAL B/G+I+D/K SECAM L/L'

Comb Filter                                                                         Adaptive 4H\2H
Scaling                                                                           Upto SXGA at 75Hz
Gamma Correction                                                                    8 to 10-bit LUT
Histogram Equalization                                                                   YES
Stereo Decoding
                                                                                  German A2, Nicam
(German A2, Nicam, BTSC)
Stereo L, R In                                                                             3
Stereo L, R Out                                                                            3

Audio Output Power RMS in Max at 10% THD)                                        2x3W, 2x5W for 22"W

                                                   Level (1.5, 2.5, Teleweb)          Teletext 1.5
Teletext                                           Type (Fast\Top\Simple)          Simple, Fast, Top
                                                   Page Memory                        250p or 10p
WSS                                                                                        +
VPS\PDC                                                                                    +
                                                   4:3                                     +
                                                   16:9                                    +
Picture Formats
                                                   Panorama                                +
(4:3, 16:9, 14:9, Panorama, LetterBox, Subtitle)
                                                   Letterbox                               +
                                                   Subtitle                                +
WSS (Wide Screen Signalling)                                                               +
ATS (Automatic Tuning System)                                                      Frequency Search
Manual Search                                                                    Channel Table Search
Number of Program Storage                                                                 100
No Ident Timer                                                                             +
Picture Freeze                                                                             +
Equalizer                                                                                  +
Zapping                                                                                    +
AVL (Automatic Volume Level)                                                               +
Sound Status Memory                                                                        +
Picture Status Memory                                                                      +
Swap                                                                                       +
Child Lock                                                                                 +
Program Lock                                                                               +
Picture Format Switching Thru Pin 8                                                        +
Auto RGB Detect Thru Pin 16                                                                +
PC Plug & Play (DDC\CI)                                                                    +
                                                   Off Timer (Sleep Timer)                 +
                                                   On Timer                                +
Picture Smart (User, Soft, Natural, Rich)                                                  +
Sound Smart (User, Music, Sports,
Cinema, Speech)
Scart                                                                                      2
S-video (DIN)                                                                              1
AV In (3 RCA)                                                                              1
AV Out (3 RCA)                                                                       1 (ONLY L, R)
D-Sub 15                                                                                   1
Headphone                                                                                  1
CVBS In                                                                                    3
Y\C In                                                                                     1
RGB+FB -Video                                                                              1
RGB+HS, VS In -Graphics                                                                    1
CVBS Out                                                                                   2
                                                                              PANEL SPECIFICATION
                          14"                 15"                 17"                 17W"                20"                 22W"                23W"

                                              Hannstar                                                    CMO
Manufacturer              AUO                                Samsung                  Samsung                                 Samsung
                                              CMO                                                         AUO
                                              AUO      Sanyo

                                              Double TTL\Single                                           Single TTL\Single
Interface                 Single LVDS                             Dual LVDS           Single LVDS                             Single LVDS         Single LVDS
                                              LVDS                                                        LVDS

                                                                                                          SVGA (800x600)
Resolution                VGA (640x480)       XGA (1024x768)      SXGA (1280x1024)    WXGA (1280x768)                         WXGA (1280x720)     WXGA (1280x768)
                                                                                                          VGA (640x480)

Brightness (cd/m2)>       450                 250                 300                 400                 500                 450                 450

Contrast>                 500                 300                 400                 400                 500                 500                 400

Response Time
                          25                  35                  25                  25                  16                  25                  25
(Tr+Tf) msec <

Viewing Angle R\L\H\L >   85/85/85/85         60/60/40/50         70\70\60\60         70/70 50/60         80\80\60\60         85/85 85/85         85/85 85/85

Adaptor Input
                          12V                 12V                 12V                 12V                 15V                 15V                 24V

Power consumptions
                          48W                 48W                 60W                 60W                 75W                 100W

St-By Power Consumption   <3W                 <3W                 <3W                 <3W                 <3W                 <3W                 <3W

Input Range               100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz   100-240V/50, 60Hz
                              BLOCK DIAGRAM OF MAIN CHASSIS (L5A)

                                 SVHS-Y/C            SC1-RGB

                CVBS-IF                YUV
                                          Video Decoder                                Scaler           PANEL
Tuner IF
                                           VPC 3230D                                   Stage
                                                                                 RGB            HS/VS
                             HS/VS      RGB           FB      CVBS

                                                                                       VGA-IN           EEPROM
                EEPROM                   Teletext Decoder
                 24LC16                     SDA 5550

