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                                       S/M NO. : DSL120PEF0

Service Manual

Model :      D P-17D3

   : In this Manual, some parts can be changed for improving. their
     performance without notice in the parts list. So, if you need the
     latest parts information, please refer to PPL(Parts Price List)in
     Service Information Center.

                                                        OCT. 2005
I. Parts with the exception of MODULE
1. Safety Precaution                                3
2. Product Specification                            4
3. Block Diagram                                    6
4. Description of video circuit                     9
5. Schematic Diagram                               10
6. PCB Data                                        17
7. SL-120P Service Data                            19
8. Trouble Shooting                                22
9. Service Part List                               35
   9-1 Service Part List                           35
   9-2 Difference List of SL-120P                  42
10. Adapter                                        43
11. Inverter                                       44
12. Exploded View                                  46
  12-1 DLP-17D3                                    46
  12-2 DLP-20D3                                    47

1. Safety Precautions

1. Safety Precautions

(1) When moving or laying down a LCD Set, at least two people must work together. Avoid any
    impact towards the LCD Set.

(2) Do not leave a broken LCD Set on for a long time. To prevent any further damages, after
    checking the condition of the broken Set, make sure to turn the power (AC) off.

(3) When opening the BACK COVER, you must turn off power (AC) to prevent any electric

(4) When loosening screws, check the position and type of the screw. Sort out the screws and
    store them separately for reassembling. Because screws holding PCBs are working as
    electric circuit grounding, make sure to check if any screw is missing when assembling /
    reassembling. Do not leave any screws inside the set.

(5) A LCD Set contains different kinds of connector cables. When connecting or disconnecting
   cables, check the direction and position of the cable beforehand.

(6) Connect/disconnect the connectors slowly with care especially FFC (film) cables and FPC
    cables. Do not connect or disconnect           Picture 1-1. Panel Gas Exhaust Tube
    connectors instantaneously with force, and
    handle them carefully for reassembling.

(7) Connectors are designed so that if the number of pins or the direction does not match,
    connectors will not fit. When having problem in plugging the connectors, check their kind,
    position, and direction.

2. Product Specification


 MODEL                                 DLP-17D3/17D3N                                                            DLP-20D3/20D3N
              CHASSIS NO               SL-120P                                                                       SL-120P
              Country                  Europe                                                                         Europe
              Remote controller        R-49C 10                                                                     R-49C 10
              LCD Type                 LC171W03-C4                        A201SN02-v4                      LC201V02-A3KA                   SD01
              Screen Size              17"                                20.1"                            20.1"                           20.1"
              Aspect Ratio             15:9                               4:3                              4:3                             4:3
              Resolution               1280 x 768(WXGA)                   800 x600 (SVGA)                  640 x 480(VGA)                  640 x 480(VGA)
              Pixel Pitch              0.2895 x 0.2895mm                  0.51 x 0.51mm                    0.6 x 0.6 mm                    0.6 x 0.6 mm
              Brightness               400cd/m2                           500cd/m2                         450cd/m2                        550cd/m2
              Contrast Ratio           600:1                              500:1                            350:1                           500:1
              Viewing Angel(U/D/R/L)   89/89/89/89                        60/60/80/80                      88/88/88/88                     89/89/89/89
              Response Time            12ms                               16ms                             12ms                            12ms

