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                              D I G I T A L
                                  2002. 5
                                DIGITAL TV DEVISION

1. PDP refers to plasma display panel. It was named as PDP by the faculty of University of
   Illinois(UIUC) as they first made it. It was made by combining physical phenomenon
   called 'plasma' and electric device into a form of panel.Generally speaking, plasma refers
   to ionized gas. However, it means 'glow discharge' in PDP business.

2. In the past, PDP was monochromatic(orange), nowadays it can generate full color by glow
   discharge in the 'excited spaces'.(UV from excited spaces react with fluorescent materials
   which then emit visible rays)

3. PDP let us watch figures or letters through image process and digital&analogue driving
  circuits. In PDP, material science and high technique are combined together.

4. In 1927, a plasma display panel was applied to TV rather than CRT. and its concept was
  established. In 1964, AC PDP was made by University of Illinois for the first time.
   In early1970's, George Dick invented 'surface type discharge' which is mainly used
  for current AC PDP.
   From early 1990' s, many companies have developed the AC PDP that can be selled in
  consumer market.

< The Principle of PDP>

1. The plasma display panel(PDP) can be thought of as a descendant of the neon lamp.

2. The term plasma refers to a gas that consists of electrons, positively charged
   particles known as ions, and neutral particles.

3. The PDP has sometimes been referred to as a gas-discharged display because it
    operates by passing electricity through neon gas, causing it to become 'charged'
    temporarily : light is produced when the gas spontaneously discharges.

4. Plasma display panels can also be viewed as a series of fluorescent lamps. The
   displays operate at high voltages, low currents, and low temperatures, resulting in
   long operating lifetimes (typical 15000 hours, max 30000 hours).

5.Inside the plasma panel, as series of red, green, and blue cells are grouped in a
   precise matrix.These cells are activated individually, unlike standard CRTs or LCDs,
   this means that they emit light individually creating a precise pixel on the viewing area.

             < The Structure and Principle of AC-PDP >

                     (Front Glass Substrate)

Layer(MgO)                                     Dielectric Layer
                        (Back Glass Substrate)

     Barrier Rib                                                                         Visible Light
Dielectric                                                                                                      Dielectric Layer
                                                   Under Layer
                                                                                     Front Glass Substrate[*]
              Phosphor(R,G,B)        Address Electrode            Protection                                         Bus
                                                                  Layer(MgO)                                         Electrode
                                                                       Barrier rib                                   Sustain
                                                                                              UV                     Electrode
                                                                      (R,G,B)                  Visible Light

                                                                    Dielectric Layer     Back Glass Substrate        Under Layer

< The Driving Method of AC-PDP >
1. As of early 1990, PDP was used as monochromatic monitors with simple X-Y matrix
  driving system and 'Refresh'method.

2. Nowadays, PDP can display natural colors through sub-field driving method.
   That is called " ADS (Address Display Seperated) Method" .

3. 1 TV field consists of 8 sub-fields (SF1-SF8).
   And each sub-field has different ratio of brightness( 1, 2 , 22 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 ).

4. While the brightness of CRT is determined by the intensity of electron beams,
   the brightness of PDP is determined by controlling the frequency of glow discharge
   during the time interval called "1 TV frame".

[ Brightness display types of PDP and CRT ]                                      Simulation Movie

   Display Device                        Mechnism of brightness(gradation) display

        PDP                                                               Time    1/60 sec

        CRT                                                               Time    1/60 sec

[ Driving of sub-field ]
                                               1 TV Frame

           1 SF   2 SF   3 SF       4 SF      5 SF      6 SF       7 SF          8 SF

              1     2    4             8       16        32         64             128

                                               1 TV Frame

   Why Digital?

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