                                K6T1008V2E                  M29W040
                                   SRAM                       Flash
                                 (Optional)                  Memory

                                       R                             R            Amplifier
                                     AUDIO DECODER
                                        L                            L             TDA1308
                                       R                             R            Headphone
                   Scart 1              Scart 2              SVHS/FAV
                                                BLOCK DIAGRAM OF SCALER

               BAC LIGHT UNIT         Panel_En Standby   Mute        Reset
             S508 (LVDS) S500(TTL)

        BR1_ADJ              BLK_EN


RGB                                                                                       LVDS
                               GM 5221 U500                                           CONNECTOR
                                   LCD                                               (20 OR 30 PINS)
                               CONTROLLER                                                              A
                                                                             CONN.     DAUGHTER        E
                                                                                         BOARD         L
                                                                                        FOR TTL

             PARALEL                 U503                KEYBOARD
              FLASH              SERIAL FLASH            CON. S509
             MEMORY                MEMORY
             M29W040B              M25P40
                         L5A POWER SUPPLY BLOCK DIAGRAM

              S600                                                                 LM1117
                                V-INV                                               3.3V
 DC Jack                                         +15V-STBY
                                F600      LM2576  15V,12V    LM2576    +5V-STBY
                                           U600               U607                 LM1117    1.8V-STBY
                         Fuse                                                       1.8V
  S602                   5A                                                         U605

                                                              78L08       +8V
                                                              U606                                                                       2.5V
                                                                                                                      +5V     U604       3.3V
INPUT:     12V FOR 14,15,17 INCH                                                              5V-STBY       U602
           15V FOR 20, 22 INCH                                             + 12V                         SDI9933ADY
           24V FOR 23 INCH                                                                                                  Panel
                                                                                            +12V                            Power
            ONLY FOR 23 "

             ONLY FOR 20, 22, 23 "                                                                 PNL-EN Power STBY
L5-A Low-to-Mid End LCD TV board incorporates the LCD Controller gm2221, to create a
high quality, stand-alone LCD-based TV system for consumer applications. Figure 1
illustrates the Block diagram of the board.

This board supposed to have two versions:
   1. Low-End (to drive 14''-15'' 4:3 panels)
   2. Mid-End (to drive 17''-20'' 4:3 and 17''-22''-23'' 16:9 panels)

                 LOW TO MID END LCD TV WITH GM2221

                                 Graphics     RGB, HS, VS
                            Upto SXGA at 75Hz                                              FLASH
                              UXGA at 60Hz                              GM2221
                        QSS                                                                NVRAM                15",
                                        SDA,SCL                                                                 17",
           Multimedia                            VGA                   ADC+PLL                                  20''
             Tuner      CVBS                                                                1p, 2p\clk          4:3
                                                                         ITU 656              LVDS
                                     Chroma                           De-interlace
                                     Decoder                             Scaling                                17''
            EXT. CVBS, S-video                             ITU 656                           24-bit TTL
                                    VPC 3230D                           MCU X86                                 22''
                                                                                            HS, VS, DE
                                                            8-bit    OSD(4bit\pixel)                            16:9
                 Scart RGB, FB                                                           Upto SXGA at 75Hz
                                                                       2 LVDS Tx                                TFT

      3.3V 2.5V 1.8V
                                 RGB, FB


                                                                               Ext L/R       Audio
   Step Down                                                                               MSP 3410G
   & Lineer
   Regulators                          Teletext            FLASH               HP                        Main
                                    Decoder +MCU                               L/R                       L/R
                                      SDA5550              SDRAM                    HP          AudioAmp
                                                                                 TDA1308T       TDA1517P
        12V                                                                                    L       R

                                            Figure 1 System Block Diagram

L5-A board supports 5 types of video and graphics inputs. These inputs are: Analog
terrestrial tuner input for multisystem PAL/SECAM transmission, SCART input (x2), S-VHS
input, RCA input and analog PC video input.

The analog RGB signals coming from the PC input (via D-Sub15 connector P401) are
directly connected to the gm2221 analog input port.

One EDID IC (U400) is provided on board to support VESA standard plug-and play
On the board, one high quality video decoder (U100) is provided (VPC3230D of Micronas)
to process video inputs coming from the video sources. The video processor can process 3
composite video inputs and 1 S-Cideo input from the NTSC/PAL video sources. The CVBS
output recovered from the tuner module is made available to one of the video inputs of the
video decoder.

The digitized video output (in ITU-656 format) from U100 is fed to the dedicated video Port
of gm2221 for decoding and processing.