              Color System             PAL/SECAM                                                             PAL/SECAM
              Color System             PAL B/G, I/I', D/K, L-SECAM, L'-SECAM                                PAL B/G, I/I', D/K, L-SECAM, L'-SECAM
              Tuning Method            FVS                                                                  FVS
              Tuner                    PATBF19D(PARTSNIC)                                                   PATBF19D(PARTSNIC)
                                       VHF:                                                                 VHF:
                                       BAND I : CH2 ~ CH4                                                   BAND I : CH2 ~ CH4
                                       BAND II : CH5 ~ CH12                                                 BAND II : CH5 ~ CH12
              Reception Channel        CABLE BAND : S1' ~S3', S1 ~ S20                                      CABLE BAND : S1' ~S3', S1 ~ S20
                                       UHF:                                                                 UHF:
                                       HYPER BAND : S21 ~ S41                                               HYPER BAND : S21 ~ S41
                                       BAND IV, V : CH21 ~CH69                                              BAND IV, V : CH21 ~CH69
                                       PIF                                                                  PIF
              IF & SubCarier
                                       38.9 Mz(B/G, D/K, I/I', L), 34.2 Mz(L')                              38.9 Mz(B/G, D/K, I/I', L), 34.2 Mz(L')
                                       SIF:                                                                 SIF:
                                       33.4 Mz(B/G), 32.4 Mz(D/K, L), 32.9 Mz(I/I'), 41.0 Mz(L')            33.4 Mz(B/G), 32.4 Mz(D/K, L), 32.9 Mz(I/I'), 41.0 Mz(L')
                                       S-subcarrier:                                                        S-subcarrier:
                                       5.5 Mz / 5.85 Mz (NICAM) / 5.74 Mz(2-Carrier)                        5.5 Mz / 5.85 Mz (NICAM) / 5.74 Mz(2-Carrier)
                                       Color-subcarrier:                                                    Color-subcarrier:
                                       4.43 Mz (PAL), 4.25 Mz / 4.40625 Mz(SECAM)                           4.43 Mz (PAL), 4.25 Mz / 4.40625 Mz(SECAM)
              Audio System             Mono / Stereo / Dua                                                  Mono / Stereo / Dua
              Channel Memory           99 Channel, Auto Preset                                              99 Channel, Auto Preset
                                       75Ohm external input terminal
              TV Input                                                                             75Ohm external input terminal (DIN Standard)
                                       (DIN Standard)
              A/V(RGB/COMPOSITE)       Scart Jack x 1                                                              Scart Jack x 1
              S-Video Input            SVHS(Y/C) x 1                                                               SVHS(Y/C) x 1
                                       COMPOSITE                                                                    COMPOSITE
              Video/Audio              (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43)                                           (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43)
                                       RCA Jack x 1, Audio L/R x 1                                           RCA Jack x 1, Audio L/R x 1
                                       COMPONENT                                                                    COMPONENT
              Component/Audio          (Y/Cb/Cr,Y/Pb/Pr, 480i~1080i)                                       (Y/Cb/Cr,Y/Pb/Pr, 480i~1080i)
                                       RCA Jack x 1, Audio L/R x 1                                           RCA Jack x 1, Audio L/R x 1
              PC Input                 VGA ~ WXGA (D3 only)               VGA ~ SVGA (D3 only)                                     VGA (D3 only)
              PC Audio Input           Stereo Jack x 1                                                            Stereo Jack x 1
              Video/Audio              Scart Jack x 1                                                             Scart Jack x 1
              Headphone                3.5mm Mini Stereo jack x 1                                            3.5mm Mini Stereo jack x 1
 Other Features
              Comb Filter              2D                                                                              2D
              CTI                      O                                                                                O
              LTI                      O                                                                                O
              OSD                      17 Languages                                                               17 Languages
              TELETEXT                 10 Page Memory TOP/FLOF                                              10 Page Memory TOP/FLOF
              Audio Output             4W(2W + 2W)                                                                4W(2W + 2W)
              Speaker                  3W 8Ohms x 2                                                               5W 8Ohms x 2
              Aspect ratio control     O                                  O                                O                        O
              Auto power off           O                                                                                O
              Wake up                  O                                                                                O
              Sleep timer              O                                  O                                O                        O
              Wall mount hole          VESA compatible                                                           VESA compatible
 Power Consumption
              MAX                      12V 3.6A                           15V, 3.2A                        15V. 3.2A                       15V, 3.2A
              Stand-by                 Under 3W                           Under 3W                         Under 3W                        Under 3W
              Power Supply             DC12V                              DC15V                            DC15V                           DC15V
                                       External Adaptor                   External Adaptor                 External Adaptor                External Adaptor
              Power Source             AC100~240V                         AC100~240V                       AC100~240V                      AC100~240V
                                       50/60Hz                            50/60Hz                          50/60Hz                         50/60Hz
 Dimension (W x H x D)mm
             Set dimension(with STAND) 544 x 358 x 215mm                                                        608 x 403 x 215mm
             Tilt (Front/Back)         5/15                                                                             5/15
             Weight(with STAND)        7.2Kg                                                                          10.95Kg
                                          Power TV/VIDEO MENU
             Control button(SET)          VOL DN VOL UP PR DN                            Power     TV/VIDEO     MENU       VOL DN     VOL UP      PR DN       PR UP
                                          PR UP
                                          Instruction AC Adapter
             Accessories                  AC Power Remote controller            Instruction   AC Adapter     AC Power     Remote controller     Battery(AAA x 2:option)
                                          Battery(AAA x 2:option)

Product Specification

2-2. Available Input Signal

        (1) PC Input

          Resolution(Mode)         V-frequency(Hz) H-Frequency(Hz) DLP-17D3 DLP-20D3
        640 x 480(VGA)                    60            31.47          

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