Gm2221 makes it possible to perform scaling and de-interlacing for the video input.

A 4Mbit serial flash ROM (U503) is used for storing system firmware. Also the footprint for
a parallel flash ROM, which can be upto 2Mbits, is available on the board. This option can
be used either for development or for production purposes.

The gm2221 provides direct connect via the integrated LVDS transmitters to LCD panels
with integrated LVDS receivers. Both single LVDS (via S503) and double LVDS(via S502)
panels can be supported directly from the L5-A main-board. For single LVDS panels, only
S503 connector is soldered on the main-board, which is a 20 pin connector. For Double
LVDS panels, only S502 connector is soldered on the main-board, which is a 30 pin
connector. For supporting different LVDS panels, different LVDS cables (either single or
double LVDS) can be made used.

For supporting different single or double TTL panels, a daughter board interface is used via
40 pin S506 connector. On this connector, the signals are 3x8bit RGB with TTL control
signals (i.e. HSync, VSync, CLK, O/E etc.) to support a wide variety of LCD panels.
Depending on the panel used, different daughter boards will be used to support that
particular panel. For single TTL panels, the daughter board will just be a routing the RGB
and control signals to the particular connector interface for that particular panel. For double
TTL panels, there will be two LVDS receiver IC's on the daughter board (double TTL is not
directly from GM2221 but double LVDS is supporter due to IC packaging problems) to
demodulate double LVDS signal into double TTL signal.

The LCD panel resolution supported can be up to SXGA at 75 Hz or UXGA at 60 Hz.

It is important to note that at any point in time gm2221 could drive only one type of Panel.
When LVDS Panel is connected (to connector S503 or S502) ensure that the panel
backlight is connected to S508. The integrated PWM output from gm2221 is used to
control the LCD panel backlight intensity for dimming functions.

The on screen display is implemented using OSD capability of gm2221. Infra Remote (IR)
controller connector (S507) is provided as a primary control interface for connecting IR
detector to the GPIO of gm2221. An IR remote controller unit and detector provide remote
OSD menu access at user convenience.
A keypad connector (S507) is provided which utilizes the integrated low bandwidth ADC in
gm2221 for scanning 5-6 keys (menu,V+,V-,P+,P- keys standard- source key optional) on
the keypad. The keypad allows access to the OSD without using the remote IR controller.

The L5-A board also has In System Programming (ISP) capability for the external flash
ROM using DDC2Bi. This can be done using the D-Sub 15 (PC) connector on the board.
ISP can also be performed using G-probe through the RS232 interface.

One channel of the dual channel FET power switch (U602) is used to control the power
sequencing to the LCD panel. Depending on the type of the panel, the input voltage to this
FET device can be chosen as shown below:

For +3.3V panels    J601 is soldered on the main-board
For +5V panels      J600 is soldered on the main-board
For +12V panels     J603 is soldered on the main-board

An LM2576, a step-down regulator IC (U600), is used to generate the main +5V_STBY
voltage on the board. This IC can deliver up-to 3 Ampers of 5Volts. There is no stand-by
control for this regulator, which means this IC is always on, as soon as power is supplied
to the board.

U603(+3.3V_STBY) and U605 (+1.8V_STBY) linear regulators are used to supply the
voltage necessary for the GM2221 IC and some peripherals. These voltages are also
available in stand-by mode to power the microprocessor inside gm2221, LED, IR receiver
IC and EEPROM. These devices are necessary to wake up the board from stand-by state.

Second channel of the dual channel FET power switch (U602) is used to control cut some
voltages in stand-by mode. These voltages are +5V, +3.3V and +2.5V. These voltages are
used by the video processor (VPC 3230D), audio processor (MSP 34x0G), teletext
processor (SDA5550), tuner and some peripheral IC's and circuitry. In order to limit the
stand-by power consumption, these voltages are not available in stand-by mode. Also the
audio amplifier (TDA1517) is also in its stand-by mode using its dedicated stand-by pin.

The board employs MSP3410G, a multi-system audio processor solution from Micronas.
The system supports 4 audio input ports, one of which is not used on the L5-A board.
Audio output is provided with speaker and headphone jacks (S409, S401) provided on the
board. The sound IF signal from the tuner is connected to the audio processor directly.
The gm2221 IC is a highly integrated single channel scaler that can be used for both LCD
monitors up to SXGA/UXGA resolutions and rear projection systems with DLP and HTPS
LCD engines up to 1280x720 (720P). Some of the key features include:

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